Lotto 6 from 49 Play online - Australia's most famous lottery

Lotto 6 from 49 online playing is very popular, because it is the Australia width lottery first rank. Already since 1955 she is held and the drawing of the lottery numbers was phased a fixed institution on Australian television. Even today, the Lotto numbers according to their draws (twice a week) each in the daily News announced.

Thus, lotto is probably also the form of gambling, which is still the most well-being in this country. The whole thing not least because, because the State and the countries strongly deal with them - In reversal but also need to guarantee the profits.

The game principle at Lotto online play is quite easy to explain. And that's what we will do here below. Furthermore, let's take a look at Theoretical chances of winning online Lotto 6 from 49 and what circumstances lead to forced distributions.

Lotto 6aus49 Play online - 6 numbers for millions

The name is program! It takes "six right" or 6aus49 at the lotto. Whoever has typed the right supernumber, cracks the current jackpot. If this succeeds more than a lottery player at the same time, then the jackpot is shared accordingly. But Even six right without supernumber can already be rich profits bring with you from several hundred thousand euros.

The "6 right" have already found their way in Australian language usage. So one speaks proverbial from "Six right in the lottery" or from the "Sechser in Lotto"If someone has great luck or the entry of an event is considered extremely unlikely ("Rather you have a six in the lottery!"). Here too, it shows that the Since 1955 Lotto game 6aus49 a fixed institution has become a cultural recognition value.

Today you can play Lotto 6aus49 online. The gear to the classic acceptance point is no longer necessary, what Flexibility and convenience Brings. So you can give online filled loop tickets until shortly before the draws and is no longer bound to the opening hours of the shops. Furthermore, one benefits from Automatic winningSo, therefore, do not risk losing his lotto 6aus49 playing ticket in the event.

Lotto 6aus49 can play online at the official providers peak as well as various private providerswho offer (technically) bets on the lottery numbers and, if necessary, guarantee the profit distribution via appropriate insurance. At the official online lotto 6aus49 Guarantee the federal states behind them (which themselves are the main users of the funds paid), on the other hand, the profit distribution. Thus, lotto providers differ from the Best online casinos.

So if you want to play Lotto 6aus49 online, will Numerous options find, where you have to assume that the official providers or the Lotteries companies of the federal states The safest addresses are. Stand for many decades behind the popular and nationwide known lotto online 6aus49 format.

Lotto 6 from 49 odds when playing online

It is also normal for online lotto 6 from 49 that as in one Online Casino comparison the all decisive Question about the earnings rates turns. The main focus of the online lotto 6 of 49 quotas is of course the jackpot. As with all lottery quotas, he is of course in the focus of public interest. To crack him, it needs Six right the correct supernumber. This results in the online lotto 6 from 49 one Chance of winning about 1 to 140 millionto meet this golden combination. Or more precisely, the opportunities 1 are 1 to 139.838.160, for those who want to know it mathematically exactly.

Below we offer all all Online Lotto 6 from 49 odds at a glance:

  • Profit class 1 (6 correct + supernumber) / Chance of win 1 to 139.838.160
  • Profit class 2 (6 correct) / winning chance 1 to 15,537,573
  • Profit class 3 (5 right + supernumber) / winch 1 to 542.008
  • Profit class 4 (5 correct) / winch 1 to 60.223
  • Profit class 5 (4 right + supernumber) / winning chance 1 to 10,324
  • Profit class 6 (4 correct) / winch 1 to 1.147
  • Profit class 7 (3 right + supernumber) / winning chance 1 to 567
  • Profit class 8 (3 right) / winch 1 to 63
  • Profit class 9 (2 right + supernumber) / winning chance 1 to 76

How to see is the staggering of the lottery 6 from 49 Profit grades very simple. It starts from two right supernumber. Then come three right. Then three right with supernumber. Continue with four right ones, which are four right with supernumber - and So the Lotto 6 from 49 winning classes rise in just this mode. Until up to the six right supernumber, the highest winning class representing the jackpot.

A curiosity is that it is mathematically lighterly falls to land a profit in the eighth winning class than one in the ninth (See the odds listed above)! Because in the eighth winning class it needs "only" three right and no supernumber.

The Eighth winning class on online lotto 6 from 49 games thus represents the lowest profit class without supernumber. To make this winning class is more likely than two right with supernumber, if you play all boxes. Because then you have up to twelve occasionsto make real number combinations in the 6 out of 49 online game.

The Super number, on the other hand, is always typed once per bill. This explains the apparent stringer that it is more likely to realize a higher profit in the eighth winning class on online lotto 6 from 49 to realize a higher profit in the eighth winning class.

Lotto 6 from 49 draw on Wednesday and Saturday

Takes on online Lotto 6 from 49 on Wednesday and on Saturday. These Draws are public and all results of lottery drawings are archived. So you can in fact the lottery numbers up to 1955, and thus to the beginning.

According to commissioned professionals make sure that the drawings take place unaffected and obey the random principle. The iconic mixing machine, which mixes the otherwise stored in the vault in the drawings in the drawings and coincidentally, is regularly available in this regard tested on loupe-pure function and maintained accordinglySo that completely randomized and thus valid results are secured at the online lotto 6 from 49 games. Here alone chance decides! Everything is therefore a question of luck or bad luck.

Lotto 6 from 49 rules online

The Rules are very easy to play on online lotto 6 from 49. As with other lotteries, you tap on numbers that can be pulled in a draw. In the case of online lotto 6 from 49 these are Numbers that are between 1 and 49 have to. Pro box on a Lotto playing ticket is thus typing six different numbers from 1 to 49. It can (but not) Up to twelve boxes per sham with different combinations typed become. In addition, you still typed a super number of 0 to 9.

The cost of online lotto 6 from 49 games per box are one euro. In addition, the processing fees for the lottery show come to itself. These are variable and varying from providers to provider or lottery society to lottery society. A Fully completed lottery ticket costs twelve euros processing feeif all twelve boxes are played. Furthermore, there is still the option to go to the additional lottery game 77 (costs 2,50 € additionally) or super 6 (costs € 1.25 additionally additionally).

These Additional lotteries are easier to win, but do not keep so high jackpots ready. Important is that they can really only be booked. So you have to play at least a box in the Lotto Online 6 from 49 and thereby obtain a valid lotion. Because The success in the additional lotteries Super 6 and Game 77 depends on the bill number.

Before we look at these additional lotteries in detail, we come to the online lotto 6 from 49 jackpot to speak. Because Since 2009, it has been determined by law that this jackpot must be distributed from a certain point.

Should it After twelve consecutive draws no winner in the first winning class (Six proper corrective supernumber) give, then it comes in the 13th draw to the online lotto 6 from 49 forced distribution. It means that the hitherto pawned jackpot distributed must become! So if there is no winner in the first winning class in the 13th draw, then the online lottery 6 of 49 jackpot in the second winning class (six right without supernumber) is distributed.

In the previous forced distributions, it was always like that. Theoretically, it would also be possible to win the jackpot in the third or even lower winning class when In the case of forced distribution in the upper classes no winner find. But millions of regular lottery players in Australia alone is extremely unlikely. So far, all online lotto 6 came from 49 winners of forced distributions from the second winning class.

Lotto Super 6 online play

The Lotto Super 6 additional lottery is one of the two fully optional additional lotteries that can be played at an online lotto 6 from 49. You do not have to tap any numbers or the like. Instead, the number of the leeway is used for the winning determination. Of course, millions of regular lottery players arise correspondingly many ticket numbers.

Finally, six numbers are drawn from 0 to 9 in the context of the Super 6 additional lottery. Now it comes with all right-wing plays, which have booked the additional lottery Super 6, on the last six indicators on the ticket. Are these identical to the draw, this corresponds to a profit in the highest profit class and the jackpot is cracked!

Participation in the Additional Lottery Super 6 currently costs € 1.25 and the Chances of winning are as follows:

    • Profit class 1 (6 correct final digits) / Chance of win 1 to 1,000,000
    • Profit class 2 (5 correct final digits) / Chance of win 1 to 111.111
    • Profit class 3 (4 correct final digits) / Chance of win 1 to 11.111
    • Profit class 4 (3 correct final digits) / winning chance 1 to 1.111
    • Profit class 5 (2 correct final digits) / Chance of win 1 to 111
    • Profit class 6 (1 correct final digitor) / Chance of win 1 to 11

How to refrain from this listing already distributed from the first valid final chevroned! Forced distributions are also theoretically conceivable at the Super 6 lottery, but extremely unlikely, since within 13 drawings usually find a regular winner.

Lotto game 77 online play

The Additional Lottery Game 77 is very fast explained because you basically also works like the super 6. Even with her, the final digits of the movement of the movement are used for the winning investigation - if you participate in the game 77 for an extra charge (in the case: 2.50 €). Since now up to seven final digits have to be made, the Jackpot higher, but is of course harder to crack. Otherwise, the quotas are naturally almost identical as the Super 6. It just comes Another winning class.

    • Profit class 1 (7 correct final digits) / Chance of win 1 to 10,000,000
    • Profit class 2 (6 correct final digits) / Chance of win 1 to 1.111.111
    • Profit class 3 (5 correct final digits) / Chance of win 1 to 111.111
    • Profit class 4 (4 correct final digits) / winning chance 1 to 11,111
    • Profit class 5 (3 correct final digits) / Chance of win 1 to 1.111
    • Profit class 6 (2 correct final digits) / winning chance 1 to 111
    • Profit class 7 (1 correct final digit) / Chance of win 1 to 11

Here, too, the profitability decimal is decimal pro profit class. And as with the Super 6 additional lottery already from the first matching final digit profit One - after all with a chance of 1 to 11! Forced distributions already occurred in the game 77, albeit rare.

There - as well as the actual online lotto 6 from 49 games - the upper limit of 12 draws. In the 13th draw, the jackpot grown so far must be cracked, which then Even lower profit classes forcibly win the jackpotIf there is no one in the first winning class in the 13th draw in the game 77. However, this is quite rare.

An advantage in the additional lotteries Super 6 and Game 77 is that in the case of regular jackpot profit hardly has to be sharedSince it is eminently unlikely that two players have identical final digits in the ticket and even both participating in the additional lottery.

Worth knowing about the lottery 6 from 49 Jackpot online

All those who play Lotto 6 from 49 online or traditionally prefer the way to the pickup site, of course, hopefully, if they could not clear the jackpot one day. For whom is the luck of such hold, the or the one Then belongs to the circle of multimillionaires! Although the lottery 6 from 49 quotas compared to other lotteries rather smashed and the Jackpot has been repeated since 2009 by forced distributions (In the euro jackpot, higher jackpots come regularly).

Nevertheless, online Lotto 6 from 49 here is the established lottery, which still Millions of participants weekly Attract. And that for more than half a century now! A time span in which the Jackpot in the lottery 6 made of 49 often cracked Has and has produced various records and statistics. At the end, let's take a look at the Lotto Jackpot at 6 out of 49 so once out of the historical aerial view.

    • Between 1955 and the introduction of the euro, Englishe 6 produced 49 State Chaletians exactly 4,129 D-Mark millionaires!
    • Since the introduction of the euro there was (as of 2021) nearly 1,000 lottomillionaires who could win 6aus49 in Lotto.
    • The average value of the Lotto 6aus49 Jackpot is around 5.24 million euros.
    • The biggest ever accumulated Jackpot of Lottery 6 from 49 brought it to 45,382,458 euros! This jackpot came about when drawing the lottery numbers on December 5, 2007 and was cracked by three players, so everyone could inside around 15 million euros.
    • The largest single win (Say: Jackpot, which was cracked by only one player), brought it to 37,688.291.80 euros and was won on October 7, 2006. He went to North Rhine-Westphalia. The second largest depended by an individual 6 out of 49 Lotto Jackpot was just a narrow behind with 37,050.634.80 euros. This was cracked on 14 May 2016 and went to North Rhine-Westphalia.
    • Also in the game 77, with much better lottery quotas, two-digit million amounts can not be ruled out. There was the record jackpot 11,077,777 euros.
    • Curved 13! The 13 is indeed among the previously mostly drawn numbers in the lotto 6 of 49. Ironically, the 13 is also the number, which was actually drawn in the very first lotto 6 from 49 drawing first. Thus, the 13 is the first ever drawn lottery number of Australian state stalema! This historic first lottery learning took place on October 9, 1955 at 16 o'clock in Hamburg.