No more desire for Wondernino? Then follows our step-for instructions for your Wondernino account delete! However, there is a lot to consider if you want to delete your Wondernino Account. Nevertheless, it's just wondernino to cancel and find a good wondernino alternative.

Wondernino Clear Account - Step-by-Step Guide

Let's get directly to the guidance on how to delete your Wondernino account. The Wondernino Account Delete is only through the Contact with customer servicebecause wondernino can not be terminated directly in your account.

Just start the live chat or write an e-mail [email protected]. For safety reasons, you will first be asked for the following information:

  • What is the registered e-mail address?
  • What is your date of birth?
  • When was your last successful deposit? Here you have to specify the date, the payment method and the height of the deposit)

There is a very good miraculous alternative, because above all New online casinos Convince through novel concepts and bonus offers. Because if you want to delete your Wondernino account, you can do you Not easy to log in And again claim the welcome bonus.

The Wondernino Bonus is only available once. Throw a look at our alternative after the Deletion of the Wondernino Account.

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Which Wondernino alternative is the best?

So you want your account at Wondernome Delete and searches for a wondernome alternative? Then you will find our recommendation for an alternative or check the list for Alternative Online Australian Casinos.

The best wondernome alternative? MR Green!

Attention: MR Green is currently only available for players from Austria!

Nobody comes by our test winner! The best wondernome alternative is undoubtedly Mr Green. The modern provider combines a strong game offer with an excellent welcome bonus as well as a reputable license and excellent customer service.

In addition, you receive 25 Free games To test the popular online casinos.

Wondernino delete account - what happens to personal data?

With a wondernome account deletion you must remember that your data will remain stored for some time. The background is clear because that Online Casino Must ensure that you do not log in again and activates again from the welcome bonus.

Every new customer bonus is namely Only once per player available And therefore, Wonderino must save at least your name and address to recognize multiple applications.

Therefore, personal data such as your name, the birthday or the residential address remains on the servers of Wondernino. However, these are one common practice that current privacy policy correspond.

Thus, your personal data is stored at the provider, even if you let your Wonderino Casino account.

Automatically delete wonderno account

The simplest variant to let your miracle account delete, is in it Do not log in to the account for 30 months. Because according to the terms and conditions, Wonderino deletes your account according to this inactivity phase.

Unless you do not have a wondernome login during this time, consider the Casino Australian Bonus Package As an inactive player and blocks your access. Thus, the Wondernino account is practically as closed, because you do not have access to the Wonderino Casino.

Neither deposits possible nor can you play with wondernino, work in the live casino missions or Buy free spells.

There are no costs here, because if your balance has on the Wondernino account, this is not deleted or emptied. She only loses access to the account and offers an alternative to the deletion of the Wondernino Account.

Delete alternatives to the Wondernino Account

Deleting the Wondernino Account is not the same as the best solution. If one day you decide to continue to use the account, one is one Reopening not so easy.

Depending on what you have to put in the closure of the Wondernino Account, the Reactivation of the account difficult.

If you add gambling addiction as the reason for the deletion of the Wondernino Account, the measures for player protection are active. Here, the online casino wants to be sure that you have no problem with gambling addiction and therefore ask you some questions.

Therefore, we recommend in our Online Casino Comparison Australia Just that you just no longer call the account. Furthermore, we give you additional alternatives to the Wondernino Accout delete.

Wondernino Clear Account Alternative 1 - Self-exclusion

An easy way and alternative to allow the Wondernino account to be deleted is a self-exclusion. This option is mainly available if you Problems with a gambling addiction have. Unfortunately, there is no way to directly lock the account.

Therefore, you have to send an e-mail to Wonderino and ask for the barrier of the account. We have created a template for you - copies the content, enter your information and sends the e-mail [email protected] from. It is important that you send the e-mail from the registered e-mail address. Here is the template:

Hello Wonderino team,

I ask for a self-exclusion, since I want to delete my wonderno account. Hereinafter details about my Wondernino account:

– Name:
- Registered e-mail address:
- Date of birth:
- Last Successful Deposit - Date:
- Latest Successful Deposit - Payment Method:
- last successful deposit - amount:

With best regards,

So you No annoying questions answer If you should do all the information. Otherwise, Wonderino may ask you for more information.

This is also understandable, because for security reasons, the online casino must check if the actual owners of the Wondernino Account wants to close the account.

Imagine, someone allows a fun and calls for a deletion of your account, even though you do not want that. Therefore, the e-mail must be mandatory sent from the registered e-mail address become.

Wondernino Clear Account Alternative 2 - Sets Limits

This alternative to the deletion of the Wondernino account is interesting for those of you who have lost too much money and now want to delete the account.

You must not mandatory be to consider this alternative. It's just about protecting yourself and get in Set deposit limit.

You have the opportunity to set daily, weekly or monthly limits for your deposits. The changes will be active immediately as soon as you set a limit.

If you want to pick up a previously set limit, you can do this again. However, the Changes only after 7 days activebecause otherwise Limits did not make sense. Thus, players can effectively protect themselves.

Wondernino Clear Account Alternative 3 - Let your account easy pass

As explained above, Wonderino deletes your account After 30 months of inactivity automatically. Just log in to the casino and the provider automatically classifies you as inactive after this period.

This results in numerous advantages for you. You no longer have to actively seek the deletion of your wondernino account and customer service.

You have this procedure namely When registering in Wondernino Casino acceptedbecause this scheme is anchored in the terms and conditions.

It also eliminates the answers to the above questions in which you have to confirm that you want to delete the Wondernino account. Unless you use the Wondernino account, arise No disadvantagesbecause it falls No fees an.

Of course, you should initially empty your credit completely, because also at Wonderino is one Online casino payout no longer possible as soon as the account is locked.

Wondernino Close Account Alternative 4 - Playing in Other Casinos

This alternative to deleting your wondernino account builds on the previous solution. There are now a large number of wondernum alternatives. At Casino Center, we only test serious providers and offer you short and short experience reports that make the most important information compact for you.

Many casinos offer an impressive selection of games and features online, such as Buy free spells an.

#Zudem can benefit from a new online casino of exclusive bonus offers available only for new customers. In doing so, you are not available on the bonuses for existing customers, but you can secure the welcome bonus as a new registered player in another casino.

Wondernino Account Delete with weaknesses of the casino

We can quite understand why you want to delete your miracle account. There are Some disadvantages in the wondernome casinowhere we also disturb each other. These include the following aspects:

  • No telephone hotline
  • Few payment methods
  • No Neteller or Skrill
  • Few Rubbellose & Video Poker Games
  • No firm predefined Level VIP
  • Not all slots mobile playable
  • No concrete information on RTP values

There are countless Serious online casinoswho can record it with wondernino. We have already presented you up the best wondernum alternatives and explains their advantages over Wonderino. However No online casino perfect And there are always strengths and weaknesses.

Therefore, read carefully our reviews and decide for one matching wondernum alternative, because online casinos like wondernino is quite some!

Conclusion to the Wondernino Account Close

As you see, it is Not possible to delete the Wondernino account. But that's not possible, because there are no fees if you do not use the Wondernino Account at all.

There is also Several wondernum alternativesbecause the online casino market is very competitive. Just look at ourselves with us and finds a better online casino.