Participation in an online casino moved for a long time in a gray zone. Although players from Australia were accepted by online casino providers, but the situation in Australia was never clear despite EU licenses. Whether currently that Play in the online casino legal or not, you will learn in our current report.

Online Casino Legal? Legal situation for online casinos in Australia

In 2021, the regulation of Australian online casinos progresses

Many of you certainly face the question of whether online casinos are allowed in Australia or not. When it came to Australian online casinos, Namely missing a federal regulation. One exception is the only the state of Schleswig-Holstein, which had already adopted a separate casino license a few years ago.

This should now change at the latest from July 2021. In Australia, it was decided that one uniform Australian gambling agreement adopted will be recognized in each of the 16 federal states. Casino providers already had the opportunity to apply for the online casino Australia license. The transitional regulations up to the final license came into force in October 2020.

If you want to operate a completely legal online casino in Australia as a casino operator, you had to have some Changes in the game portfolio make. At this point, we also want to inform you that is not basically All online casinos have decided for this path. There are several scenarios that we would like to imagine at this point.

On the one hand, there are online casinos that would like to have a Australian casino license in the future and have already implemented the transitional arrangements early. This is also mandatory, Since not basically all casino providers will receive a Australian license. All providers who want to offer their casino offer completely legal in Australia are forced to acknowledge these rules and take the changes.

Under the online casinos as well as the casino fans, however, caused this for one Right earthquake. Several suppliers that have been one of the most popular platforms for years, retired completely from the Australian Casino Market. As one of the most popular examples for this is probably the Big Player Mr. Green to name, which could look back in Australia on a huge customer base. Several online casinos therefore allow No registration of Australian customersWhat led to incomprehension and head shaking among many Australian casino players.

To the biggest restrictions is without a doubt of Elimination of the table games as well as live casino games. For providers who want to work with the Australian license in the future, you can not rely on the popular classic roulette, blackjack and baccarat since last year. Unfortunately, this is true for all Jackpot slot machines. As a Australian player, you can not handle famous slots like Mega Moolah or Divine Fortune after the great profits. In addition to classic slot machines and regular Online Slots Only rubbellosis and poker are allowed. You ask you now why poker is not affected by these restrictions? This is related to that Poker in Australia officially recognized as a board game and not as gambling is.

The other category includes the Online casinos without Australian license. These providers continue to allow registrations of customers from Australia. There are several operators who continue to EU licenses from Malta or Gibraltar feature. However, most of this casino provider has a Casino license from Curacao. This includes several Bitcoin Casinoswho still accept Australian customers.

New rules in Australian online casinos

In addition to the elimination of the table games, live casino games and jackpots, there is still Some other changeswho come into force in the Australian online casinos through the uniform Australian gambling arrangements. At this point, we now explain the most important new rules so that you know exactly what will expect you in the future in online casinos with Australian license.

5 seconds waiting time

Infographic for casinos without 5 seconds waiting time

The largest part of the portfolio in an online casino has experienced the exciting slot machines and slots. In the Australian online casinos you can also be inspired by many exciting machine games. However, you have to take an important change in purchase.

Between the individual spins, a waiting time of a total of 5 seconds must now pass. When you have made a spin, the Spinbutton freezes after the round for a total of five seconds. In addition, it is no longer possible to turn on Turbo mode. From the regulation of the 5 seconds waiting time is also affected by the general autoplay function!

Therefore, it is no longer possible to set 100 car spins, for example, and in the meantime to leave your screen. Now it is required Manually execute each single spin And thereby accepting an annoying 5 seconds waiting time. This regulation applies to all online slot machines. It does not matter if it is a slot with special features and bonus functions or whether you participate in a classic retro machine game.

At this point you will now ask you for sure where exactly the meaning is behind this scheme? Officially it says that the 5 seconds waiting time between the individual spins has been introduced to a online slot machine for player protection. This should be something as a player Win time to think And do not dare uncontrollably on a slot. It says that the players can easily lose control of their missions and their own game behavior without waiting time.

For this reason, the legislator has kept it necessary to introduce a temporal interruption to the online Australian slots between the individual rounds. Whether this can really protect in practice from uncontrolled inserts, of course, remains to be seen. In any case, several casino fans are already reported that the Play flow significantly delayed And also the game pleasure at the slot machines in an online casino is reduced. In Online casinos without 5 seconds waiting time On the other hand, you can play very classically.

Deposit limit

Another big restriction in casinos with future Australian license has been made in terms of deposit limits. So far, there was no problem for you, even higher four-digit or even five-digit sums in an online casino. It was not uncommon that you may include 5,000 euros or higher amounts per transaction on your Casino Account.

However, the regulations from the new Australian Gambling Act report that for Australian players now Deposit limit of a maximum of 1,000 euros per month The Casino Account applies. In addition, you can transfer a maximum of up to 500 euros per transaction to your account.

It is completely irrelevant whether your personal checking account, with your credit card or also via an e-wallet provider deposit on your account. For the hobby player, deposits of up to 1,000 euros per month will certainly be sufficient. Real high scooters, which, however, regularly play particularly high sums in an online casino, will certainly no longer get along.

Again, the legislator has the Player protection clearly brought to the fore. As a result, the overhesions of the players are to be avoided and gambling pleasures should be protected against too high deposits in an online casino.

The deposit limit is generally valid for all players who have registered with a Australian address in an online casino with Australian license. It does not matter even if you have previously achieved a particularly high profit. The deposit limit of 1,000 euros remains in any case persisting - except of course at Online casinos without limit.


Book of Dead and Co. have a 1 € limit per shoot in Australian casinos

In online casino Australia, however, it does not only have to accept limits for your monthly deposits. Also for the different slot machines and slots there are now certain upper limits. At the machine games you can now only one Maximum use of 1 Euro per round place.

This is certainly one of the most powerful incisions, as it was easily possible in the past to use amounts from well over 100 euros in a round. From this dramatic step, in our opinion, however, Not only hit highhrers affectedbut also the regular casino players who would like to dare a few euros on a slot machine.

For beginners and hobby players, who only want to play in the small cent area, this may not be more tragic. However, this remains to mention that the free demo mode, which you have to use so far with numerous providers even without registration, also drops. Thus, this restriction is not only for high scooters, but also for the normal players among you a more or less big annoyance.

Thus, for example no longer possible to pursue a progressive application strategy at the various slot machines and slots. Because with a ceiling of only 1 Euro certainly the most thought-out system on the slot machines quickly encourages its limits.

This is partly on a great incomprehension, as many casino players have been sworn for progressive missions for year and day. This can be used optimally namely winning phases. On the other hand, it is possible through a progressive application strategy, To cushion loss phases as well as possible. Through this strong limitation, however, there is hardly any room for progressive systems in online casino Australia. There are then Online casinos without 1 € limit Suitable.

That makes legal online casinos!

Of course, we always recommend you to sign up exclusively in legal and secure online casinos. In this way you can make sure that payouts are quickly transferred to you and there is no further complications. But what do you actually recognize a legal and secure online casino? In the following section we offer you some important clues, through which you certainly Serious online casinos Filter by a few steps!


Legal online casinos are in any case equipped with a valid license for online casino games. In this context, we recommend you, reinforced Valid EU licenses from Malta and Gibraltar to set. Namely, the European Casino licenses are spent on serious operators.

The corresponding online casino providers are also controlled at regular intervals of different regulatory instances. For example, the payout quotas for the casino games are checked. Thus, you can be sure that all information of the truth will meet and not led her with false payout rates behind light.

Reliable casinos with a valid license also make you a lot of secure and established Payment methods available. If payment agents such as Trustly, Klarna, Skrill and Netellers are available, these are always very good criteria to recognize a legal online casino.

In addition to the current Casino licenses from Malta and Gibraltar, the Casino License from the United Kingdom is also available for very high level of security. The previously valid Australian license from the state government from Schleswig-Holstein was always a good recognition feature for a secure provider.

In addition, there is also the Casino license from CuracaoFor example, many Bitcoin casinos for themselves use. Of course, the Curacao license is not basically an indicator of a dubious provider. Nevertheless, you should definitely look at online casinos, which have no valid EU license, will definitely look twice.

Basically, we advise you from a registration in an online casino, which has no license. This laughs and was open the doors and it's just a matter of time before you Payment in the online casino is denied. This is our experience after no later than the case when it comes to quite high payouts.


A legal online casino is characterized by seriousness in many important criteria. In addition to a valid license, the Quality of customer service Always an important identifier. Support in an online casino should always be able to achieve on many different channels. It is absolutely important that you can reach the customer service by e-mail as well as in the live chat.

Deposits and payouts are ideally offered without further transaction fees for you. Especially with the payouts, it is important that they are not deleted gorexy. Serious casinos with Australian license also lead the Verification process quickly and purposefully by. Only in dubious online casinos a verification is deleted flowlessly to deny any payouts with a threadbare reason.

Safe means of payment for deposits and payouts of course round off the seriousness in an online casino. If you want to find out the seriousness of a casino, we also recommend the test reports and experiences with us in Casino center. We regularly take the online casinos for you with the magnifying glass to provide you with a comprehensive overview.

Our findings are based on Real practical experiencesSo that you will receive an accurate impression on the respective online casino from our casino experts before a possible registration!

These legal online playclos are good

If you want to register in an online casino Australia, you are exactly right with us! We have tested several Australian online casinos for you and tested for heart and kidneys. Here you will now find the best three providers, which we can recommend you without hesitation for a registration. Here you can expect Fantastic game offerSo that you can enjoy a real Las Vegas Feeling in your own home!


PlatinCasino is already an established provider in the market of European online casinos. The provider convinces through security and seriousness and offers you one Fantastic selection of interesting playclothes play.

At Platincasino you can go to a fantastic offer of far More than 2,000 different games To fall back on. The slot machines and slots at Platincasino are composed of developments of many top providers such as Netent, Microgaming, Play'n Go and Gamomat.

In addition, Platincasino is also an excellent address if you want to be inspired by the classic Merkur's slot machines. The Merkur Slots You will find even in your own category at Platincasino. Therefore, you can be released at PLATINCASININ in time and leave the good old playclothes classics again!

In addition, PLATINCASININA is pamping directly at the start with an attractive welcome bonus, which you should not miss in our opinion. Through the Bonus code Welcome can you for your first transaction for a new account at Platincasino a fascinating deposit bonus worth 100% up to 100 euros to back up.

For your first deposit you will receive another 30 free spins next to this welcome bonus, which you for the slot machines Book of Dead can use. Your second as well as your third deposit will also be rewarded with other deposit bonuses, so we can classify this offer of PlatinCasino as very lucrative and customer-friendly.

Here you reach our Platincasino Test.


Of course, when it comes to online casino Australia, there is no way past Wonderino. Wondernino is in the Australian-speaking area namely one of the most famous online recordings. The provider could already Through numerous TV advertising clips great popularity win.

Wondernino convinces with one Genial game selectionthrough which you can experience the maximum game fun. With over 1,000 different machine games for you with wondernino with certainty the right slot. The portfolio of Wondernino's slot machines is composed, among other things, from machines of the provider Netent, Play'n Go and Microgaming.

With regard to the available bonus actions, you will not be neglected at Wondernino. For a small deposit of only 10 euros you can then start with a total of 50 euros in your adventure at Wondernino. This rich 400% Bonus If you do not miss you!

In addition to this deposit bonus, you will receive another 30 free spells at Wondernino, which you can use after your wishes for the slot machines Starburst, Lights or Aloha. The bonus offers for the 2nd and 3rd deposit can also be seen at Wondernino. Here are waving you namely Deposit offers worth up to 200 euros or up to 500 euros!

Here you reach our Wondernino test.


Krückglück is one of the absolutely reputable addresses and already has a valid license for online playclothes games from the state government from Schleswig-Holstein. At Hückglück you can get from a brilliant selection of far More than 1,800 different games be delighted. Many first-class providers such as Netent and Microgaming are combined with a roof at a roof!

As a new customer you can at hook luck up to 750 euros on bonus credit and another 70 free spins pick up. However, with your qualifying deposit, however, should be considered to use the bonus code gloss. In addition, Schwucklück delights through one Attractive VIP programthrough which your loyalty points can collect and exchange them against other offers.

In addition, Hückglück is known to spend daily new actions, so especially the bonus hunters among you will certainly come to your expense. In addition, Hückglück has an excellent AppYou can download completely free in the AppStore for your iPhone or iPad for free. Thus, you can also enjoy the entire game pleasure from Krückglück to mobile and completely independent of location.

Here you reach our DrückGlück Test.

FAQs on online casino Australia Legal

Especially due to the upcoming regulation of online casinos in Australia, there are always open questions. Therefore, we have one Short FAQ to the legal casinos online collected.

The Australian license for online casino games is valid from July 2021. Since October 2020, however, a transitional phase is already valid. Applicants for the Australian Casino License had to do some changes in their portfolio during this time.

Conclusion to legal casinos in Australia

The federal regulation for Australian online casinos enters into force in July 2021. However, this is for casino players with a residence in Australia with some Dramatic restrictions connected. Especially the elimination of the table games and live casino games encounters great incomprehension. In addition, Australian casino fans must accept strong limits regarding their monthly deposits as well as the maximum bets on the slots and slot machines.

First of all, this serves the player protection. On the other hand, these are Changes to Rigoros and significantly reduces the game pleasure. Through the 5 seconds rule and the elimination of the autoplay function, especially the game flow is disturbed at the slot machines. Nevertheless, legal online casinos in Australia offer safe and serious gaming pleasure, so that you should not necessarily be ignored the respective providers.