To follow the call of gambling for a long time does not require a trip to Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Instead, the way is there directly under our fingertips. With the easy accessibility Of course it is so important to separate the chaff of wheat. But what did the inclined casino players actually recognize good and serious online casinos?

Top 3 serious online casinos

Serious online casinos

  • Very serious online casino

  • License from Schleswig-Holstein

  • Top Reputation

  • Very serious casino

  • Part of a holding

  • Secure payments

  • Newer serious casino

  • Super player protection

  • EU-License from Malta

Are there serious online casinos? Which online casinos are legal?

Seriousness is in the casino business A and O. After all, you have to do it with customers who put their opportunities to the test in anticipation of a fair gambling. That himself that Best online casino each one Mathematical house advantage Grants, is completely normal and legitimate.

This is logical and Mathematically firmly anchored in the game rules - by the proportionality of winning opportunities and their payouts.

The difference between winning probabilities and the corresponding distributions requires the house advantage. This makes the house advantage for one Statistically perceptible and calculable size.

For this two examples:

  • If the likelihood of meeting a certain winning combination, 1 to 27 is, But only a payout ratio of 25 to 1 Is distributed in case of success, then this discrepancy embodies the house advantage.
  • A simple example of this offers the European roulette. There are two 50:50 bets. Because there are exactly the same many black and red fields as well as exactly the same number of fields each with straight and odd numbers. So if you are typing on black or on a straight number, you will be doubled in case of success (payout ratio: 2 to 1). However, there is still the green zero! Whether you tap on straight / odd or black / red, you always have a field more against yourself, but still gets "only" a profit rate of 2 to 1. the Green zero thus ensures the house advantage at these even money bets. At the American roulette there are two green zeros (Zero and Double Zero). There is the house advantage, with a view to these Even Money, so correspondingly higher.

The House advantage ensures the casinos your business model And can be considered as a game fee. But the games in reputable online casinos in them must always Fully randomized. Only then everything is right!

Each hand, every turn on the slot machine and every round roulette must leave completely to chance be. That's why everything is seen at short notice (house advantage for or here)! First Long-term and in the breadth attacks the house advantage and ensures the profitability of the casino.

For that reason, it is enormous for serious online casinos, from mint to be. Because so that the house advantage can grab statistically and the online casino can really make profitable (and in that it can handle the occasionally cracked jackpot), this is Instructed for a rain and permanent customer supply.

And this will hardly hire permanently if you are with mooncraft winning opportunities, Delayed payouts and make a similar to dubbing of themselves.

It is therefore in the most original interest of the provider itself, as safe and serious online casinos. Furthermore, of course All reputable online casinos somewhere licensed.

Say: You will receive the state license (typically just where the company is located behind the online casino), gambling at all.

Because everywhere where gambling is legal, of course, the state has the monopoly on it. Just By assigning licenses by the respective state, a company obtains permissionto offer gambling within the legal area of the respective state. Everything else would be illegal!

This constellation results above all with regard to the naturally limitless Internet and EU law (regarding the freedom to provide services) Interesting constellation that is relevant for Australian online casinos and gamblers - And on which we will talk about later.

What makes a serious online casino safe?

In the following, we want to give you, our readers and prospective lucky knights, a checklist to the hand, which you can apply to every online casino that will take your eye.

Only providers who meet this checklist in as all points can really be considered serious online casinos!

The points are roughly listed according to their importance (from top to bottom) and should not be in serious Online Casino Test Being:

Reputable online casino license

At all, the look of the license of the online casinos should apply. Where is it licisted? For example, EU online casinos often have a license in Malta or Gibraltar. Legal online Casinos Have to have a state authorization!

This quality feature is therefore anything but optional. Only on the basis of the state concession is clear that it is indeed Certified online casinos can act.

If the Internet appearance and the Casino's terms and conditions are not clearly, whether and where this has a state license, then you should try your luck elsewhere. Because then it can not be legal gambling.

So can not be understood a state license, you do not have to work on this checklist only and can immediately pay attention to alternatives Online Casino lay.

Reputation and market presence

The best reputable online casinos must have Let your reputation measure can! Online reputation and market presence are also also Important indicators But when a online casino can apply seriously.

How long is the online casino already available and how present is the market? Do you know it from a TV advertising? And above all, what do the players say?

In addition to online reviews, you should also also the Obtain opinions from independent forumsin which online gamblers meet and exchange them about their hobby. Especially there you can obtain any loadable information and experience.

Serious payment methods in casinos

Which Online Casino Payment Methods For the deposit and payment are offered? Payment methods are of course dependent on third-party providersentrusted with the settlement. Good, serious online casinos should offer a wide selection here and many as possible Add free options.

This not only offers a desirable degree of flexibility. It also speaks for a serious online casino. Because many Supplier of money transfer services do not work with every casino.

Just well-known providers, like PayPal, are looking forward to seeing themselves where they provide their payment methods. At least until PayPal Casinos have withdrawn for Australian players.

Game developer in reputable online casinos

Which game developers are behind the games? neue Slots are programmed by game developers and sold to online casinos, which then take up in your game catalog can. So in order to be able to draw conclusions about the seriousness of an online casino, the view of the gaming developers behind it is worthwhile.

Many well-known online casino game developers (like Net Entertainment or Netent, Microgaming, Merkur or Playtech) have been aware of the market for about two decades and under players.

So offering an online casino mainly to exclusively games like Fruits slots well-known developer and also brings regular news of these game developers, Then that speaks for the seriousness of this online casino.

For well-known providers have nothing to give away to true themselves a call and Accordingly, only work with reputable online casinos.

Fair games with a small house advantage

Serious Online Australian Casinos MIT Money Should provide fair games! That is, that Paytable tables always in the rules of the games clearly comprehensible should be.

Because only then can also be found that house advantages the online casino grants (further above we explained how the house advantage mathematically works).

Should be obvious that the payout rates in the width are very much under a strict house advantage (right now is worthwhile Online Casino comparison With other providers), then you should rather try your luck elsewhere.

Because Then you have to do it with a dubious online casinowho is probably more about short-term Reibach as a fair gaming experience.

Australian customer service and website

Serious, "Australian" online casinos should be Offer also professionally offer in Australian can. If this market is already to be operated, please correctly! Support should Free and Australian language be powerful.

On the other hand, it takes forever until you can establish a and then this should only in very broken Australian or English is not a good sign. The text communication on the website itself should be of a professional kind.

Because then you can assume that Trouble and money behind. Things that avoid dubious rip-off casinos rather.

Fair bonus conditions in serious online casinos

Bonus offers, loyalty programs and regular promotions are among the Advertising-effective actions The online casinos. Quite with advantages for the inclined player, if this good bonus conditions of bad ones knows.

a Online Casino Australian Bonus, like the welcome bonus, are regular attached to sales conditions.

These determine how often New Casino bonus as well as any profits to be implemented before they are payable. Furthermore, which games contribute to this duty to what extent.

Beyond Profits with bonus money often leased from a certain height. Say: With bonus money, only profits can be realized up to a certain amount.

Everything expires. Here it is worthwhile to compare! Although not necessarily speak against the seriousness of an online casinos.

But certainly not for it. So should serious online casinos Bonus sales conditions not alone at games with high house advantages chains And do not win them too early.

Other advice on bonus:

Player Protection & Responsible Play

Last but not least, a serious online casino should Responsible play recognizable and promote. Because what is a harmless hobby for many, can become a fatal vice for some.

Serious online casinos, which should be handled with real money, should affected players give the opportunity for self-exclusion And then react rigorously.

Furthermore, reference should be made to qualified auxiliary equipment, such as addiction aid, and Behaviors for responsible games (Only really dispensable pocket money is used, losses are not hunted, etc.) should ideally be communicated on the side of the provider itself.

Which online casino license is the most important?

Basic requirement for the seriousness of an online casinos is as I said Valide License, which is awarded by the competent authorities of a National State. With regard to the EU, two destinations often return here: Malta and Gibraltar!

But why are these two relative dwarf states, in which serious online casinos that want to be active in the EU area, bring their concessions?

The background is that that it In the EU there are only a few states that forgive even lucky licenses to private third-party providers. These are (according to Stand mid 2022) Malta, Gibraltar and the Australian state of Schleswig Holstein, which has chosen a Australian special way in terms of gambling law and also awards concessions!

United Kingdom was also included, but is no longer a member of the EU. The Isle of Man also awards such licenses. However, the legal situation here is complicated, since the Isle of one is subject to the case-law of the British crown.

And Great Britain is, as I said, no more EU member. This could lead to complications in the event of a legal dispute, if you do not have a Briton yourself.

Since there is a freedom to provide services in the EU, it is sufficient for a serious online casino, if it at a EU state a valid concession has to offer its service throughout the EU. And there come, according to the current state of things, just Malta, Gibraltar and Schleswig Holstein questioned.

In the two states Malta and Gibraltar gambling and tax revenues have become one important industry Developed. There are strict conditions in Puncto player protection and the protection of minors who are not allowed to participate in gambling.

However, serious online casinos in Schleswig Holstein can also be licensed. This special way is possible because the Handling the gambling in Australia Country thing is.

Here, however, there are always ahead of comprehensive changes. Thus, the state gambling contract in Australia 2022 is to be re-regulated.

And in that gambling should be comprehensively legalized. Even entire Australian concessions will be in the foreseeable future! An exciting and welcome development that we will focus separately in the next sub-item.

If a online casino wants to receive a license in the said countries / federal states, it must be the Protect fairness of their own games and subject regular examination. Furthermore, high standards must be complied with in terms of player protection and data protection.

If you want to have serious online casinos in Australia, so it should be careful that the Selected online casino can show a license in Malta, Gibraltar or Schleswig Holstein.

This not only ensures that high standards. In the case of a dispute, you also have a better handle, as it is right about EU.

Caution, however, applies to licenses outside the EU area. Because only because a casino in Panama or Curacao has a concession, that does not yet mean that it is recognized in the EU.

Just In Curacao, the standards are extremely lax and not with EU standards. Of course, there are also serious online casinos with Curacao license, such as that 1xbet Casino.

Who regulates online casinos for Australia?

A valide EU license is enough to make Australian online gambling extensive legal certainty to guarantee. Australian Casino licenses have been made up of Schleswig Holstein alone, which has made the only federal state of his right to do so, Gambling through third party providers.

Thus Schleswig Holstein disclosed as a pioneer. Because currently the state gambling contract is negotiated. The goal is one Comprehensive legalization of the online gambling in Australia!

Are online casinos ever legal in Australia?

So far it was (outside of Schleswig Holstein) Formally illegal, at all as a Australian to play in an online casino. However, found here never a law enforcement Instead, since the chamfer ban in most Australian federal states with EU law was right in conflict.

Because in the EU there is a freedom to provide services! This states that EU citizens may use the service of providers from other EU countries. And be it a serious online casino!

In the course of this, there was never a law enforcement of online casinos and their players, as they were simply involved in the freedom to provide services Principal law enforcement.

A statutory patt situation, in the course of them Australia developed one of the biggest gambling markets in the EU Has. Many of them formally illegally and past the tax revenue of the Australian state.

This has now reacted and a law reform is launched, which should take place from 2022. It should the following relevant changes give:

  • Gambling should fundamentally legalized become.
  • High standards in Puncto Player protection are mandatory!
  • So far it was forbidden to offer sports betting, machine games or casino games and lotteries on a platform. This restriction should now be omitted.
  • it must A maximum of € 1,000 per month become. For normal mortals, this upper limit will hardly play a role. Forgetful high scooters, on the other hand, should be a bit frustrated.
  • There should be one Central player file and a gambling authority to be launched for control purposes. The player file should also be used to the self-lock.
  • Players who reveal a potentially addictive game behavior should be over Special algorithms It is recognized so that you can enter into dialogue in good time and to admonish them for self-control.

These are the essential cornerstones to which the federal states have so far appreciated. Still many detail questions open And many things may change until 2022.

But that this reform comes and the Essential legalization of gambling It is already as good as certain.

Of course, the question of how high the levels collected will be exciting. Here will be less more. Because Too high taxes will ultimately be passed on to the players in the form of winning opportunities and quotas.

Where that leads, you have seen that at the state sports betting provider oddset, with its comparatively miserable odds was booted by private bookmakers from abroad and more and more market shares lost.

Especially since it would not be particularly credible to destroy the player protection at all corners and ends, only those players then over Strong taxation indirectly to the cashier to ask.

Should you avoid new casinos?

Serious New online casinos can be found quite. However, since market presence and positive customer resonance, directly after a resilient EU license, belong to the most important criteria, is currently on new online casinos offered some caution.

Because naturally market presence and an organic customer uses need a certain amount of time to get there at all.

Especially with new providers, the view of the license may not be missing. Because the Most dubious companywho just want to make fast Reibach, often refrain from a license. This requires a lot of equity as well as transparency and costs money.

For example, in Malta, several thousand euros in the form of various charges as well as monthly taxes. To get a license, thus not only the applicant is subject to the applicant state control but also requires him some not insignificant investment from.

Who in Malta, for example. A remote gaming license (License class 1 / for casino games and online lotteries), must expect the following costs:

  • When required a state license in Malta fall 5,000 euros basic fee at. As well as the extension of the same.
  • 2,500 euros fall for the system examination and another 3,500 euros for the Examination of compliance with the specified guidelines an.
  • At least 25,000 euros must be delivered annually (For a class 1, 2 or 3 license).
  • For a class 1 license fall Fixed tax rates at. 4,660 euros per month in the first half of the year. Then 7,000 euros per following month.

Thus, the costs in the first year are for a class 1 license in Malta at least 105,960 euros! Especially since these with penin trial procedures with regard to the business plan, the liquidity of the company and the righteousness of the applicant.

For example, it is examined whether procedures for the applicant are running abroad or whether this one criminal past having.

Die MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) It also reserves the right to turn independent third-party instances for examples of the ongoing gambling offer in the early years.

Someone who is not serious with his online casino and that is just looking for the fast profit will hardly undergo any careful and expensive examination. A Valide EU license remains the quality criterion of the first rank for new online casinos.

Which new online casinos are serious and safe?

If there is a license and the previous customer use is promising, then you can also trust yourself in a new online casino.

In doing so, one should not show too much pioneering spirit and rather make lower depositsto be able to make your own experiences and to be able to judge the processes (service quality, reliability and punctuality of payments, communication, etc.) yourself.

Sometimes you can serious online casinos without deposit or with only very smaller Online Casino Minimum Deposit to get to know. Just new online casinos often bring appropriate bonus offers to generate new customers, to which they are desperately instructed at this time.

If you want to reveal as little data as possible about yourself, recommend it Anonymous online casinos and deposit methods. For this purpose, many serious online casinos Paysafecard offer - one Fully anonymous type of depositbecause it takes place via a prepaid card, which you previously acquired elsewhere.

However, it should be noted that strong Anonymised forms of deposit often not combined with welcome bonuses Can (thus the online casinos suggest the abuse of the bonus offering). Here you have to weigh for yourself what is more important.

Questions and answers about reputable online casinos

For urgent readers we offer at this point Lastly, some short, handy answers to frequently recurring questions about serious online casinos.

Yin. Purely formal, according to the current state of things, only players resident in Schleswig Holstein Legal played in the online casino. Everyone else is theoretically banned. However, this prohibition is without any resilient consequence, as it is quit from the EU right to service freedom. Say: If a serious online casino has a license somewhere in the EU, then every EU may play citizens (estate) there! In 2022, it is estimated for a reform of the Australian Gambling State Treaty, which largely legalize the gambling.