In this post we show you the best monopoly games online and in which online casinos you Monopoly play with real money can. Have fun!

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A few words about monopoly

Monopoly is probably one of the The most famous and most successful board games at all. It is now in numerous variants and pretty much everyone has once played the "original" monopoly, which is not without reason as a paint music test for the Resilience of friendships may apply.

Because a party monopoly can be good and happy some hours Taking, even if the winner is slowly but certainly limits himself after not even half of that time.

What is that after about one third until half of the extended game only one thing has fun. That's the way it is If one of the monopolist is And all others are blessed by him.

Fortunately, there are also ways to play monopoly, without friendships to a heavy sample. Because in some online casinos Slots with the well-known monopoly motif Offered.

And with Monopoly Live, a gambling variant was getting those who turn from the ground up to monopoly and elements from the Best live casinos as well as video game elements together.

Which online casinos offer monopoly games?

Measured by the motif of the monopoly game and its reputation, it is little surprising that it is Various Monopoly Inspired Casino Games gives. Who wants to play Monopoly with real money in the online casino, will find some points where this is possible.

We introduce these in our Online Casino comparison in front!

Be it a variety of popular monopoly slot variants or monopoly live. Just check our above list Serious online casinos Play with Monopoly real money to find.

Which monopoly games can be played online with real money?

As I said, there are several monopoly online slot variants, which of course you can also play with real money. And then there would be said Monopoly live, which is just in the live casino segment for a furore.

Just that Monopoly Live want to bring you better below. New online casinos Most of them offer these monopoly games. What has it on yourself and how is it played?

Monopoly Live – Die innovative Gameshow

Monopoly live is one Money money online casino gameconnecting elements of a live casino with virtual board game. In the main game everything is literally about one Wheel wheel, which is served by a moderator at regular intervals.

As a result, the whole thing has a little the flair of an 80s or 90s game show and comes with a personal touch, therefore, which hopefully bring the fortunate wheel to stand in the weighted position.

The following positions are on the 54 Fields comprehensive fortune wheel to find:

  • On 48 fields spare four numerical values representing bills (1, 2, 5 and 10)
  • 3x the bonus field "2x cubes"
  • 1x the bonus field "4x cubes"
  • 2 event fields

Before every turn, the players get Sufficient opportunity to place your bets. Can be bet on the four numerical values or the bonus fields.

If a bonus field is hit without the need for yourself, you can watch the bonus round, but it does not participate. Only From the event fields you can benefit without having to put on it.

These result either in Cash prices for all players Or in modifiers to the next turn. If you then win, the Multiplies profits with the modifier of the event field.

If the event field is hit several times in a row, multipliers can increase accordingly or multiply a cash price distributed thereby.

When the bonus fields are made, the action changes to virtual bonuspiel.. This represents the originale Monopoly Spielbrett depart, on the Mr. Monopoly (the good, old Rich Uncle Pennybags) turns his laps.

How extensive these fail and where he ends in each case, the skills set in the bonus game. Of course, that depends on the cubes.

Is diced (corresponding to the original) with two dice. Is, depending on the bonus field made twice or four times rolled.

During the bonus rounds money can be won but also lost. Above all, it's about it Setting up modifiers and money prices on the game board.

The values of the cash prices and modifiers made roughly correspond roughly with the value of the roads made.

Monopoly live was by the way of Hasbro, the owner of the rights to Monopoly, co-developed. Since it is essentially a live casino game, are Free demovariation of the game unfortunately not possiblebecause always a moderator is needed for the gameplay.

The RTP of Monopoly Live is at 96,23%. The minimum deployment is 10 cents, the possible maximum use is 100 euros. The maximum profit is 500,000 euros possible.

Monopoly Slots in Online Australian Casinos

Of course, Monopoly is a world-renowned game, since some time has been a nearby motif for various slot adaptations. In the following we want you therefore Annual Monopoly Online Slots Short introduction.

Monopoly Megaways

SlotMonopoly Megaways
ProviderBig Time Gaming
RTP value96,5%
Min.10 Cent
Max insert40 Euro
Free spellsAnd
Max.gewinn14.700 Euro

This game is characterized mainly by two aspects. On the one hand it is a real one Megaways Slot an absolute machine for Thousands of possible winning combinations.

As a result, the thrill is of course big for each spin. And first becomes the Free game function triggered, this tension increases in the immeasurable!

Although there is no traditional jackpot, but the ways for Progressive multipliers and theoretically unlimited free spins paved.

Once you come to the free spells here, it will be dynamic. And also Visually, the Monopoly Feeling is great here And for the purposes of this video slots have been well adapted.

Super Monopoly Money

SlotSuper Monopoly Money
RTP value95,97%
Min.35 Cent
Max insert105 Euro
Free spellsAnd
Roll 5
Max.gewinn200.000 Euro

The Super Monopoly Money Slot offers one Wealth of functions. The wild symbol replaces, for example, the others except bonus, MM bonus, mm wild and free parking, To form profit combinations.

Mm wild replaces all symbols except free parking, but only occurs on roller five. Special attention is paid to the Free parking icon serving as a scatter symbol And already triggered with one or more freely parking symbols on the rolls.

This feature can help with a win Activate free play bonus round or increase existing payouts.

Monopoly Big Event

SlotMonopoly Big Event
RTP value96%
Min.20 Cent
Max insert500 Euro
Free spellsAnd
Max.gewinn250.000 Euro

Monopoly Big Event is the exciting slot game where players have the chance, some really Incredible cash prizes to collect.

This slot is packed with Exciting functions, including so-called "dancing" and "locked" wild, as well as one Free game bonus, which offers many free spins and profit multipliers.

There is even one Bonus guarantee that ensures a minimum number of profits during a bonus round. Collecting 'Big Event' symbols on rollers 1, 3 and 5 solves the name Big Event-Sonderspiel out.

Monopoly Big Money Reel

SlotMonopoly Big Money Reel
RTP value95,95%
Min.40 Cent
Max insert200 Euro
Free spellsAnd
Max.gewinn250.000 Euro

Any combination of five or more monopoly play money watermark allows one Turning on the Name Giving Monopoly Big Money Reel (A kind of virtual lucky wheel). For any type of monopoly money collected, the corresponding Big Money Reel sections receive a multiplier.

The Monopoly Big Money Reel then turns and releases the corresponding bonus if necessary. It can also get a lot! Free game bonus or one Awarding up to 10,000 credits respectively.

The lot! Free play bonus allows 8 turns where the players Before you are prompted, a lot! Select iconwho then reveals a monopoly bill.

After the spin, all watermarked bills, which land on the rollers, converted into the corresponding mistake, marriage Before the next free game, a new bill choosed randomly becomes.

Monopoly Millionaire

SlotMonopoly Millionaire
RTP value95,4%
Min.40 Cent
Max insert100 Euro
Free spellsAnd
Max.gewinn1.000.000 Euro

Here is the name program, because at Monopoly Millionaire one can, mindful of Chance for a million profit, actually become a millionaire. And that regardless of the amount of use!

Unfortunately, this also seals why you will find this special slot only at casinos with deep pockets. Because this Super jackpot is not a progressive jackpot.

Therefore, it can only be Best Online Australian Casinos to offer this real money slot, as not all gambling houses are big enough to pay off a million times just from their own cash registers.

Epic Monopoly II

SlotEpic Monopoly II
RTP value96,01%
Min.50 Cent
Max insert50 Euro
Free spellsAnd
Roll10 (2*5)
Rank17 (5 & 12)
Max.gewinn5.000 Euro

Maybe the optically successful monopoly slot variant! The two EPIC monopoly II rolls, the main roller set and the colossal roller set, each consist of five rolls.

The graphics and symbol renderings are familiar motifs and the background soundtrack plays relaxed, jazzy melodies. Announcements in the style of a game show communicate the game instructionsto complete the monopoly theme.

The two Roller sets are filled with the same symbols, such as the classic monopoly game figures (racing cars, battleship, cylinders and boots).

Monopoly 250K

SlotMonopoly 250K
RTP value95,49%
Min.40 Cent
Max insert100 Euro
Free spellsAnd
Max.gewinn250.000 Euro

This monopoly slot variant comes above all over the bonuses. And there are such some in this game. So many have been Competitive or dynamics of the board game here as smart bonus rounds.

Even the hated "Go to the prison" - field is a bonus here. Anyone who moves to the kittchen must also spin three times the digital cubes.

Succeed the Pasch (which donates freedom in the board game) right in the first start, is that 75 times the insert! Had he in the second attempt, there is at least 25 times the mission and in the third try tenfold.

If no pasch succeeds, the bonus pays off after all five times. This and More bonuses Expect in this successful monopoly online slot variant.

Monopoly – Bring the House down

SlotMonopoly – Bring the House down
RTP value96%
Min.10 Cent
Max insert500 Euro
Free spellsAnd
Max.gewinn250.000 Euro

The Monopoly Bring The House Down Slot is a machine with 40 paylines, 5 rollers and 4 rows that Free and with real missions in online casinos can be played.

Players can bet between 10 cents and 500 euros per round and bonus functions such as free spins, one 5-fold hotel multiplier and enjoy the opportunity Community card chests for larger cash prizes to select.

In this virtual slot version of the classic board game are Fixe Wilds, a Hot Zone and a Big Bet function included. All of this together makes the Monopoly Bring the House Down Slot a fun and varied machine for players of all collar widths.

Conclusion to Monopoly with real money play casinos

As you can see, it is not missing possibilities Monopoly to play with real money. And that without having to set up the game board with his friends and mad earned money.

That would be worrying about the game dynamics of the board game as well as advisable. Not if you pay attention and appreciates his friendships. Instead, the Monopoly game adaptations from the online casinos Handling to allow a hopefully profitable gaming experience.

Be it the diversen Monopoly Slot VariantenWe have not all introduced here or the Monopoly Live Casino game, which brings together in the styles of a gameshow live casino action and board game.