When choosing online casinos nowadays, an overview is difficult. We make you the Criteria and the evaluation system for our online casino test in front. In addition, we introduce you to the test winners in our big casino test. Have fun!

What makes our online casino test differently?

Many websites that have one Online Casino comparison Offering, are outdated or simply offering incorrect information. This is often at the Lack of research on the respective provider.

We from the casino center have an alternative approach, because Our online casino test focuses on detailed information about every provider.

Every online casino test requires one elaboratewho does not carry out every comparison portal. Therefore, there are many false information on important aspects on the Internet.

We research All conditions for the bonus, the payment methods and of course the license of the casino. Furthermore, we give you detailed information on the available games and customer service.

Here you all get First-hand information - in a clear and clearly structured way. We are not fans of long crash - we'll come straight to the point!

Winner in our online casino test

Before we give you that Valuation system In our online casino test, we show you the best casinos. Based on our detailed online casino rating we provide you Our top casinos in front.

Top grade for test winner MR Green

Attention: MR Green is currently only available for players from Austria!

After our MR Green experiences There are no two opinions. The serious provider is right our test winner! Almost in all categories in our online casino test, MR Green will receive top marks.

As you will see below, we do not exaggerate, because ours Test criteria are very detailed. Although the Mr Green Bonus Not the best in the market, but the remaining categories dominate the casino at will.

  • Gigantic game selection
  • Frequent bonus actions
  • Award-winning app
  • Top Live Casino
  • Very good player protection

2nd place in our online casino test - push luck

The Drückglück Casino also convinces in the online casino test. We have with ours Driers show experiences Exciting aspects discovered and reward the serious provider with the 2nd place.

The online casino rating is also attached to this giant! As Renowned online casino Convinced kruftglück on a whole line and has something to offer for all players.

  • Excellent game selection
  • Toll-free & fast payments
  • Strong Australian support
  • Bright App
  • Strong payout quotas

On the podium in the test - 888 Casino

Many players the name may already be known, because 888 There is already a very long time! We have with ours 888 experiences almost exclusively positive impressions collected.

Not only the casino shines here, but as well 888 Sport and 888 poker! The supporting program together with Serious licensing Also true. Zockerherz - What do you want more?

  • Award-winning online casino
  • TOP Australian Support
  • Lucrative bonus package
  • Very good sports betting
  • Extra poker area

Insider tip in the casino test - The Amunra Casino

Nanu, what makes an insider tip here? Our Amunra Casino experiences So convincing that we recommend you to the casino test closer to you.

Amunra has Exciting gamification elements to offer, thanks to which you can improve your RA level and dust lucrative bonuses. Tried it yourself!

  • Serious provider with MGA license
  • Very big game selection
  • Toll-free payments
  • Exciting loyalty program
  • Top Newcomer

How is our online casino test built?

Our online casino test is divided into 8 larger categories. There is one for each category Online Casino rating, which is given in percent. Thus, we disconnect the chaff of wheat in Clearly defined and measurable properties.

The advantage for you - you will receive one Fair and objective online casino rating and can compare providers exactly. The information in the online casino test will finally help you perfect provider from the Online casino list Find out.

We make you Detailed the categories in our online casino test in front. Here we go in detail on every aspect to show you how to make Penibel and strictly our online casino rating.

Online Casino Australian Bonus - The first step

The Online Casino Australian Bonus Of course, is most interesting among new providers. It is simply the best selling offer for New online casinos.

But not every bonus offer receives the top grade in our online casino test. There must be some important conditions be fulfilled. It must first be distinguished What kind of bonus it is about.

a New Casino bonus So first must be checked for the respective sales conditions. In the next section we reveal you Criteria for a good bonus.

Further guide to Casino Boni:

Sales conditions crucial in the casino test

The sales conditions of a bonus decide on a good or bad online casino rating. In the abundance of competing casinos Certain rules for bonus turnover enforced.

The Best bonus is subjective to consider. Some players look at the bare bonus amount, others on the percentage value and again others pay attention to the Sales or sales factors for individual games.

Therefore, we look at our online casino test every aspect detailed. Below is more information about the individual Bonus criteria in our casino test.


Sales plays the key role and decides whether a bonus is realistically feasible or not. Over time, the online casinos have different standards enforced.

First of all it is Important to understand whether only the granted bonus amount of an implementation requires or the deposit. This feature alone answers the question of whether the bonus is worthwhile in an online casino test.

For clarification: If a bonus must be implemented for example 35x, you simply calculate bonus amount * 35 sales = total for sales. However, if the deposit must be implemented, the invoice (deposit + bonus) * 35 turnover.

example: The bonus is 100% up to 100 euros and the bonus must be implemented only 35x. Thus, you have to wage a total of 3,500 euros. However, if the deposit amount must be implemented, the total revenue is proud 7,000 euros according to the above invoice!

time limit

That too Time limit decides whether a bonus has good sales conditions. Although players who play with high missions are hardly any problems to comply with the time limit.

But beginners with smaller inserts that do not play regularly must pay attention to the time limit for bonus sales. If you do not have the bonus implemented within the specified time has, you lose the credit.

In the online casino test is therefore important that providers Time limit not too low Put. 30 days are the average - There are hardly any significant offers.

However, if the time limit less than 30 days, there is dot deduction in the online casino rating. Especially with offers that a time limit of 7 to 14 days specify, you should be careful.


In this aspect of our casino test, it's about the Maximum allowed use per spin at Slots or the maximum use per game round in the live casino.

For slots, the Maximum use usually 5 euros. You should not play with higher missions, because otherwise you threatens a loss of bonus and profits.

Some providers allow With deposits by Skrill or Neteller, however, only a maximum use of 2-3 euros - Too little for a good online casino rating.

In the live casino sometimes up to 30 euros are possible, whereby the sales factors are to be observed. We highlight in the next point.

Sales factors

The sales factors provide the percentage but, which applies depending on the game type for bonus turnover. Most slots are 100%, which means that your assignments are fully counted on sales.

There is a worse online casino rating here if Slots excluded from bonus sales or only a smaller percentage range. Often it is so that certain slot machines like Jackpot slots not even playable with a bonus are.

In the live casino, sales factors even play an even greater role. However, if you want to implement a bonus with blackjack, but the sales factor is only 10%, it will almost impossible.

example: You get a bonus of 100% to 100 euros and sales is 35x (bonus only). If you only play games that are 100%, you have to implement "only" 3,500 euros.

Compared: You only play blackjack with a 10% sales factor with this bonus, your say and write 35,000 euros! This is an unrealable undertaking with a starting balance of 200 euros!

Maximum win

Pfui, does not sound nice. It is not! Who wants to play a bonus, where it is clear that you can only win a certain amount? Okay, mostly is one Any maximum profit at least 10,000 euros.

And even if you have one Progressive jackpot cracks, You also receive the full profit in a maximum profit. That's because not the online casino paid out the jackpot, but the provider (Game manufacturer).

Nevertheless, there is a dot deduction in the online casino test if a provider sets such a profit limit. Because Even with "normal" slots, you can win high buzz - If you play with something bigger missions (2-5 euros per spin).

Choice of play - important for the online casino rating

In the online casino test we also check the Available games. Because online casino is not online casino nowadays. The Scene is always developing And new innovations storm into the gambling everyday life. Self Monopoly play with real money is possible in casinos!

So we throw on the Individual aspects in the category "Spiel Selection". Here you can find out how we feel providers on the tooth and deliver accordingly the online casino rating.

Slots and slot machines

Believes us or not - We are counting the available slots for you or slot machines! Is at regular intervals every online casino test updated, We also check what has happened in the game offered in the meantime.

Of course the Bare number of slots is not always crucial For a good casino rating. It also comes to the Quality of available slot machines Therefore, we check whether all the important and popular titles or game manufacturers are on offer.

Of course you should be in a good casino Play slots for free can - without registration or deposit. Have other providers in turn Own Categories for Feature Drop Slotswhere you Buy free spells can.

Additional categories for Bücher Slots or Fruits slots In addition, the evaluation additionally increases. And just a few providers leave you Play several slot machines at the same time - That's in one Multi Slot Casino possible.

Another important criterion is lists of certain providers. A Merkur Games List Of course I would be ideal in a casino!

Jackpot Slots

Both Jackpot Slots Is it primarily about the Bare number - the more, the better. But we also compare the respective Jackpot amountsbecause this Sometimes vary from casino to casino.

Incidentally, you do not have to worry about the payment, because it is always the respective Game manufacturer responsible for the distribution of the progressive jackpot - Not the online casino.

Megaways Slots

In the online casino test becomes Innovatively rewarded - and who the novel Megaways Slots On offer, a good rating deserves. In recent months More and more Megaways slots launched.

That's no wonder, because the Zigfachen paylines provide for every spin for tension. Suppliers who want to cut well in the online casino test, so have to For steady replenishment - ideally with its own category - ensure megaways slots! neue Slots are always in demand!

Online Casino Tischspiele

Many gamblers are still very popular online casino table games. This is probably mainly at the Excellent RTP values. For many table games is the House advantage very low and therefore profitable.

Supplier that one Own category for table games have and at the same time offer numerous ones of it, receive one Very good online casino rating. The games must be quickly and easily findable and can be accessible.

Video Poker

If a casino also offers video poker online, Count the number of available games. Since not all casinos offer video poker, there are already Some differences.

But the number sometimes varies greatly, so we also for the existing video poker variants the Detect differences and customize the online casino rating accordingly.

Player and provider

This point has indirectly to do with the game offer, Nevertheless, we would like to emphasize that we also consider the providers in our online casino test.

Is Netent there? Are there slots of Microgaming? What about the new Megaways slots from Pragmatic Play? We ask our questions and also check how Many slots of certain prestigious providers available are.

Again, there are some big differences in the online casino test. These Deviations between the casinos can barely detect a casual player. Therefore, we make the effort and compare the game offer in relation to the individual game manufacturers.

Live Casino - Separate Rating for Live Games

We look at the live casino separately as your own category In our online casino test. Why? Because there are many online casinos as well! In recent years, live casinos developed as Own product in online casinos.

In addition, many players like one Online Casino Live Streamin which is also gambled in the live casino. Let's look at Which aspects in live casino are crucial for a good online casino rating. A Live Casino Australian Bonus Incidentally, counts for the bonus category.

We also evaluate the individual games, whether the Table limits displayed as preview in the casino lobby become. Another test factor is the Speed when changing live tables And how easy deposits and withdrawals take place. The Best live casinos Have we collected you elsewhere.

Online Roulette

Probably Oldest and most popular live casino game Is online roulette. The Simple gameplayIn which even beginner can put on red or black, many players are still fascinated.

In the online casino test, it must therefore be one Large selection of different roulette tables give. Ideally, there is also Australian-speaking tableswhere you can easily understand and communicate the dealer.

Of course, here is the Number of providers important. If the live tables for roulette come from Evolution Gaming, then it is more of an average choice. There are still In addition, live tables from Netent, Bucht an even better online casino rating.

Online Blackjack

Also online blackjack is one Classic and casinos are indispensable. Thus, also for blackjack Excellent selection of live tables be available.

In addition to Livetik of Evolution and Netent there is also Casinos with blackjack tables by Ezugi. This then gives the top grade in our online casino test.

And as soon as Australian speaking tables Exist, the Live Casino receives an unrestricted recommendation from us!

Online Baccarat

Relatively unknown, but with some players extremely popular is online Baccarat. The live casino game was known worldwide in a James Bond moviein which the secret agent games the game.

The Rules are certainly something more complex than blackjackNevertheless, the learning of Baccarat is worthwhile. For most variants, you expect High RTP value, which ensures that the house advantage at Baccarat is very low.

We check the number of existing Baccarat mobile tables and how the limits are set. In addition, the number of different in the online casino test is also crucial.

Online Poker

Online Poker is in online casinos More and more on the retreat - Apparently the poker hype is over. But the providers who have many poker live tables on offer received Bonus points in the casino rating.

Desirable are there Different types of colors like Omaha or Three Card Poker. And Australian speaking tables Get a better online casino rating.

Live Casino Game Shows

The great innovation represent Live Casino Game Shows, the accompanied by a moderator entertaining become. Here players are addressed directly and the Action-rich game shows provide a never seen thrill.

There are now Numerous game shows - The more a live casino offers from it, the better the rating in the online casino test. Subsequently one List of best live casino game shows:

  • Dreamcatcher
  • Deal or No Deal
  • Lightning Roulette
  • Lightning Baccarat
  • Lightning Dice
  • Monopoly Live
  • Super Sic will
  • Crazy Time
  • Mega Ball
  • Football Studio
  • Side Bet City

Payments in Online Australian Casinos - Test of Modalities

There are nowadays lots Online Casino Payment Methods. But which are accepted in certain casinos? What does the charity of the casino look like? And there is Differences in the duration of payouts?

We ask these and more questions in the research for our online casino test. Let's look at this Aspects below closer to.

Deposit in the online casino test

For a good rating in the online casino test, the Payment methods already in the deposit. If fees are required, there is a dot deduction directly. Is the bonus neither with Skrill nor with NETELLER activatable - point deduction!

We also pay attention to the Online Casino Minimum Deposit and point out in every online casino test. Not only do you know the limits, we also betray you which Minimum amount for the activation of a bonus is required.

Of course, the Bare number of available payment methods important. Classic payment methods such as Paysafecard, Klarna or Skrill and Neteller are good, yet Also offer new payment methods offered?

Apple Pay Casinos are as announced as those already known Pay n Play Casinoswhere Trustly is used. The Popular Swedish Payment Service Should not be missing in any online casino. By the way, we have you Best Trustly Casinos put together elsewhere.

If there is no modern payment method, there can be no bestnote in the online casino rating! More and more payment services penetrate the market And so the best casinos must also stay up to date and integrate the new payment options.

Unfortunately there are no PayPal Casinos more. Logically, the lack of PayPal does not have a negative impact on the online casino rating. But the Casinos, which used to pay PayPal payments, are mentioned to be mentionedbecause this was considered as Criterion for a high seriousness.

Account verification - Procedure of the KYC process

So you have deposited, achieved a good profit and would like to pay out now? Then wait First, the KYC procedure (Know Your Customer) on you! This scenario we have experienced in the online casino test And tell you our experiences.

It is here Important, how high the requirements for the requested documents are. Is a photo or do you have to scan the documented extra? How to send the documents - via live chat, e-mail or Is there a upload function directly in the account?

Some casinos need Events for the review of documents. Such providers receive a juicy deduction in the online casino rating for the category of payments.

tip: In Online casinos without documents Do not you have any documents! Here, the verification is either directly via the bank account, which is linked to Trustly, or a Bitcoin Casinothat works without many data.

Payment in the online casino test

A Online casino payout Thread every Zocker and in the online casino test this is of course a critical point. We examine the duration of payouts and possible fees for you When using certain payment methods.

However, it is to distinguish whether it is the first payment in which the KYC process is still running, or another payment after the account verification has been made.

This is also understandable, because the First payout usually takes a little longer. However, after successful verification, an online casino should ask for more documents - especially if you want to pay out a big profit - this does not testify to seriousness.

This is only understandable if you have used a completely new payment method. Then the casino is quite in the right and can one Proof of the new payment method Request.

However, arbitrary document inquiries such as a certificate of pay should not occurOtherwise there is dot deduction in the online casino rating.

Do you have to pay taxes online casino profits?

No! In Australia, your casino gains do not have to tax. Why? Because it is Officially about gambling acts - And from gambling you can not deny his livelihood.

With professional poker players who do exactly because of the poker gains, it looks different. That's also related to that Poker rather classified into the category skill game becomes.

In addition, you do not play against the casino at the online poker, but against other players. There is also No house advantage for the casino.

Customer Service - What does the support have to offer?

Another important point in our online casino test is customer service. Sooner or later you will have a concern And therefore, customer support must be available and solve your problem.

Let's take a look at it How to test and evaluate customer support.

Live Chat

The easiest way to communicate with the online casino, is the live chat. This should If possible around the clock available be. Think about, you mistakenly get a false or unwanted bonus and can not gamble before it is not canceled.

Therefore, we check Not only if there are Australian-speaking employees in the live chatbut also what the agents have it! We set the live chat in the online casino test with different inquiries on the sample and Measure the reaction time, the friendliness and language of answers.

Only then can be realized how the live chats differ from different providers. Depending on the result, we assign according to points for Live Chat Support and make you the Service times tabular but.


For answers to our inquiries by e-mail Similar factors are considered for the live chat. Is the e-mail written in clean, faultless Australian? Were all questions contradicted and clearly answered? Is it a one? Prefabricated or individual answer?

There is a Large bandwidth to e-mail support services - The one limits to standard templates, again others are visibly effective and Personalize your answers.

Exactly these aspects we take up in the online casino test of the support via e-mail and Assign a fair casino rating According to our experiences made!


Offer most online casinos No telephone hotline. That's a pity, because some concerns can be released a lot faster. Thus, there is Clear es for an available and at best free hotline In the online casino rating.

Especially here is crucial that the Staff fluent Australian dominated. Otherwise, misunderstandings can lead to the other disputes. In the online casino test we try the to reach and ask telephone customer service. And of course we give in every online casino review the Current phone number an.

WhatsApp & Skype

Even rarer in communication with online casinos are messengers like WhatsApp and Skype. The question is why, because that is even easier than the live chat in many cases.

Providers offering such communication channels Clear es in the online casino test! Alone the effort to make and manage such a channel belongs accordingly rewarded.

Social networks

Ooops, Tipico Casino does not work? No problem, because some providers have Profiles and groups in social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

As soon as there is a problem with the online casino, you will be informed in good time. Also At upcoming maintenance work is pointed out here.

Such trouble must be rewarded and will be rewarded in our online casino rating. In addition, some providers also offer the Direct communication, for example by Facebook chat.

Loyalty program for loyal players and VIPs

New provider nice and good - yet How long can an online casino be inspired by you And keep in a mood? In the online casino test we check which bonuses and actions the provider for you holds.

Casinos try Loyal players with different methods to faithfully move. There are classic loyalty programs that are specially tailored to profitable players. But even casual players are in the form of Regular actions by e-mail Note.

An innovative trend are gamification elements - Bonus programs with points and / or levelsdistracting a playful change from playing in the casino itself. We show you below our Test criteria for the loyalty program.

Classic VIP program

The classic VIP program sets predefined level we can achieve as a player after a time. Be Especially the missions crucial - Casual players can not reach higher levels!

For players who regularly do high deposits, such VIP programs are always worthwhile. Especially in higher levels there are worthwhile rewards like a personal VIP consultant, Invitations to private events or exclusive travel.

In the online casino rating, the fact will be considered if casinos offer such a VIP loyalty program. But the Full score reach providers that reach both high scooters and casual players with small missions at the same time - This later more.

Regular bonus actions for regular customers

Before we come to the providers with gamification, we still provide you Alternative loyalty programs in front. Most online casinos keep their customers with other methods in a mood.

So there is Regular newsletter campaignsFor which you need to sign in (mostly on the registry). Optional by e-mail, SMS or WhatsApp You always receive new offers - Based on your previous game activity.

It can be one Individual bonus code or publicly visible promotions. As a rule, it is about Reload Boni. Or free credit. Sometimes you will also Cashback Bonus Offered - for example for the live casino.

We see her, you do not have to desperate directly if there is no information about a loyalty program. We ask in every online casino test at the provider, which alternatives there for loyal players. We will provide you with this information in the review.


Have we already curious? Yes, Online Australian Casinos mit Gamification are cool! More and more providers discover the playful loosening equipment in "Tristen" casino everyday life. But what are these gamification casinos at all?

Well, simplified spoken is about Playful components in online casinoswhich are based on video games. There is about levels that you need to achieve in which you Missions and challenges managed.

But that's not all, because there are also possibilities like the Creation of an avatar or fight against endpers - in the form of a (limited) video game like her in our Casino Heroes experiences can read.

With other casinos Collects your trophies and awardswhich you can then exchange in the internal shop against free credit, bonuses or free spins. Having others Special lucky wheelsAt which you often expect revenue-free bonuses or even property bonuses.

Then there are still the certainly known casinos in which it Tournaments and other regular events gives. Either you simply take part by playing or would have to report for the tournament.

Here you have to then with a certain minimum insert at a slot try to achieve the highest profit or the longest profit series. Then lucrative prizes in the form of Online Casino Moneywho are mostly payable immediately.

Have gamification elements Online casinos quite revolutionized And we look forward to the future - the innovations of developers and casino operators are not limited!

Therefore, Gamification Gasinos receive Clear points in our online casinos test. Especially because such playful elements are not only accessible to a small part of the player community.

Online Casino App or Mobile Web app?

More and more people play mobile in the online casino. No wonder, Our world is always crosslinkedso that there is not only cheap mobile data to buy. Always more Wi-Fi hotspots are public and often even free.

Therefore, providers in our online casino test must be careful that the Mobile version on the smartphone good is. Although well as all online casinos have a Responsive web app, but Only a few a native app. The difference shows you in the following two sections.

Native Casino App

A standalone Online Casino App Not every supplier has downloaded. Therefore, in this case there is a very good rating in the online casino test. With a native casino app you have one Download and install app directly.

Although this requires storage space, but such standalone apps are - as soon as set up - Very fast and also offer greater game selection than mobile web apps.

Your Login data remain (optional) stored And you can take a game immediately from everywhere. In addition, the Navigation and the menu navigation with a native app more enjoyable.

But Other disadvantages More and more online casinos bring to develop no independent app. This is associated with a lot of effort and thus an investment. In addition, the App to be constantly updated by the operator and the user - Not only mentioned the necessary storage space.

Nevertheless, there are in our online casino rating es for providers that develop an independent app. That testifies to one Level and should be valued as well as rewarded. Equally speaking, a native app underlines the seriousness of a casino.

mobile Web-App

As already mentioned, put the Best online casinos on a mobile web app without downloadd. You just call the website of the casino in your browser and can go directly to the login.

This will Responsive design of the website activated And the ads adapt automatically to the size of the device. Especially here the Developers pay attention to subtletiesWhat is also checked in our online casino tests.

The advantages are obvious - You save the storage space and do not have to take care of annoying updates. But you have to do without some games, because web apps often offer Not all games from the portfolio Online casinos.

In the online casino rating we value that the Mobile web app quickly loads and changing between games fleeted. The navigation between the individual pages as well as the closing of the keyboard are also evaluated by us.

Seriousness and License - Important Framework

Which online casinos are serious? This question should always be given before real money is invested online. Unfortunately, the Worldwide market of online casinos not regulated And many black sheep frolic under the reputable providers.

Alternative Online Australian Casinos Therefore, sometimes can be dangerous unless there is a good online casino rating. Let's check the Criteria for our extensive online casino test in the category Seriousness and License.

License - Player Protection and Responsible Play

First of all, we check which license keeps the Casino. We do not just rely on the information in the terms and conditions, but try to understand if the specified license is still up to date.

In most cases, one suffices Click on the logo of the license authoritywhich is usually located in the foot area on the website of the online casinos.

Interested parties are forwarded to the website of the regulatory authority. Here you can then simply check when the license has been issued and whether it is still valid. In our online casino test we take over it for you!

But the license not only provides information on whether the company is trustworthy and serious behind the online casino. Based on the license there is Other important features to be considered.

This includes players protection, because safe casinos must enable their players easily, Set preferred limits. Ideally, there is the possibility to choose the period for deposit or loss limits.

In addition, the responsibility of responsibility should be placed. For this purpose, operators of online casinos should Help points with problems with gaming addiction Refer and make a contribution to warning the dangers of online gambling. Only then there is a good rating in our online casino test.

RTP values & payout quotas

The topic of seriousness certainly also includes the available payout quotas of the games. While Do not actively rotate operators to the RTP valuesBut the providers have the decision on the final RTP value of a slot machine.

The manufacturer or provider of the slot gives the casinos one Bandwidth of possible RTP values Previous and the casino decides about it. Meanwhile, the 98er slots have become known. These slots - mostly adaptations of older, equal slots - have one High RTP value 98% on.

As you see, the online casinos have a great influence on the RTP values. And if a provider only chooses the lowest RTP value for his players, then there is dot deduction in the online casino test.

Another aspect is the transparency in relation to the payout quotas. Although you can For each slot, read the corresponding RTP value in the game description, But that is hardly possible for all available slots.

Therefore, there are es in the online casino rating, provided a provider one Average value for its payout quotas indicates. In some casinos, there is even a complete listing of the RTP values.

Independent control instances Check the promised payout quotas regularly. The best note in the online casino test is therefore available for casinos that work with such independent organizations and publish the RTP values transparently.

Extras at Casino Test - Sports Betting, Lotto & Bingo

For many players is one pure online casino not enough anymore. We love steady extensions and innovations. Therefore, we check in every online casino test, whether the respective provider also other products provides.

Let's check what you know Suppliers with a complete package Expected and how the offer is reflected in our online casino rating.

Sports bets casinos or casinos with sports betting?

That's the question of such Full-service providers! Are these rather a well-known sports betting provider who carries an on-line casino incidentally? Or was the online casino later extended by a sports betting area?

Depending on there are some some Important differences to which we indicate in every online casino test. We better assess casinos with sports bets according to our approach than pure online casinos.

With an existing area for sports betting we rate this simple criteria that include the following aspects:

  • Can the casino bonus be implemented with sports betting?
  • Is there a separate or additional Sportwetten Bonus?
  • How good is the quota level?
  • How good is the general selection of sports betting?
  • How deep is the wager selection?
  • Are there features like cashout or betting configurator?
  • Are there live streams?

Play online lottery

You want Lotto online play? Then there are some good casinos for you! But also formerly pure lottery providers now have an online casino on offer.

Here you can then different lotteries like Lotto 6 from 49 games or participate in instant lullters. In our online casino test, online Lotto earns its place and is Not indispensable for very good complete providers.

For our online casino rating is crucial, How many online lotteries offered become. Many lottery providers like Multilotto or The lottery Have numerous foreign lotteries in the offer, which otherwise there is nowhere.

Online Bingo

At the online bingo we are considering similar to lotto. Is there a Separate bingo areaNaturally, we forgive the top grade in the online casino test.

Most casinos renounce their own area, yet many providers Numerous bingo games ready. In addition to the live casinos, many bingo variants such as megaball have arrived.

However, if a casino has no significant selection of bingo playing parate, there is Only a small dot deduction In the online casino rating. Most players just lay No particular value on online bingo.

Online Casino Rating - System for our test

That's it with the individual categories, but how exactly does the evaluation system work? First of all, you have to know that Each category in our online casino test equivalent is.

Each player has his Personal focus on specific aspects And therefore, an online casino test is always a bit subjective. Therefore, we occupy each category as equal - and yet you can do one Get objective impression.

For each category in the online casino test we assign between 0 and 5 stars, with 5 stars representing the bestnote. The sum of all collected stars is then divided by the total of all sorts of stars to one Percentage to determine.

This percentage will then set the Final standing in the online casino test Accordingly, we also sort the list for the best providers. Of course, there are always adjustments as we actively pursue the casinos and keep our reviews currently.

Casino Blacklist - Dubious online casinos avoid

As already suggested above, not all gold is what it shines - not really at online casinos! Therefore, a good comparison portal must point out of our online casinos.

We from casino center do not make half things - Either the casino is serious and we can pronounce a recommendation. Or it is a dubious provider that comes up to our casino blacklist!

Based on the categories presented, we separate the wheat's chaff to introduce and recommend only secure providers. With dubious casinos we do not go to cooperations And urgently warn of possible frauds on the part of the operator.

Conclusion - Loating on our online casino test!

Long story short. In our online casino test we check all providers about strict and predefined criteriato give you the most objective impression of the casino as possible.

They crystallize good and bad casinos whose Strengthen and weaken we comprehensibly. As a result, a good or bad online casino rating results.

In addition, as you review in any review with valuable Online Casino Tips To the corresponding provider. Find out what games the bonus can best be implemented or when customer service is available.