The regulation of online casinos in Australia continues progress. Here you know Why there is no live casino anymore And which alternatives there are.

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Were live casinos in Australia completely forbidden?

No! Because By at least July 2022 you can still play legally and easily in live casino. But that's only at certain Casinos without Australian license possible!

Since October 2022, online casinos can apply for the coming Australian license. However, the applicants must be a criterion meet certain conditions and customize your offer.

Unfortunately, this also affects the live casinos in Australia. Because the offer must be from the casinos with the coming Australian license deleted without replacement become! Therefore, well-known providers like Tipico, Bwin, PokerStars or Wondernino no longer have live casino.

Thus, you can only play with providers in the live casino, which are not applicable to the Australian license. These are basically all casinos that hold an alternative license.

Are thus Live casinos forbidden in Australia? No, because as in the years before, the freedom to provide services in the EU. Since it was still still No valid uniform license in Australia gives, foreign casinos may accept Australian players.

Best live casinos for Australia

Well-known providers do not have live casino anymore. Luckily there is in our Online casino list Numerous providers who are not applicable to the Australian license. Most casinos hold a secure MGA licenseBut there are also a few Curacao casinos that are considered serious.

Note: If you are more about the Best live casinos want to know, click on our additional guide.


New online casinos Do not have it easy for the players. It is a pity to return his stem casino to the back and again the Account verification with a new provider Perform. But it's worth it as Amunra shows.

All information about the Newcomer can be found in our Amunra Casino experiences. There are still a few smaller weaknesses, but Amunra has a start Great overall package put on the legs!

Not only the game selection is excellent - it awaits you a big one Casino Australian Bonus Package With 4 offers up to 1,000 euros. If you are not enough, you can rely on numerous other offers.

The provider with Serious EU license from Malta even has a weekly Cashback Bonus to offer. Due to the secure supporting program, we can recommend the Amunra all players looking for a live casino.

The Live Casino at Amunra has a huge selection of LiveTisches. We have in our Online Casino Test Over 250 Live Tables Counted! Of course, the novel live game shows like Deal Or No Deal and Crazy Time are of course. Top!

Casino Heroes

No live casino more in Australia? Not at Casino Heroes! There are the 75 Live Tables Includes popular live casino playing like blackjack or roulette. Also Baccarat and Game Shows are to be found.

In our Casino Heroes experiences We were also surprised by the innovative playful elements. The core also consists of a card that you as in a video game as a kind of adventure Experience.

While Struggled against end opponents and collects rubieswho can be exchanged in the shop. Casino Heroes is one of the best Gamification Casinos and offers a single experience!

For new customers, the welcome bonus is also interesting. Casino Heroes has one Non Sticky Bonus at the beginning! You only play with the deposit and at one Profit can be paid immediately.

If you have that Online Casino Money Completely loses, the bonus is only available and sales begins. That is, so to speak Joker bonus, who only applies to the case, if you have the real money bad luck. Very customer friendly!

Light Casino

Another newcomer with live casino for Australian players is Light Casino. Although live casinos were abolished in Australia due to the upcoming regulation, you can still Legal blackjack and roulette gamble.

The selection includes around the 70 Live Tables And there are also Baccarat and Poker. Of course, there is also Game Shows wie Deal or No Deal. These shows even have their own category.

Another is the Live Casino Australian Bonus in Form eines Cashbacks. You can have a reimbursement of losses in the live casino in the amount of 10% to 150 euros Secure - and every week!

In our Light casino experiences Is there more information about the top newcomer. We transparently report on the (excellent) payment policy and put the First-class game selection in front.

Further regulations from July 2022

The live casino is no longer available in Australia, which is already bitter enough. But there are still Many other restrictionswho apply to Australian Casino players in many providers. Many of the new regulations affect Online Slots.

Maximaleinsatz pro Spin

A big drawback is the maximum use per turn, which lies with a Euro. Surely that is Not important for all playersAs most of you play with smaller inserts.

But there is a hook, because Buy free spells You can do this due to this scheme no longer at Tipico and other well-known casinos! The popular feature buy slots are therefore only in Casinos ohne Max Bet to disposal.

5 seconds waiting time at the slotten without autoplay

When playing, there is another aspect that has been fundamentally changed. Namely the Waiting time between the individual spins. This must now be for a whole 5 seconds!

Thus, you have to operate the spin button, wait 5 seconds and then press the spin button again. Unfortunately, almost the Complete action lost, especially since there is no autoplay function anymore. Understandably, players are looking for Online Australian Casinos my Autoplay.

Hence Casinos without 5 seconds rule The advantage that the normal game pleasure is not impaired. Such providers also have one Live Casino on offer.

Monthly deposit limit

The live casino is no longer in Australia and also with slots high scooters have the look. Because it already applies now Deposit limit of 1,000 euros - per month.

However, as with the other changes, this concerns only Casinos with Australian license or the providers who have applied for the upcoming license. There are alternatives in the form of Casinos without limit.

Also note that the Deposit limit for all providers with Australian license applies. In the coming point you will learn how the new regulatory authority ensures this. So it is not possible to pay 1,000 euros each, but overall at all casinoswhere you have an account.

Central authority for regulation

A new State Regulatory Authority is launched, which should monitor the activities of all Australian players. The State thus has access to all your transactions And your game behavior.

Especially for players with negative Schufa, the access to the online gambling is denied. Although we Supporting responsibility with gambling supportIf the state should not serve such a serious how much money a player spends.

Questions and answers about the ban on live casinos in Australia

The new regulations are sometimes not quite clear. Therefore, we have the Key questions collected and answered shortly.

Since October 2022, online casinos can apply for the new Australian license. As a circulation, however, some adjustments are to be implemented. Therefore, live casinos in Australia were abolished for such providers. It is very questionable whether Live Casinos are returned to the offer after July 2022.

Conclusion: It remains exciting!

On the subject of gambling state contract is still not the last word spoken! Some online casinos already defend themselves against the arbitrary changes and deny the legal road.

in our Online Casino comparison Let's keep up to date. Let's see what's going on until July 2022. Because even Some federal states are dissatisfied with the adjustments. Possible is the Gambling agreement fail.