Online casinos are a separate universe, in which newcomers feel overwhelmed above all. In the best Online Casino comparison Imagine Casino Center all terms, so you know exactly in our experience reports and playing in online casinos, what is written about. In addition, we have for you the ultimate guide "Online Casino Tips for Beginners" created.


A document confirming the address you entered during registration. As a rule, online casinos call for a monthly bill (utility bill, mobile phone or internet bill), which is not older than three months.

Advantage player / beneficial player

Designates a player who gives him advantages. In online casinos, it is usually about players who use many bonus offers to get an advantage. In land-based casinos, players who count cards are called Advantage Player.


The use of the entire credit.

American Roulette

American variant of roulette. In contrast to the French roulette, American Roulette is played with double Zero.

In view of

Placement of an insert or bet before starting the actual round or hand.

Payout quote / RTP value

A percentage of the return, which is distributed from an online casino over time to the players. A distinction is made between payout ratios for individual slots and the total value throughout the online casino. In English, RTP stands for Return to Player (repayment to the player).

Payable table / Payable

In the payout table, you can see all the possible profit combinations and corresponding payouts.

Vending machine

Alternative designation for a slot.


The autoplay feature allows you to set a number of spins you selected. So you do not have to click every time to activate the rollers in a slot. Here to the Casinos my autoplay.


A casino game that can be played both live and against the "computer".

Bank / house

With bank or house the online casino itself is meant.


The credit available to you. You should definitely have a look at that and do not exceed the predetermined amount.


Alternative designation for a (competitive) or spin.

Bet max / maximum insert for spin

Bet Max can be seen at many casino slots or play automatues. As soon as you press the button, you set the maximum possible use for the next spin. The maximum use for the coin value and the maximum number of rows is selected.

Bet via line / insert per line

The partial amount set per line. The value is multiplied by the coin value to determine the total insert per spin or round of the game.

Picture cards

Designates all cards with a picture boys, ladies or kings.


One of the most famous casino games, which the motto "easy to learn, difficult to master" defines ".

Leaf / hand

Designates the preserved cards and is mainly distributed at poker and blackjack.


A sum of money provided by the online casino. To pay off bonus money, certain sales requirements must be met and regulates. With us you will find one Online Casino Australian Bonus In the big list.

Bonus Feature/ Bonusrunde

Some casino slots or play automatues have a random bonus function. This is triggered while playing by certain combinations of symbols and activates a special round in which you do not have to place any further use. With this round you either receive free spins or a special bonus game is started.

Bonusumsatz/ Rollover/ Wagering

Every online casino bonus has certain sales requirements. You have to use the preserved bonus money x times in the casino to pay off profits. In English, bonus turnover is also referred to as rollover or wagering.

Bust / overwind

Denotes the "overhaul" in blackjack. As soon as the hand is 22 or more, the complete use is lost.

Card Shark/Kartenhai

Designates a professional card player.

Caribbean Poker

A poker variant that is played against the computer.


a Cashback Bonus refers to the refund of losses suffered. These are available in many online casinos as part of certain bonus actions.


The cash area in the online casino. Here you can do deposit and payouts and manage your credit.

CashOut / Payout

Denoted in English one Online casino payout. For sports betting the term is the premature payout of a single bet.


An equivalent or token symbolizing the amount of your cash. Chips have different values.

Cluster profits

For some casino slots, identical symbols must appear in predefined patterns (horizontal and vertically) on the field. This distinguishes such grid play games from traditional slots with paylines from left to right or vice versa.

Cold Streak / Pechstrae

Cold Streak stands in English for a larger crash strand.

Color Up

Designates the exchange of low value chips in chips with higher value. Used more frequently in land-based casinos.

Comp Punkte

In some online casinos, your loyalty points will receive for regular playing. These can be in Online Casino Money, Bonuses or rewards be exchanged.

Countdown Wilds

Designates wild symbols that remain on the rolls for a certain number of spins.


An increasingly popular dice game.

Deal / give

Denotes the process in which the dealer cards divided into the players.


The header in the live casino, which gives the cards and communicates with the players. The term croupier comes from the French and is also used in other languages.


Denotes the opposite of progression and means reducing missions.

Deposit / deposit

Filling your online casino account - deposit in Australian.

Deuces Wild

Designates a kind of video poker in the two as Joker to be considered. Deuce is in English for the number two.

Double Down

Designates the option at blackjack to double the use after the first two cards. Then you will receive exactly another card for improving the hand.


The advantage of playing in an online casino. As a rule, the casino has a house advantage, which is called EDGE in English.

Einarmiger Bandit

Classic designation for a slot machine. The term is based on the mechanical lever with classic offline slot machines. By pressing the lever, you start the spin. In online casinos, the spin button is the equivalent to the lever.

Easy chance

Describes a term in roulette and means a 50/50 chance (for example, red or black).

Deposit bonus

A bonus for its activation requires a deposit.

Deposit proof / payment proof

A document confirming that you are the owner of the method of payment used. It is forbidden, Payment methods to use that are not approved for you.

European roulette

Traditional variant of blackjack, which is especially popular in Europe. Six decks are mixed together with 52 cards together.

Expandierende Wild-Symbole

Designates wild symbols that can spread to one or more rolls under certain conditions.

Expanding field

Some slots or slot machines offer an expanding playing field, which adds further rows and rollers in the gameplay. As a rule, this function is activated in the free play or bonus round and offers significantly more paylines and combinations.


A strategy in online casinos and sports betting, in which applications are increased after lost rounds after the Fibonacci number of numbers to compensate for a win the losses from the preliminary rounds. Ideally, a secure net profit is achieved.

The Fibonacci series is 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, etc (the last two numbers are added together and the sum gives the next number). In contrast to the Martingale system, the increase in use takes place homogeneous, but the system only works on certain games.

First Base

Arrangingly refers to the place to the left of the dealer at the blackjack. The player in this position receives the first card.

Fixer Jackpot

Denotes a predefined jackpot amount that pays a specified number of coins as the main profit.

Flat Betting

An emergency strategy in online casinos, where unchanged always the same amount is set.

French roulette

French variant of roulette, in which it just gives zero.

Free Spins / Freels

Free free spins provided by the online casino. For these freelages you do not have to put your own money. The free spins can either be obtained as part of a bonus or enabled in certain slots or slot machines by a bonus function. We show you up to date Free games without deposit.


Designation for a player or gambler who plays either a lot or risky.

Gamler's Fallacy / Mistake of a player

The erroneous adoption of a player that previous events in a game follow the future events. Casino games are absolutely random!

Profit combination

Designates a combination of symbols that leads to a profit.

Line / Payline

If a line refers to the rollers on which equal symbols have to land to achieve a profit. There are slots or play automatues with different numbers of paylines.

Grid Play/ Rasterspiel

Designed slots or slot machines in which symbols are arranged in horizontal rows and vertical columns instead of turning rolls as with classic slots.

Hard Hand

Designates a hand with blackjack, which contains no ace.

Hot number

Denotes a number that was most common at the same roulette session.

High Roller

A player playing with very high missions in online casinos. These can one High Roller Bonus receive.


Responsible colloquially a profitable spin.

Hole Card

Designates the card, which is dealt by the dealer in most variants of blackjack.

Identity proof

A document confirming your identity and the personal data provided by you when registering. As a rule, copies are accepted by the identity card, driver's license or passport.

Inside Bet

Designates use in the inner area of the roulette table. It can be set to individual numbers or groups of numbers (up to six side by side).

Instant Casino

Nowadays, almost all online casinos are also instant casinos. This means that no additional software needs to be downloaded to play the games.


Designates a change in betting - for example between two 50/50 chance like red or black.


The main profit in a slot. There are different types of Jackpot Slots And also jackpot profits at other games like video poker.


Alternative designation for casino chips.

Cascading symbols

Designed from above on the field falling icons instead of the usual rotating rolls. Slots with such symbols often provide Respins and progressive multipliers for high gains.


A casino version of Online lotto With fast playing.

Classic slots

Designates a traditional casino slot or slot machine, which usually offers only one payline on three rollers.

KYC (Know your customer)

Process for verifying the identity of players. The online casino requests documents from you. As a rule, you must submit a copy of your identity card and a monthly invoice to confirm your address.


There are many types of limits in online casinos - single and payout limits, use limits or table limits.

Live Casino

A separate area in the online casino in which you start with other players against the casino. Games in Live Casino are moderated by a dealer and you are pursuing the edition of the cards by livestream in real time.

Live Casino Australian Bonus

A special bonus for the live casino. In this case, the sales factors for live casino games are usually higher than a classic bonus. With us you will also find an attractive Live Casino Australian Bonus.

Live Chat

Communication in real time with the online casino. The live chat can be accessed directly on the website of the online casinos.


The scope in the live casino. Here you will find an overview of all games.


Signet in the online casino with your credentials.

Loose Slot

Appropriately refers to a slot or slot machine, which has a high RTP value.

Loyalty Bonus

More special Online Casino Australian Bonus For existing customers. Alternative term for Reload Bonus.


A strategy in online casinos and sports betting, in which bets are doubled after lost rounds to compensate for the losses from the preliminary rounds. Ideally, a secure net profit is achieved.


The highest mission you can make in an online casino. With an active bonus, most casinos restrict your use to 5 euros per game round / spin. Without an active bonus, the spiellimits (with slots) and table limits (in the live casino) set the maximum use.


Designates symbols that can land on the field and cover several positions.


Denotes a slot or slot machine with more than one payline.


Minimal use per spin or game round. The minimum inserts vary depending on the style.

mobile Web-App

Designates the mobile version of the desktop website for mobile devices. In contrast to a native Online Casino App No download is required here. Simply enter the name of the online casinos in the browser of your smartphones or tablets to call the mobile version.

Multi-hand games

Online casino games in which players can play more than one hand or leaf at the same time.


Denotes the multiplication of the profits, which are determined by all profit combinations. In bonus or free play rounds, additional multipliers can be collected for higher profits.

Münzwert/Coin Value

Denotes a partial amount set per game round. The overall use is composed of the coin value and the use per line.

Native App

An app for download. Only a few online casinos offer such a stand-alone app for download. Most providers rely on a mobile device desktop website.


Denotes the numbers of roulette, which lie directly next to the number made.

No Deposit Bonus / Gratisbonus

a No deposit Bonus From the online casino, for which no deposit is required.

Non Sticky Bonus

Denotes a bonus type, which can be paid before the necessary conditions of the Non Sticky Casino Australian Bonus were fulfilled.

Outside Bet

Designates use in the outer area of the roulette table. It can be set to the number groups red or black, odd or straight and high or low.


A roulette strategy that sets a simple chance like red or black. For loss, the operating height is not changed. In a profit you leave the use and the previous profit.

If you wins the next round, the use will be deducted - but still 3 times the original insert for the next round remains. It is played as long as a round is lost. The system is less risky as the Martingale system, as the inserts do not increase exponentially.

Pay n Play Casinos

a Pay n Play Casino Is an online casino without registration, because the usual registration is eliminated here. Just log in with his bank details in the casino and can play directly.

Permanence display

Denotes the scoreboard at roulette.


Very popular card game with many different variants. One of the few casino games, where can play a bigger role than luck.

Premium / price

Reward for you players from the online casino. It can be different types of prices.


Denotes the opposite of degression and means increasing missions.

Progressive jackpot

A jackpot, which is "lined" by the inserts of all players and increases with time.

Promotion / Bonus Action.

A bonus campaign provided by the online casino. It can be a welcome bonus, cashback, free spells, tournaments or races. There are also other types of promotions.


Alternative name for game manufacturers from Slots.


Denotes a draw at certain games. For a push, there is the use back. Often occurs at blackjack.

Quick Table

Designates a roulette table with shortened time to set.

Registration / registration

Registration in an online casino. In a special online form, you must enter your personal data as well as name, address, e-mail address or date of birth.

Reload bonus / charging bonus

A deposit bonus for existing customers in an online casino. More info about this Casino Reload Bonus.


The number of horizontal lines in a slot or slot machine.


For some casinos slots, there are Respins after a meticulous combination. RESULINs last until profits are achieved.

Nothing goes anymore

Known expression of roulette. In Australian: nothing works anymore.

Risk option / gamble function

For some online casino slots, you can then risk the profits from a spin in a risk game to win a multiple of it. There are different such functions; From simple coin to the rates of a color.


The number of vertical roles in a slot or slot machine. The symbols appear on the roles.


Very popular casino game in which the factor predominates happiness. Roulette games typically have high RTP values.

RTP value / payout ratio

A percentage of the return, which is distributed from an online casino over time to the players. A distinction is made between payout ratios for individual slots or slot machines and the total value throughout the online casino. In English, RTP stands for Return to Player (repayment to the player).


Designates special symbols that do not necessarily have to appear on an active payline to trigger a bonus round. Mostly at least three scatter symbols must appear to activate the free play or bonus round.

The SIC will

Rather unknown dice game with 3 dice.

Side bet

Designates an extra us when playing in the live casino, which is regarded regardless of the actual hand. It can be set to random events.

Signup Bonus / Annumber Bonus

Alternative name for a welcome bonus - only applies to new customers.

Slot / slot machine

The most popular games in an online casino. There are countless types of slots with different topics and designs. We report regularly neue Casino Slots.

Soft Hand

Designates a hand with blackjack, which contains an ace that counts as eleven. For example, a hand from a five and an ace, which is called eleven county, is called "soft 16".

Spin / game round

A single game round in a slot or slot machine.

Stake / insert

The deduction per game round in an online casino game.

Standing Hand

Designates a hand with blackjack, which is between 17 and 19. Here is the probability of a bus very high. Conservative players are best choose the option "Stand".

Staked Wild-Symbol

Designates a constellation of several wild symbols, which are stacking and expanding on one or more role.

Sticky Bonus

Denotes a bonus type, which can not be paid, as long as the sales requirements have not yet been met.

Sticky Symbole

Designates icons that remain on the field when turning the rollers.

Sticky Walzen

Denotes rollers which snap into place and remain while the others are rotated. Some slot machines have Sticky rolls in the free-play round.

Sticky Wilds

Designates wild symbols that remain on the roll during Respins as long as winning combinations are made.

Stiff Hand

Designates a hand with blackjack, which is either high enough to no longer pull another card. Or is still low enough to pull risks at least one more card.

Straight Up

Designates a single use on only one option, such as an insert to a single number of roulette.


Designates a certain number of colors in the map cover: Heart, Pik, Karo, Cross.

Support / Customer Service

Helpful service in an online casino. You can communicate with trained casinos staff via live chat, e-mail, telephone or social media.


Denotes the pictures on the rollers. The symbols must appear in certain combination on paylines in order to achieve a profit.

Third Base

Colloquially refers to a term in blackjack for the last position in front of the dealer. The player in this position is given a card as the last one.

Tight Slot

Arrangingly refers to a slot or slot machine, which has a low RTP.

Sales requirement / rollover

Every online casino bonus has certain sales requirements. You have to use the preserved bonus money x times in the casino to pay off profits. In English, bonus turnover is also referred to as rollover or wagering.

Sales factor

This value indicates how much of your bonus sales use counts. A revenue factor of 50% means that you have reduced at a use of 10 euros in a game round, 5 euros from the required bonus turnover.

Up Card

Denotes the open card, which is revealed in the dealer.


Designation for additional, optional use of blackjack as soon as the dealer has an ace. For half of the initial use you can buy a hedge if the dealer lands a blackjack. In this case, you will receive a 2: 1 payout of your deployment.

Video Poker

Designates a poker variant that is not played against human players, but against the "computer".

Video slot / slot machine

Denotes a slot without physical roles. Instead, graphics are used to represent the symbols.


Player with high value for an online casino due to regular and high deposits. Such players are offered special VIP programs.

VIP program / loyalty program

A specially developed loyalty program for loyal players. The more frequently you play in an online casino, the more often your special bonuses, free spells or other bonuses will receive. Not every online casino offers


The horizontal rolls in a casino slot or machine game.


If a symbol in slots or slot machines refers to other symbols to enable a profit combination.

Welcome bonus

A bonus offer for New online casinos. There are welcome bonuses with and without deposit as well as entire packages for a certain number of deposits. Also referred to as Signup Bonus or Registration Bonus.

Win Both Ways

Indicates the possibility to achieve profits in both slots in both directions. The paylines do not have to start with the outermost left roll, but also from the outermost right side.

Withdrawal / payout

The lifting of funds from your online casino account. You need - if possible - use the same payment method for the payment as with the deposit.


Denotes the green zero at roulette.

Random Generator (RNG)

The Random Number Generator (Random Number Generator) determines the random principle where the rolls remain with each round of play. It is a software that is provided by the providers to generate random results in online casino games.