If you ask you the question of how your slot can buy free spins, you are right here. We show you the Best Bonus Slots, which offer a function for the immediate triggering of the free spells. You buy the bonus round (from 5 euros), so to speak, and triggers the free play function.

In addition, we reveal where these rare slots can be played. We have our test rounds in the outstanding Twin Casino played. Have fun with online casino free spells.

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Update - Slot Free Spins buy according to our review

For this article we have prepared you test runs with 10 shopping rounds (later below) - but we also like to play privately. Therefore, we will be here again and again Current screenshots Subsequent delivery and introduce our best rounds.

Buy our full session with 10 times in online free spells at various slots you can see here. In addition, you will find the link to the individual slots - just click on it to get directly to the respective results:

Over 100 euros profit with 8 spins

Another first class round with Over 100 euros profit for only 8 free.

Won almost 75 euros!

The luck was loyal to us here too - Receive 16 free spins directly and won almost 75 euros.

Giant profit of over 300 euros!

Oh, how beautiful! This round has us one Profit of over 300 euros Brought!

Won again just under 50 euros

Also to buy these free spells was a good decision. We win Nearly 50 euros With a standard round with 8 free spins.

Just under 50 euros profit

A slightly smaller profit of Almost 50 euros at 8 free.

With 16 spins "only" just under 80 euros won

That was bitter! We had Direct 16 free games And have continued to high up the multiplier. There would be even more in it, but about one Profit of 76 euros You can not complain.

Beautiful profit of 87 euros

A More nice round with 8 free play has one Profit of 87 euros Gorge.

173 euros profit with only 8 free spins

Lila Chillis is thank - With only 8 free gilds we were able to achieve an outstanding profit of over 170 euros! We have made the majority of the profit with the last spin (166 euros with many purple chillis).

84 euros profit at 16 free play

Directly 16 free games And brought the multiplier to 23x. With around 84 Euro Also made a good profit.

28 (!) Free spins and no big profit

Yes, we know it - the Risk round at extra chilli you should not use often. Every now and then we tend to be and this round was very special.

We have picked up to 20 free spins and then get 4 barrels again (additionally 8 free spins), so that At the end of Sage and write 28 laps played - unfortunately only with a lean win of 28 euros.

Nearly 180 € profit at 16 spins

In this round on a late evening we have Receive 16 free spins directly And a nice profit of just under 180 euros achieved - and as with all other rounds with only 10 euros.

Further profit with over 180 euros

A Other gambling rounds - We picked up on 16 free spells to get 2 (!) Time to get an extension. In the a total of 24 free spins we have over 180 euros.

Not bad in itself, but look at the multiplier. This Fraud incredible 29x! In the last rounds, our editor has extremely feden and has hoped many purple chillis - but in vain!

Almost the 100 € mark cracked

Also With 8 spins, ordinary profits can be achieved As in this exciting round. We have driven the multiplier pretty high, but there were only smaller profits. With the last spin and some purple chillis there was a conciliatory degree and just under 100 euros!

Juicy win of 235 euros!

That was a round! Started with 8 spins and an extension, we have the 200 Euro brand cracked. The multiplier (15x) can be seen as well as the Countless red chilliswho brought us a fabulous amount of about 235 € - with 10 Euro commitment!

Buy casinos for free spells

Experience report: Slot free games buy in the online casino

We always play at reputable online casinos - And therefore we have considered a small test run, where we buy free spins. In the following sections we show you ours Personal experiences with the most popular slots with buying function for the free spins.

So you can find out first hand as to whether it is worth buying free games. We bought free games for these slots: Extra Chilli, Dark Vortex, Bangkok Dreams, Champions of Rome and Sweet Bonanza.

Buy Slots Freespiele at Extra Chilli

The provider Big Time Gaming has the casino scene through the development of Slot machine games with almost endless paylines and combinations surprised.

No wonder, especially Extra Chilli is developing one of the most popular slots. You can buy at least 8 free spells for 10 euros and there is also one Risk function.

If the fortock wheel lands on the right symbol, you will receive 12 free games - if not, you lose the 10 Euro directly! So be careful with the gamble function! Maximum you can get 24 free spins.

By the way, you fall back to 8 free games at a lost gambling round, so that after all, the complete use is lost. Below is the specifications of Extra Chilli.

SlotExtra Chilli
ProviderBig Time Gaming
RTP value96,82 %
Minimum price10 €
Maximum price2.000 €
Number of free spins8-24 Free Spins
Maximum multiplierUnlimited
Rank 7
Maximum win1,000,000 coins

Our test run with 10 round extra chilli documented

Let's go - here we document ours Pass with 10 rounds - we start at 125 euros.

At the beginning we have 125 euros in the account

We choose the lowest And buy us the bonus of 10 euros. We also have Not a single timeto increase the number of free spins.

You can try the risk function yes - we had bad experiences with it and have decided to take a risk for the extra chilli test.

1. Round with a small loss

The First round runs mediumbecause we only achieve a profit of 4.40 euros. Since we invested 10 euros, we end up in the minus.

2. Round with total loss

The second round is even worse, because we only meet a spin and finish the round with one Loss of 9.88 euros.

3. Round with high loss

Also, the third round runs Mies, we make one Loss of 8.85 euros. Thus, one learns the first basic rule at Extra Chilli - it can go very quickly. But do not be discouraged, because the slot throws exactly so fast high gains. Let's see…

4. Round also with loss

In the fourth round it is only minimal better, we make a loss of 7.56 euros.

5. Round with total loss despite 12 free play

In the fifth round we get Finally 12 free games, now something should go. But no! With a big lacee we scraped past a big profit (many purple chillis - the most valuable symbols in the game).

Overall we have Almost a total loss. Well, from our own experiences guaranteeing 12er rounds no profits ...

6. Round with epic profit (finally!)

Directly bought the next bonus and finally - one Epic profit of 58.41 euros! Less our use So a net profit of just under 50 euros.

Due to the five (!) Very weak rounds before, we would be at this point Take a small total win of 6.80 euros and change the slot. But of course we continue to play a Fair average after ten play rounds in a piece.

7. Round again lean food

The seventh lap runs again lean and ensures one Loss of just under 9 euros.

8. Round also weak

Also In the eighth round we make a loss; This time "only" about 8 euros.

9. Round also modest

Similarly, the ninth round looks - Loss of 8.14 euros.

10. Round also with loss

Pity! We had a couple promising combinations, but a great profit remained. Overall, we lose 8.64 euros in the last round.

Conclusion to our Extra Chilli experiences

RoundProfit loss
1 round-5,60 €
2. Round-9,88 €
3. Round-8,85 €
4. Round-7,56 €
5. Round-9,72 €
6. Round+48,41 €
7. Round-8,86 €
8. Round-8,16 €
9. Round-8,14 €
10. Round-8,64 €
total-27 €

After 10 laps Extra Chilli is Our loss exactly 27 euros. We would be After the sixth round out, however, our profit would have been 6.8 euros. However, since we wanted to document an average by playing 10 laps in a piece, we continued to play.

As you can see, you can also Win high at first and then leave the game directly. So you minimize the risk at Extra Chilli.

Slot Casino Free Spins buy at Dark Vortex

Wow, what an atmospheric slot! Dark Vortex of Yggdrasil Enthusiastic about the harmonious soundscape and first-class animations. There is also one Selection game before the actual Free Spins start.

The Minimum amount for a round is 8 euroswhere you can get between 5-20 free spins. Why no exact value? Because of the Selection game!

This consists of two rounds; In the first round you have to choose 5 boxes and so the number of Wild rows on the rolls determine.

Most of the time they fluctuate between 3 and 8 and connect the symbols in the freechows. In the second round you choose the same pattern Number of free spins. Thus, you fever with each round and hopes for the highest numbers.

SlotDark Vortex
RTP value96,5 %
Minimum price8 €
Maximum price800 €
Number of free spins5-20 Free Spins
Maximum multiplier8 wild rolls
Gewinnlinien243 – 3.125
Rank 3
Maximum win73,180 coins

Test run with 10 round Dark Vortex in detail

We play with the Lowest use in the amount of 8 euros and our Bankroll is 96 euros at the beginning. Let's see how the 10 rounds develop. As above at Extra Chilli we play 10 rounds in a piece, even if we achieve gains in the meantime.

We start our test with 96 euros

Let's go - Round 1 starts. By the way, you will find the listing of our profits (or losses) in the conclusion and also we give on every round how many wild symbols and free spins we have received.

1. Round with minimal profit

A promising start - After all, we win one euro.

2. Round with loss

On the ground of reality! The second round complains us a loss of 5.33 euros. Well, keep it up!

3. Round with epic profit

And right in the third round comes the Great profit of 29.35 euros! We even had 2 wild rows and average 7 free spins. So that can sometimes go.

Also Here we would normally recommend changing the slot. But because we want to make an average over 10 rounds, we buy more free games.

4. Round with nice profit

Interesting! Also the Fourth round ensures a net profit (5.13 euros). So it can go on.

5. Round also with profit

If it's running, it's going! In Round 5 we achieve one Net profit of 6.06 euros.

6. Round with a small loss

In the Sixth Round then again a lossHowever, "just" just under 3 euros.

7. Round with 5 € loss

In Round 7 there is a bit Larger loss of 5 euros.

8. Round almost with total loss

Ouch! Round 8 is Almost a total loss - only 0.75 euros profit.

9. Round returns use

After all, there is the ninth round the Use almost back.

10. Round with loss

And the last round also brings a loss of about 4 euros. Well, we would have Better stopped before. Unfortunately, the last 5 lap was only losses.

Before we come to the overall balance, we will show you the same Overview of wild rolls and number of free spins For each round:

roundWildFree spells

Conclusion to our Dark Vortex experiences

RoundProfit loss
1 round+1,04 €
2. Round-5,33 €
3. Round+21,35 €
4. Round+5,13 €
5. Round+6,06 €
6. Round-2,92 €
7. Round-5,84 €
8. Round-7,25 €
9. Round-0,08 €
10. Round-4,21 €
total+7,95 €

Even with Dark Vortex, it would have been wise to go out after the third or fourth round with higher gains. Although we have after ten rounds a net profit of 7.95 euros recorded.

However, we would have gone out after the third round (+17.06 euros), fourth round (+22.19 euros) or fifth round (+28.25 euros), we would have achieved higher profits.

Recommended casinos: Casino Heroes, 888 Casino or Genesis Casino

Slot free spins buy at Bangkok Dreams

Slot free games can be purchased at Bangkok Dreams Kalamba Games. The Minimum price is 9,80 Euro and you receive between 5 and 12 free games. The number of free spins and the multiplier depend on the price of the free spins.

The more money your uses the more multipliers and free games you will get started - an exciting concept! In addition, the RTP value (return to player) in the amount of 97.69%. This value is the highest from the tested slots with purchase option for the free spells.

SlotBangkok Dreams
ProviderKalamba Games
RTP value97,69 %
Minimum price9,8 €
Maximum price100,5 €
Number of free spins5-12 Free Spins
Maximum multiplier5 x
Rank 4
Maximum win10x deployment

10 round test run with Bangkok Dreams

We have for our 10-round test run for the lowest decided and start with one Bankroll of 100 euros.

We start with 100 Euro bankroll

In contrast to, for example, Extra Chilli there is (probably lucky) no risk function. You start with at least 5 free spins and There are another 3 free spells for filling the 3 coins during the free play round on top. Here we go!

1. Round with minimal loss

The first round does not start badly, we save some winnings and just achieve one Minus of 35 cents.

2. Round with great loss

The second round is less good - Loss of 7.35 euros.

3. Round also with great loss

In the Third round we lose almost 8 euros - does not run until still.

4. Round with further loss

Also round 4 ends disappointing - we achieve one Net loss of 7.10 euros.

5. Round almost with total loss

What's going on here? We Lose another 9.15 euros! Maybe you have to risk more and buy a higher bonus. On the one hand, one has more free plays and at the same time a higher multiplier.

6. Round with loss

It will not be better in Round 6, because one Loss of about 6 euros follows.

7. Round with a small profit

A little result cosmetics in round 7 - After all, a net profit of 0.75 euros Instead of a big loss. Not ideal…

8. Round with a small loss

Also in the eighth round it will not be better - Small loss of 1.65 euros.

9. Round with renewed loss

Bitter bitter, we had a quick hope, but fortunately we do not find happiness at Bangkok Dreams! A Another loss of 7.70 euros

10. Round with a small loss

And in the last round there is nothing to celebrate - Loss of 4.10 euros.

Conclusion to our Bangkok Dreams experiences

RoundProfit loss
1 round-0,35 €
2. Round-7,35 €
3. Round-7,95 €
4. Round-7,10 €
5. Round-9,15 €
6. Round-6,2 €
7. Round+0,75 €
8. Round-0,65 €
9. Round-7,70 €
10. Round-4,10 €
total-49,8 €

These 10 rounds have hurt! There was Only a single round of winning And of course, the profit was a joke. The balance is frightening, because we have lost a total of 50 euros!

During the experiences with Bangkok Dreams we have speculates whether no higher missions for the free play round would be better.

One gets more Free Spins, thus has more opportunities to get more free games (through the coins) and the multipliers are also higher. How are your experiences with Bangkok Dreams?

Recommended casinos: Vegas Hero Casino, Wondernome or in ComeOn Casino

Buy Slot Freespiele at Champions of Rome

Another slot with free game buying function is Champions of Rome of Yggdrasil. You can buy the slot free spells already from 5 euros - High scooters can invest up to 2,500 euros per round! The RTP value of Champions of Rome can also be seen, because this is 97.4%.

At the beginning you receive between 5 and 8 free spins And during the free play round you can get additional free spins. The potential Maximum profit amounts to fabulous 268,300 euros!

SlotChampions of Rome
RTP value97,4 %
Minimum price5 €
Maximum price2.500 €
Number of free spins5-8 Free Spins
Maximum multiplier4 x
Rank 4
Maximum win268.300 €

Our test run with 10 laps Champions of Rome bonus

We have for our Champions of Rome Test Minimum use of 5 euros elected. We also have Every time the training mode is activated.

This is the standard mode in which you can securely retain all your profits. Alternatively, there is Deathmatch mode for risk-to-risk gamblers.

Here you also choose 4 different multipliers and a corresponding number of Free Spins. But Danger: If you can not fill the status beam with constant winning, all profits expire!

We start with 104 euros credit

We start with one Start credit of 104 euros. Let's take a look at what Champions of Rome has to offer.

1. Round with a small loss

The first round ends with one Small loss of 0.81 euros.

2. Round with similar loss

Also in the second round we make Loss - this time 0.94 euros.

3. Round with renewed loss

The third round gives one further loss of 1.40 euros.

4. Round with good profit

Finally a win! We do in the fourth round 3.51 Euro .

5. Round with a small loss

Round 5 ends sobering, because we make one Loss of 2.34 euros.

6. round with small profit

The sixth round runs better - We win 2.49 euros.

7. Round back with a small loss

In the seventh round again disillusionment - Minus 1.78 euros.

8. Round with a small loss

The eighth round ensures one again Small loss (1.41 euros).

9. Round with 1 € loss

Also in the ninth round we lose about a euro.

10. Round with minimal profit

Some result cosmetics in the last round - one Small profit of 0.76 euros.

Conclusion to our Champions of Rome experiences

RoundProfit loss
1 round-0,81 €
2. Round-0,94 €
3. Round-1,40 €
4. Round+3,51 €
5. Round-2,34 €
6. Round+2,49 €
7. Round-1,78 €
8. Round-1,41 €
9. Round-1,06 €
10. Round+0,76 €
total-2,98 €

Well, so really gripping is not Champions of Rome. in the Online Casino comparison The other slots with freelays purchase option is that Gamon a little too slow. In addition, the Profits not really convincing.

Maybe the slot unfolds its gloss only at higher missions. As a result, however, the losses are limited. In addition, the Deathmatch mode lucrative Being - this we test for another time.

Recommended casinos: VIP Bet Casino or Sloty Casino

Buy Slot Freespiele at Sweet Bonanza

The provider Pragmatic Play is also known for first-class slots with Feature Drop. With the innovative Feature Drop Slot Sweet Bonanza, the slot manufacturer surprises the gambling, because the exciting and entertaining gameplay has it in itself! For at least 20 euros You can buy free spells in the online casino and always gets 10 free spins.

At least 8 equal symbols you have to make a profit. The actual appeal make the randomly appearing multipliers ranging from 2x to 100x. There can even be several multipliers in appearance and so profits to shake up to 21,100 times use!

SlotSweet Bonanza
ProviderPragmatic Play
RTP value96,48 %
Minimum price20 €
Maximum price10.000 €
Number of free spins10 Free Spins
Maximum multiplier100x (several possible)
Gewinnlinien20 (mind. 8 Symbole)
Rank 5
Maximum win21.100x insert

Our test run with 10 round Sweet Bonanza documented

Let's go - we start with one Credit of 111.01 Euro.

111 euros credit should range

We choose the same with the other Feature Drop Slots Minimum insert and buy 10 times the free play bonus in the amount of 20 euros. There is no risk function and you will receive 10 free games in each round.

1. Round directly a fat profit over 100 euros!

Believe it or not - directly with the first round we enter a fabulous gain of over 100 euros! In the penultimate spin, we have combined to 0.80 euros and like nothing has been published by the multiplier of 100x!

Thus, we achieve a net profit of 91.91 euros. Normally we would stop directly and the beautiful profit to Online casino payout bring, but we want the test run the Try variance of slots with free playing purchase.

2. Round with a loss of just under 10 euros

In the second round it is not really running, we make one Loss of 9.74 euros.

3. Round with almost total loss

Ouch, in the third round, we almost suffer a total loss - in total Minus of 17.81 euros.

Net profit of over 10 euros in Round 4

Go then! The Net profit of 11.28 euros is not outstanding, yet good for our bankroll.

Small loss in round 5

In the fifth round we make one Small loss of 5.42 euros - Where are the extensions? Note: If you receive 3 Lollis, there are another 5 free games in this round.

Round 6 with good profit

Very good! The sixth round ends with one Net profit of 21.91 euros.

Round 7 with another high gain!

Wow! We did not expect that - a 50-fell multiplier ensures one Net profit of 60.71 euros! Good that we after the first spin the Online Casino Test have not stopped for the Feature Drops.

Also round 8 with a win!

That's always so on! The eighth round ensures one Net profit of at least 9.57 euros.

Round 9 with extension, but loss

Since the joy was great as the extension in the first spin came. But despite an emergence of 100 times multipliers, we suffer a big loss of 16.67 euros. How bitter that is when the 100x multiplier appears, but you do not meet 8 icons ...

Last round again with loss

In the last round did not go much, we Lose a total of 16.44 euros.

Conclusion to our Sweet Bonanza experiences

roundProfit loss
1 round+91,91 Euro
2. Round-9,74 Euro
3. Round-17,81 Euro
4. Round+11,28 Euro
5. Round-5,42 Euro
6. Round+21,91 Euro
7. Round+60,71 Euro
8. Round+9,57 Euro
9. Round-16,67 Euro
10. Round-16,44 Euro
total+129,30 Euro

Sweet Bonanza polishes our total steady tidy! With the first and seventh round we were able to achieve excellent profits and compensate for the weaker rounds. The slot is extremely entertaining and therefore you should always put a limit - and of course stop it!

Our test phase has taken only 12 minutes, because the free spins are used up very quickly. Therefore, you should always keep an eye on your account balance!

Recommended casino: Casii Casino.

Buy Free Games at Money Train 2

If you want to buy free spells in the online casino, Money Train 2 from Relax Gaming is another good choice. From 10 € Can you buy the Free Spins directly and hope for a good round.

However, the game principle is slightly different than the feature presented Drop Slots. Because you receive at the beginning 3 spins. Once you have a hit with this Online Slot Lands, the number of spins is set to 3 again.

SlotMoney Train 2
ProviderRelax Gaming
RTP value96,4 %
Minimum price10 €
Maximum price20.000 €
Number of free spins3
Maximum multiplier50.000x
Maximum win50,000x insert

Casino Freespiele buy at Money Train 2 - Our report

Let's go - we buy free games at Money Train 2. Our Start credit is 89.44 euros.

The minimum amount is 10 cents per spin and the total price is 10 euros. Decides himself how much risk you want to go.

Let's start with the first free spells purchase bei Money Train 2.

The first purchase is just a good success. We get for our use of 10 euros after all, 18.80 euros back.

With the 2nd spin we have less luck and get only 4 euros back.

At the 3rd spin we make one small profit of 13.80 euros.

Go from our 10 euro commitment lost in the 4th spin 90 cents.

The 5th spin is a clean case - We lose 7.90 euros.

Also the 6th spin with one big loss of 8 euros.

The 7th spin is also a loss of Minus 4.40 euros.

Finally a win! We are doing a Net of 9.40 euros beim 8. Spin.

The 9th spin ensures a loss - Minus 7.40 euros.

Also the last purchase goes into these pants, because We receive only 1.40 euros back. Our account balance is At the end 68.24 euros.

Unfortunately, the 10 test rounds did not ran as desired. No wonder actually, because Money Train 2 is as Very Volatile Feature Drop Slot known.

Conclusion to our Money Train 2 experiences

roundProfit loss
1 round+8,80 Euro
2. Round-6 Euro
3. Round+3,30 Euro
4. Round-0,90 Euro
5. Round-7,90 Euro
6. Round-8 Euro
7. Round-4,40 Euro
8. Round+9,40 Euro
9. Round-7,40 Euro
10. Round-8,60 Euro
total-21,2 Euro

Unfortunately, our 10 free-playing rounds are tearing Small hole in our feature Drop profits. Nevertheless, we had plenty of fun with this Volatile slot.

If you have luck and Various special symbols Receive and also triggers a long series of hits, it rings neat in the cash register.

Tips for slots with purchase option for free spins

There is a lot to note when buying slot free games. We have a few of the most important tips.

  1. Bankroll Management is mandatory!
    The top rule: Sit a limit and does not exceed. For example, pay 30 euros and so you can play at extra chilli at least 3-4 rounds (without risk function!). Ideally, you can even play much longer, but as soon as you have lost everything and the money is not enough for a new round, the slot changes, play the remaining balance and does not pay back!
  2. Will not be greedy!
    Quite simply, but not always easy to comply with. Especially after a great profit, you often have to play the desire to achieve even higher profits. But that's the mistake! If you have already achieved a high profit, you are one of the few winners. Why risk the beautiful profit? Better to pay and treat yourself!
  3. Tries your luck in different casinos!
    You believe that there is nothing to bring? Then convince yourself! Especially New online casinos have a lot to offer - a generous bonus, many gamification elements and neue Casino Slots. Especially with these providers it is also worth buying free play or bonus rounds. Especially at the beginning, the RTP values of games are higher and thus the expensive purchase slots are worthwhile. You can also do one new bonus Grab or free games in one Pay n Play Casino to buy.

annotation: Lest our unique guidebook "Casino tips for beginners". Here we collected further useful tips and tricks for playing in online casinos. In addition, we inform about one Online Casino Australian Bonus.

More Slots with Feature Drop - Slot Free Spas Buy also here!

The featured slots with Feature Drop are not the only ones. There are Numerous other slots where your free spells can buy. We show you the ultimate overview - gradually we will carry out a test run with these special slots, so you Real experiences about this feature Drop Slots Receive. Unfortunately there are no Fruits slots mit Feature Buy:

Buy questions and answers to slot free games

To give you all the information about the Feature Buy Slots shortly, we have the most important questions and answers subsequently collected.

Free games can be purchased in some online casinos. The following reputable providers are recommended as they either offer their own category for the so-called Feature Drop Slots or have a wide selection of such slots: Casino Heroes or Luck.

Buy Slot Free Spins - We're dragging a conclusion

Overall, we will buy free games at the slot free games a loss of 71.83 euros, because unfortunately, nothing at Bangkok Dreams went. Nevertheless, the loss could have been much lower if we had turned off at Extra Chilly and above all Dark Vortex.

But then Sweet Bonanza came and gave us attractive profits, so we have one Total balance sheet of +36.27 euros exhibit.

As you see, you can buy slots free games and hope for a quick profit. So keep yourself to ours Buy 3 tips for slot free games:

  • Define fixed bankroll management & hold it!
  • After big win not greedy and do not continue to play!
  • Various & new online casinos try!