lots New online casinos Renoes these days for a classic online casino app for download. The development is not cheap and therefore we praise ourselves the following casino apps - here the providers have no cost spared!

Best casino apps

  • Native Casino App

  • For Android & iOS

  • Fast operation

  • Excellent native app

  • High-quality

  • All functions included

  • Top native App

  • For iOS & Android

  • Almost all games included

  • Class native app

  • Login mit Touch ID/Face ID

  • Multi-Slots spielbar

  • Very good native app

  • Download to the supplier

  • Great design

  • Native app for Android

  • Download to the supplier

  • Great design & very fast

  • Real app for Android

  • Download directly at the provider

  • Very fast & safe

What makes the best Casino app?

To be considered the best casino app, some would have to Important requirements be fulfilled. Below we go to these factors.


The most important point is in our Online Casino comparison the apps the operation. What use other aspects when the Casino app is just annoying by bad operation?

We prefer casino apps that Respond quickly to our entries And also quickly jump back to the previous page. In addition, the Keyboard fast up and close when entering data.

Also, the Search intuitively accessible be. We do not want to unfold menus on top of each other and we can watch. no, here is Tempo and flawless operation asked!


There are countless mobile devices including smartphones, tablets or smartwatches. But Not all models work with all online casino apps.

Here you have to be attentive and first check if the desired casino app with your device is compatible. If you have a modern and newer smartphone, There should be no problems with compatibility.

Owners of older devices do not have this warranty and therefore such users should examine Whether the device works with the Casino App.


The user friendliness can also be found under operation, yet we want emphasize this aspect as a regular casino scooter.

Among them we understand Settings in Casino Appsto make play easier. The best casino app must therefore store our preferences And thus offer us a relaxed experience.

For example, this applies Saved passwords and payment information (But should also optionally be deactivable) or the game history too. We just want ours Find favorite slots immediately can be searched for a long time.


Of course, the security must be given for the title as the best casino app. Therefore, only Serious online casinos By itself, have developed the best casino app.

The Casino App should be available either on the Casinos website (for Android devices) or in the iTunes Store (for iOS devices). In addition, all should Standards of the latest data protection guidelines apply.

And also in the transmission State-of-the-art SSL encryption be applied. The provider of the casino app must of course too Security mechanisms in the server structure note.

Choice of play

Of course, the game offer is an important factor. At Casino Apps, not native, are often missing some casino games. But even with some independent casino apps sometimes missing games in the app.

Therefore, the best casino app has to All games in the app have available. Of course, this does not only apply to slots, but also for Live CasinoGames, bingo variants or sports betting (if any).


The last factor compared to the best casino app are the Functions compared to the desktop version. Are questions about how "is the customer service accessible via app?", "You can see the bonus sales in the app?" or "you can Upload documents directly in the app?“.

The more functions in the casino app exist, the better. Nowadays, many players gamble from mobile devices and do not want to miss a function. Therefore, for the best online casino app, the Number of functions taken into account.

The best casino app - our top 3

To determine the best Casino app, you have to test some casino apps. We have all native casino apps from ours Online casino list Tested and present the top 3 of the best casino apps.

Mr Green App - probably the best casino app!

Attention: MR Green is currently only available for players from Austria!

After our MR Green experiences Can we say with a clear conscience that you are expecting the best Casino app here. The native Casino app can be downloaded directly on the website for Android. User from an iOS device can download the MR Green App directly on iTunes.

The test winner convinces with a superior, award-winning casino app. All games and functions are available - and the Charging speed is very short between the games. In addition, you can easily surf in your account and "My MR Green".

  • Extensive functions
  • Very fast charging times
  • No login necessary (adjustable)
  • intuitive operation
  • Also sitting betting included

DrückGlück Casino App

At our Driers show experiences Have we also tried the independent app. And this did not like that, so we count the push jack app to the best casino apps! Both for Android and iOS devices Can you install the online casino app.

The app is running absolutely Liquid and includes the entire game selection from the desktop version. Switching between the games is as fast as the live casino. And of course, deposits and payouts, the live chat and all account functions - are working - top!

  • Very fast navigation
  • Fast change from slots
  • Live casino with all the tables
  • All account functions are available
  • Bonuses visible in the account

Casinos apps for different operating systems

Meanwhile have Android and iOS enforced as operating systems for mobile devices. BlackBerry and Windows Phone only share a very small market.

No wonder that most providers set at Casino Apps for Android and iOS. Let's look at each other Below Android and iPhone casinos closer and clarify the terms.

Android Casinos

Android casinos are online casinos that allow playing with an Android phone. Almost all providers apply as Android casinos. That should not surprise, because Android is considered the widespread operating system for smartphones and tablets.

How to install a Casino app on an Android device, we will show you in the next section after talking about iPhone casinos.

iPhone Casinos & iPad Casinos

With iPhone casinos we have to make a few smears - There is not always an iPhone Casino app although there is a native app for Android. This also applies to iPad casinos.

Some Alternative Online Australian Casinos Rather rely on Android - for different reasons. Be it due to the higher market share of Android or off Casual, because you need an iOS programmer - iphone casinos are available, but significantly less than Android casinos.

Installation of an online casino app

Let's get to our Step-for instructions for installing an online casino app. We consider the installation separately for Android and iOS.

Step-by-step für Android Casinos

As already mentioned, you will find no Android Casino App in the Play Store, there Google applies a pretty strict policy for gambling apps with real money.

Therefore, you have to go to the respective casino side and the app there Download as APK file. Just follow our step-by-step instructions that apply in every Android Casino:

  1. Gets the website of the casino
  2. Search for the app and download the APK file
  3. If the download does not start, the "Settings" your Android device goes
  4. Selects the item "Security"
  5. Enables the option "Access from unknown sources"
  6. As soon as the download is complete, the app installs
  7. Start the app and log in or create a new account (if your new customer is)

Step-by-step für iPhone Casinos

Owners of an iPhone or iPad have something easier. Usually the desired online casino app is available in the iTunes Store. Just look for the app.

If not, the casino app can be used Download directly on the casino page - The upper instructions for Android follows because the steps are very similar.

The alternative - instant play casinos without download

We have already suggested you - many new casinos do not offer native app for download. Because with the development of a special casino app additional costs Connected are many providers on Instant Play.

So-called web apps in instant play casinos without download allowing the Direct Zocken over the browser. You do not have to download a separate app to constantly maintain updates.

Just call your browser on the smartphone or tablet on navigate to an instant play casino. The browser automatically forwards to the mobile version of the casino page. These are optimized by the developers for smaller screens.

Depending on the size, the Scaled resolution And the Responsive design adapts to the respective screen. In addition, the web app reacts if you keep the smartphone upright or laterally.

The benefits of instant play casino apps are on the hand - you need no big download And do not have to take care of updates for the app. A disadvantage is the a little longer charging times From Instant Casino Apps as well as partly smaller game deals.

Mobile casino bonus per app

Now you are sure if there is a special mobile casino bonus via app. Every now and then casinos have such deals on offer - Currently we can not present you a suitable offer. But let's look at the mobile bonus types and sales conditions for one Online Casino Australian Bonus with app.

Mobile bonus species

Similar to a classic Casino bonus, there is also a mobile casino bonus different types of promotions. Everyone New Casino bonus Hardly different from the app differs from the desktop version. Again, sometimes the entry of one Casino bonus codes required.

Conditions for a mobile casino app bonus

No matter which Casino bonus - whether normal or by app - you have to always pay attention to the bonus conditions. Especially beginners underestimate the rules as well as the associated Restrictions while playing. So if you can really pay off profits from the Casino App Bonus, you should pay attention to the following points.

For beginners we recommend our detailed Online Casino Tips.

  • Sales (not higher than 45x bonus)
  • Timeout (not under 30 days)
  • Profitlimit (if possible no)
  • Maximum use per spin (not less than 5 €)
  • Sales factors (not too many excluded games)
  • Payment method (often Skrill and Neteller)

Mobile payment methods in mobile casinos

A cell phone casino with app also requires mobile Payment methods. We introduce you to some innovative and popular mobile payment methods below.

With these payment services you can Convenient deposits via smartphone or Tablet. In most cases is also one Online casino payout possible with these methods.


In Zimpler Casinos you can use this right new casino payment method. The Swedish payment service is a specialist for mobile payments with the cellphone.

You give in Zimpler casinos Only your mobile number and must enter the verification code (4 digits). Then you select a payment method (for example credit card or even bill) and Fills your account at Zimpler.

After that, the Payment in the online casino app with zimpler respectively. The payment method is beautifully clear, fast and works flawlessly in online casinos - also with a casino app.


A Relatively new mobile payment method for online casinos Is Apple Pay. The payment method is only available Apple users and can not be used with Android devices.

In Apple Pay Casinos Does the modern payment method come more and more in fashion. After and after clicking on casinos your payment portfolio and Accept payments with Apple Pay.

The payment service of Apple Pay works very easy and is set up quickly. And also very safe! You can pay with Apple Pay less in shops, where Never "flow" personal data or information about the credit card. The data remains only on the Apple servers.

Of course you can Use Apple Pay within an online casino app easily. Assuming that the corresponding casino supports payments with Apple's own payment service.

Google Pay

In contrast to Apple Pay is Google Pay in Online Australian Casinos not yet widespread. Currently there is still No Google Pay Casinoin which your mobile payments can make with Google Pay in a casino app.

Nevertheless, we assume that the first online casinos soon recognize the possibility of mobile payments with Google Pay. Similar to Apple Pay are With Google Pay Anonyme payments possible in seconds.

As soon as it gives the first Google Pay Casino in Australia, we will fully report about it. Just look into ours Online Casino News.

Skrill & Neteller

Most Zockers will know Skrill and Neteller. The two ewallets are Very popular online casino payment methods, because payments are also possible in a casino app.

In addition, both Ewallets have a separate app with which you can manage all payments. However, Skrill and Netellers have some disadvantages in use in an online casino app.

Often you receive no bonus If you deposit with one of the two mobile payment methods. Also fall In some casinos fees for deposits and payments an.

There is also also additional fees If you want to pay off money from the Skrill or Neteller account to your credit card or bank account.



Neosurf is a Classic prepaid payment method. You can find the charging code (10 Euro - 100 Euro) to petrol stations or at the kiosk around the corner.

Alternatively, you can Buy pin codes online - You should only do that with officially licensed dealers. As soon as you bought the code, you can easily make the Neosurf deposit in an online casino app.

Although there is not very many Neosurf CasinosBut the Paysafecard as an alternative must attract warmth. The complete free toll makes Neosurf to one Interesting paysafecard alternative in Online Casino Apps.

Casino deposit by phone bill

Of course, a casino deposit by telephone bill sounds tempting for many gamers. Being undertaken Simply play and the amount will be deducted with the next monthly telephone bill from your bank account.

As far as the theory, because in practice there are No casinos with phone bill. At least not in Australian online casinos.

The reasons for this are diverse. The main reason is still clear and comprehensible. Playing on account or telephone bill carries big risksbecause you can do very much Easily lose the overview of spending.

In addition, the online casino also went on Risk a. If your bank account or credit card is not covered, Can not assert the casino the money. And maybe you have already played it. Of course, this is not in the interest of a profitorial online casino.


In Austria, the topic "Casino deposit with mobile" is by the Innovative payment service Paybox has been solved. Originally intended as a payment method for parking, PayBox has more and more enforced with other dealers - even on the Internet.

In Austrian Paybox Casinos payments in the casino app are easily possible on the go. In addition, the novel payment method offers Secure payments because no sensitive data is transmitted. Furthermore, every payment is verified via the phone via SMS.

For our friends from the Alpine Republic we recommend additional Information a guide, such as Online Casino Austria.

Bitcoin and other crypt feeds

Especially Anonymous online casinos Offer the modern crypto currencies for payments online. You can use Bitcoin, Etherum, Ripple or Litecoin in many Bitcoin Casinos pay And that also directly in the casino app!

Of course you need you Access to the Krypto address of your wallet such as at CoinBase. Such crypto wallets also have theirs own appswho can easily download her.

Just enter your bitcoin address and select the desired amount. All crypto payments are made in the casino app Almost in real time And no complex KYC process (verification of the account) is required.

Selection in mobile Casinos - All Games in the Casino App present?

The best casino app has to Ideally, of course, all existing games involve. This applies to all available varieties that the online casino has available. Below we count you All types of play on:

Other features in Online Casino Apps

As already explained above, the best casino apps must have apps All functions from the desktop version contain. These include not only the payment methods or games. We explain in the following sections to which criteria You must also pay attention.

Customer service

An easy-to-reach customer service is for good online casinos obviously duty. But this must also be available in the respective online casino app!

Ideally, there is hardly to be overlooking Live Chat Buttonwhich you can press around the clock. The reaction time should also be limited within the Casino App and as soon as you change the app in the mobile phone, the Live chat not canceled directly become.

That too Open and close the keyboard should work properly. We do not want to receive second delays when entering our data. Also, it should be possible Upload documents and screenshots directly in the live chat to be able to.

Loyalty program

At the loyalty program, we also expect all functions in the online casino app. All available bonus offers should be clearly listed And access should be reached in a few clicks.

Of course, this also concerns the conditions of the bonus. We do not want forever in the terms and conditions for the time Rules for the bonus have to search.

Also the Current Status Don Bonus Assets must be available at any time and shortly. For casinos with gamification elements, a casino app must also do good work - in the next section more.


Many gamification casinos have created an additional area in the account. Here you see yours depending on the provider current level or rank and the rewardswhich are associated with it.

It should also be one Overview of your current missions and challenges as well as your trophies (if available). Even gamification elements in the form of lucky wheels such as the Wheel of Rizk must be present in the best casino apps.

Chance of odds and payout ratio at Casino Apps

How is it actually ordered for the winning opportunities in Online Casino Apps? Well, we can here Immediately provide clarity.

The Chances of winning and payout quotas do not change In the same casino - regardless of whether your laptop or computer calls the desktop version or the casino app on the smartphone.

That's because both the desktop and mobile version in the app Access the same system infrastructure. Thus, the RTP values of slots do not change as soon as they play in the casino app.

Therefore, we can assure you that the Chance opportunities absolutely fair and thus the odds of winning are in the desktop version.

Play for free thanks online casino app

A real money Casino app does not mean that you only need to use real money to gamble in an app. Most Casino apps also offer the demo mode. Just start the desired slot in the lost state and tests the slot machines extensively.

If you Play slots for free would like, you can do that with us. Elsewhere we show you a selection of the best slots that you with us play with play money can.

Alternatively, there are also the Merkur Magic App for downloadwho has long competited with the Novo App. In these apps you can play free casino games. There are exciting Bücher Slots available, but also fans of Fruits slots Come on your costs - but unfortunately not with real money!

Tips for using online casino apps

There are really many useful tips not to report on the use of online casino apps. MAKES THAT YOU Sufficient storage space for upcoming updates have and Secure your smartphone with a password.

Otherwise, the Operation of casino apps very intuitive And you just find you right, if you already know the desktop side of the casino.

Previous and disadvantages for a stand-alone online casino app

The community is split - is one Native Casino app necessary? And if so, for which player type Casino apps make sense? We check the Advantages and disadvantages!

Advantages of an online casino app

  • Larger selection of games
  • All functions available
  • Fast loading times
  • Flotter change between games
  • Login data stored

Disadvantages of an online casino app

  • Installation necessary
  • Requires storage space on the device
  • Maintenance required due to constant updates

Conclusion: That's why real money is worth a casino apps!

Real money Casino Apps are nowadays relatively rare. We presented you in this extensive guide the species of casino apps and the best providers with an independent app.

Ultimately, it's up to you - you want toOfort play without a long registration? Then a casino app makes sense for you. Do you have No desire to download the app and perform updates regularly, then you should play in an instant play casino.

In general, the mobile gambling changes with a casino app not much. The same functions and most of the games Are you available in the Casino app.