The dream of all players is a jackpot profit. With Jackpot Slots you can follow the dream of huge profits. Where your jackpot will find slot machines and which slots with jackpot are best, you will learn here!

Note: Jackpot slots are only available in Online casinos without Australian license!

New Jackpot Slots - Best New Progressive Slots

Classic Jackpot slot machines are known to you. Therefore, we show you directly new jackpot slots! neue Slots Are very popular with some players, because "felt" are more profits possible here, as many gamers do not know these new jackpot slots.

Mega Moolah Absolootly Mad

The Jackpot Slot Mega Moolah knows her safe and the popular slot we introduce you to the best jackpot slot machines. With Mega Moolah Absolootly Mad there are Since mid-2022 a new jackpot slot of microgamingwho created in cooperation with the Triple Edge Studios.

As well as the original you will find one quite low RTP value of 92.02%However, the focus is on the Gigantic jackpot in millions. As soon as you reach the jackpot round, the thrill rises!

SlotMega Moolah Absolootly Mad
Released on05.05.2020
RTP value92,02%
ProviderMicrogaming | Triple Edge
Minimum20 Cent
Peak50 €
Maximum win2.343x insert

There are overall 4 jackpot stepsBut only the mega jackpot will win win in millions! This new jackpot slot can be found among others at the Amunra Casino.

Great Rhino

From the popular slot machine manufacturer Pragmatic Play there is also a fairly new Jackpot slot. Great Rhino but differs from classic jackpot slot machines.

Here you will receive when triggering one of the two jackpot levels Guaranteed 500 times your mission. However, the multiplier in the jackpot round can rise to fabulous 6.242x And give you gigantic profits!

SlotGreat Rhino
Released on29.07.2020
RTP value96,53%
ProviderPragmatic Play
Minimum20 Cent
Peak100 €
Maximum win6.242x insert
CasinoCasino Heroes

The strength of Great Rhino is mainly based on the For jackpot slots unusually high RTP value of 96.53%.

No wonder, because here are Unfortunately, profits in millions only with higher missions possible. However, if you are looking for a jackpot slots, which has a medium volatility, is very well served with Great Rhino!

10.001 Nights

Another new Jackpot Slot is 10.001 nights from Red Tiger. The jackpot slot machine convinces with a good RTP value of 95.73% and even offers one Daily Must Drop Jackpot.

Maximum is Profit of over 10,000x possible! This means that you have to place for profits in millions as well as large bets.

Slot10.001 Nights
Released on26.11.2020
RTP value95,73%
ProviderRed Tiger
Minimum10 Cent
Maximum win10.347x insert
CasinoCasino Heroes

Vegas Night Life

Netent has another new Jackpot Slot. This listens to the name Vegas Night Life and impresses with one RTP value of 96%. The Mega Jackpot is not in the millions of millions, yet you can here up to 1,000x win.

SlotVegas Night Life
Released on16.10.2020
RTP value96%
Minimum20 Cent
Maximum win1,000x insert
CasinoGoPro Casino

For example, you can play this new jackpot slot machines in the GoPro Casino. If you do not know the promising provider, a look at our GoPro Casino experiences.

African Legends

The Slingshot Studios Have developed another jackpot slot in cooperation with microgaming. African Legends is waiting with a very big marjor jackpot and an RTP value of 94.92%.

This jackpot slot machine depends mainly on purists, because the 5 × 3 grid with the 243 paylines we know from classic Fruits slots.

SlotAfrican Legends
Released on22.09.2020
RTP value94,92%
ProviderSlingshot Studios
Minimum25 Cent
Maximum win1,200x insert

At Amunra you can play this slot with Jackpot and on one Maximum profit of 1,200x to hope.

The best jackpot slots of all time

Now you know the latest and hottest jackpot slots. But what about the classics? Do not worry, The best jackpot slots Let's introduce you now below!

Mega Moolah

The classic Jackpot Slot Mega Moolah by Microgaming offers you 4 different jackpots. The main profit for the highest jackpot is always in millions!

However, these high profit opportunities have their price, because the RTP value is only 88.12%! Therefore, you should know exactly what you are setting up here. Larger interim gains are quite rare!

SlotMega Moolah
RTP value88,12%
Minimum5 Cent
Maximum winAbout 17 million €

For example, you can play the classic in the Amunra Casino. Even with this progressive jackpot slot, only Bitcoin Casinos and casinos without a license in Australia like Amunra offer the slot.

Divine Fortune

Another classic jackpot slot is Divine Fortune From Netent. The Popular slot machine with jackpot Kidnap to Greek mythology and offers one Strong RTP value of 96.59%.

The minimum feed rate is only 20 cents per spin and you can also clear the jackpot with the smallest use. More specifically, there are 3 different jackpots - Minor, Major and Mega.

SlotDivine Fortune
RTP value96,59%
Minimum20 Cent
Maximum win640.000 € (record gain)
CasinoGoPro Casino

The slot can be found in some online casinos - we recommend the GoPro Casino. Here you can Depending on the application height huge jackpot amounts win. Of course, only if the luck stands aside and collects all coins in the bonus game.

Mega Fortune

Another jackpot slot of Netent? Yes, you are right! Also Mega Fortune is Many players certainly well known. Nevertheless, we show the advantages of this slot machine with progressive jackpot.

First of all you have to be 3 Get bonus iconsto get into the bonus round. Here it is about Bike to stop at the right momentto get to the high profits.

SlotMega Fortune
RTP value96,60%
Minimum25 Cent
Maximum win100.000€
CasinoCasino Heroes

Due to the regulation of the Australian online casino market, you can be Mega Fortune in just a few casinos. This includes the innovative supplier Casino Heroes.

Hall of Gods

And another jackpot slot of Netent! With Hall of Gods, you can also clear gigantic profits in millions. The Good RTP value of 95.50% Also, ensures some profits in between.

The grid is Classic with 3 rows and 5 rolls occupied. And the 20 paylines resemble the popular Bücher Slots. In addition, newcomers can first try 20 cents per spin here.

SlotHall of Gods
RTP value95,50%
Minimum20 Cent
Maximum winOver 7 million €

Also Hall of Gods is no longer available in all online casinos. We recommend you the modern Lightcasino, because here not only a serious supporting program, but also many types of one Online Casino Australian Bonus.

Arabian Nights

The list of the best jackpot slots completes Further slot machine from Netent. Arabian Nights regularly provides a very high jackpot profit.

And also the RTP value of 95.60% Can be seen for a slot machine with Jackpot! However, the slot is primary purists recommended that it is actually about one Classic slot acts.

SlotArabian Nights
RTP value95,60%
Minimum10 Cent
Peak200 €
Maximum winAbout 5 million €
CasinoCasino Heroes

As with the most featured Jackpot Slots, Arabian Nights is unfortunately not for all providers from our Online Casino comparison available. We recommend the fantastic casino heroes!

Best casinos for jackpot slots

If you Best Online Australian Casinos For Jackpot Slots seeks, you must note that such Jackpot games are no longer available in all casinos.

Most casinos that will endeavor 2022 for a Australian license, Do not offer jackpot slot machines anymore! Therefore, we have some for you New online casinos Selected with jackpot slots.


Let's start with the Excellent newcomer Amunra. Already during our detailed Amunra Casino experiences Could we convince ourselves of the seriousness and quality of the provider.

Amunra is licensed by the Maltese gambling authority MGA and offers you an excellent game selection. You can also one Casino Australian Bonus Package secure up to 1,000 euros!

  • Circa 200 Jackpot Slots
  • Serious provider with MGA license
  • Big bonus package
  • Very big game selection
  • Very good live casino
  • Toll-free payments
  • Exciting loyalty program

Light Casino

Also the Light Casino is one Excellent newcomer In the world of online casinos. Throw at a look at our Light casino experiences - Here we tested the casino on heart and kidneys.

If New Casino bonus Of interest is for you, then you are exactly right here. There are numerous actions and the seriousness is also given by the MGA license. In addition, a Top Live Casino Ready for exploring!

  • About 25 jackpot slots
  • High roller bonus up to 500 €
  • Numerous other high bonuses & cashbacks
  • Very good game selection
  • Serious MGA license
  • Excellent live casino
  • Top Support
  • High Roller VIP-Programm

Casino Heroes

At our Casino Heroes experiences we did not come out of astonishment. The reason for this is that Innovative adventure including treasure hunt And fight against end opponents.

The Gamification Casino holds some more surprises, such as Shop system with points, ready. In addition, the unique flash mode For players recommend that fast spins prefer.

  • Circa 50 Jackpot Slots
  • Fantastic adventure like a video game
  • Exciting treasure hunt
  • Great game selection
  • Exklusiver Blitzmodus.
  • Fast payouts
  • 24/7 Top Support

What are Jackpot Slots & which species are there?

Jackpot slots are Special slot machines in online casinos who have huge profit opportunities. For most jackpot slot machines, you can achieve gigantic profits in millions!

It is important to know that Not all online casinos offer such jackpot automatic games. In addition, the respective jackpot slots differ from each other.

Below we also show the Annual Types of Jackpot Slots and like this Online Slots function concretely.

Lokale Jackpot Slots

At local jackpot slots, the Jackpot pool lined only from the players of this particular casino. Thus, low jackpot sums are to be expected here Only a few players with their missions contribute to the jackpot.

Daily jackpots also play an important role here, which we will introduce below. Nevertheless, there is a look at local jackpot slot machines, as the The main profit can only be won by players in this casino.

Globale Jackpot Slots

In the global jackpot slots "Feeding" players from all online casinos the prize pool. Percentage includes all missions to the Jackpot, which is thus growing further.

In contrast to the local Jackpot slots, can Players worldwide and win a global jackpot in all casinos. Thus, the opportunities are more commonly seen lower to get the main profit.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive Jackpot Slots are slot machines where the Jackpot amount is growing furtheruntil a happy player takes the main win home.

The Inserts of all players are considered a certain percentage And the corresponding amount is added to the jackpot. The same are the Highest profits in online casinos possible.

Feste Jackpot Slots

In a fixed jackpot slot machines carry the Use of the players not to the total amount. Such slots have already installed a concrete jackpot amount in the game.

In this type of jackpot games, the developers regulate the RTP values and the profit distribution so that after some time permanently predefined amount is distributed to the lucky winner.

Slots with several jackpots

There are also certain types of slots that have several jackpots on offer. Depending on the operating height, the amount of the jackpot amount varies and includes multiple stages.

Classic representatives of slots with several jackpots offer directly 4 steps that can trigger her depending on the gameplay. Some Jackpot Slots rule that so that there is either a special bonus round or you Secure one of the jackpots during the basic game can.

Daily Jackpot Drop

One last type of Jackpot slot machines are the Daily Jackpot Drops. It refers to Special slots in which the jackpot is guaranteed to be distributed at a certain time.

To do this, you have to play the slot quite normal and if you come to the bonus round and the time almost expired, you can hope for high profits - because this always has to be triggered before the time limit!

What do you have to pay attention to Jackpot Slots?

Jackpot slots must be aware that the Profit probability quite low is. So do not just leave you from the naked profit sum to play at this slot.

You also have the respective RTP value and the volatility of the slots. Because most Jackpot slots usually throw out no major profits in the basic game.

Your goal must be as early as possible to activate the bonus round And hope for happiness. Be sure to have a loss limit And also hold it!

Because nothing would be bitter than his To lose total credit in a slot machine with jackpot And only to wait for the main profit.

Disadvantages of Jackpot Slots

  • Most very volatile
  • Lower RTP value
  • Hardly higher intermediate profits

Closing word: Jackpot slots are perfect for ...

We indicate it open - the Probability with a jackpot slot to achieve high profits in millions, is quite low! Only the few people will ever crack a jackpot.

But Play online lottery Looks the situation similar and yet many people cheerfully buy lottery. Because Who does not play, who can not win.

You should be aware that most jackpot automatic games one comparatively small RTP value exhibit. Therefore, your Jackpot Slots should really play only to get a high profit.

The Most jackpot slots are just very volatile - Either her cracks the ultimate jackpot or her loses your money completely. There are hardly any steps available. That must be aware of gambling! In other advice, we show you Slots with high variance.