Most players prefer small missions in casinos. But there are players who like to gamble with higher inserts. For this one is a High Roller Casino Australian Bonus interessant. We show you, which VIP Casino bonus profitable Is!

High Roller Casino Australian Bonus
5 bonuses up to 1.500 €

  • Rollover: 30x Bonus

  • Time limit: 90 days

  • Maximum use: 10 €

100% bis 500€ + 120 Free Spins

  • Rollover: 30x Bonus

  • Time limit: 30 days

  • Maximum use: 5 €

100% bis 300€ + 50 Free Spins

  • Rollover: 35x Bonus

  • Time limit: 21 days

  • Maximum use: 4 €

4 Boni to 1,500 € + 150 Free Spins

  • Rollover: 35x Bonus

  • Timeout: 7 days

  • Maximum use: 5 €

100% bis 1.000€ + 40 Free Spins

  • Rollover: 35x Bonus

  • Timeout: 7 days

  • Maximum use: 5 €

3 bonuses up to 1,000 €

  • Rollover: 35x Bonus

  • Time limit: 10 days

  • Maximum use: 2 €

4 Boni to 1,500 € + 300 Free Spins

  • Rollover: 40x Bonus

  • Time limit: 14 days

  • Maximum use: 5 €

4 Boni to 1,000 € + 300 Free Spins

  • Rollover: 40x Bonus

  • Time limit: 14 days

  • Maximum use: 5 €

4 Boni to 1,000 € + 200 free spins

  • Rollover: 40x Bonus

  • Time limit: 14 days

  • Maximum use: 5 €

4 Boni to 1,000 € + 50 Free Spins

  • Rollover: 40x Bonus

  • Time limit: 14 days

  • Maximum use: 5 €

4 Boni to 1,000 € + 1,000 Free Spins

  • Rollover: 50x Bonus

  • Time limit: 21 days

  • Maximum use: 3 €

100% bis 750€ + 70 Free Spins

  • Rollover: 30x (Deposit + Bonus)

  • Time limit: 30 days

  • Maximum use: 5 €

100% bis 300€ + 120 Free Spins

  • Rollover: 30x (Deposit + Bonus)

  • Time limit: 10 days

  • Maximum use: 5 €

100% bis 500€ Bonus + 200 Free Spins

  • Rollover: 35x (Deposit + Bonus)

  • Time limit: 10 days

  • Maximum use: 5 €

Best High Roller Casino Australian Bonus in the short check

A classic Online Casino Australian Bonus is often interesting for high scooters if it is a higher amount. Therefore, we made the trouble and the Highest high roller bonuses collected. Have fun with the top 3!


The Highest High Roller Casino Australian Bonus is currently available at Playamo. You can be a high VIP bonus in the amount of the first deposit 50% up to 2,000 euros to back up! Just use the Code Highroller At the deposit.

This high roller bonus is really just for players who make high deposits and assignments, because the Online Casino Minimum Deposit Is whopping 1,000 euros! Below is all the details about this VIP bonus:

Bonus50% to 2,000 €
Bonus codeHighroller
Minimum deposit1.000€
Optimum deposit4.000€
Excluded paymentsNo
sales50x Bonus
time limit30 days
Headstone set per spin5€
Maximum winNo limit

During our Playamo experiences We were able to collect positive impressions predominantly. The serious provider With one of the better Curacao licenses is generally well suited for high scooters, because the limits up are very generous.

The Bitcoin Casino Also convinces with a huge choice of choice, an excellent live casino and 24/7 support. Of course you can here with crypto currencies such as Bitcoin in and out. All in all a highly recommended high scooter casino!

  • Gigantic game selection
  • Perfect for high scooters
  • Super fast payouts
  • Excellent live casino
  • Around the clock Support
  • Bitcoin available


The Serious online casino Krußglück also has a good high roller bonus to offer. This is 100% to 750 euros and is available with the bonus code DG750. Just enter the deposit - otherwise you will receive the classic offer.

The Minimum deposit is only 20 eurosso that Low Roller can also benefit from this offer. However, when turnover, a little bit of the ghosts argue, because the High Roller Bonus must be implemented 30 times together with the deposit.

Bonus100% to 750 €
Bonus codeDG750
Minimum deposit20€
Optimum deposit750€
Excluded paymentsNo
sales30x (Einz. + Bonus)
time limit30 days
Headstone set per spin5€
Maximum winNo limit

If you do not know the provider, then we recommend our Driers show experiences. Not for nothing the casino is very popular with many players. Here is a very Serious supporting program with strong licenses on you!

In many categories of ours Online Casino Test Cut off the opponent very well. For high scooters, the High limits and customer-friendly payment methods. Shooting a look at Hückglück - you will not regret it!

  • Excellent game selection
  • Toll-free payments
  • Fast payouts
  • Many payment methods
  • Very serious licenses
  • Strong Australian support
  • Good loyalty program
  • Native app for iOS & Android

Light Casino

lots New online casinos are less popular with high scooters. But every now and then there are new high scooters casinos that are worth a look. Such a serious provider is Light Casino - here you will receive one 100% to 500 Euro High Roller Bonus.

Although the timeout with 10 days is slightly tight, the terms of sales are feasible. The Bonus and the deposit must be implemented together 30 times, whereby a maximum use of 5 euros per spin applies.

Bonus100% to 500 €
Bonus code
Minimum deposit20€
Optimum deposit500€
Excluded paymentsSkrill | Neteller
sales30x (Einz. + Bonus)
time limit10 days
Headstone set per spin5€
Maximum winNo limit

At our Light casino experiences We have noticed many positive characteristics of the young provider. Not for nothing we have one Give a good review. On the one hand, the serious MGA license convinces.

Sure, Light Casino is one of the Casinos without Australian license. This means that the provider is not applicable to the new license. Accordingly, you will find here continue the best live casino games as well Jackpot Slots.

There is also one 50% to 700 Euro Reload bonus for the 2nd deposit. The same conditions apply to sales as the welcome bonus for high scooters. Convince yourself, because we have in ours Online Casino comparison Hardly better new providers found!

  • Numerous other high bonuses & cashbacks
  • Very good game selection
  • Serious MGA license
  • Excellent live casino
  • Top Support
  • High Roller VIP-Programm

You have to pay attention to a high roller bonus

Even players who like to place high bets take care of the bonus conditions. In fact, the more applies to a high roller casino bonus.

Because it would be a pity if you achieve a gigantic profit and in Online Casino Money can not pay off because you violate certain rules have.

Therefore, we show you All important factors and rules with a high roller bonus. Always pay attention to these aspects, because only so you can play carefree in the casino!


Of course, sales are the Main criterion for a high scooter casino bonus. Because the pure amount required for sales often decides whether you can successfully implement the bonus.

The turnover is important to distinguish whether only the high roller bonus or the corresponding deposit must be implemented. This makes a big difference as the following sample calculation shows.

example 1: High roller bonus from 100% to 1,000 euros must be implemented 35 times (only bonus amount). Thus, the required turnover is 1,000 euros * 35 = 35.000 Euro.

Example 2: High roller bonus from 100% to 1,000 euros must be implemented 25 times (deposit and bonus). Thus, you have to provide the following sales: 2,000 euros * 25 = 50.000 Euro.

As you can see, Sounds the high roller bonus better in Example 2 at first glance. But since the deposit must be implemented here, the matter looks different. Of course the high roller bonus from example 1 is better!

Sales factor

The Sales factors for different players Also decide whether a high scooter casino bonus is suitable for you or not. Because the sales factor indicates to which share your assignments apply to bonus sales.

Often counting Inserts in live casinos only to a small percentage of sales. And exactly that increases the actually bonus sales! Therefore, you should pay attention to whether you can gamble all the games and how high the sales factor is each.

time limit

The time limit is well only in a few cases really important With a high roller bonus. If you invest so much money, you will also want to gamble for a long time.

Nevertheless, you should always look for a look at the timeout at all high roller bonuses. Some casinos only grant you scarce limit And if the turnover is highly scheduled, you should be the Bonus sales well plan.

It would be too bad if you have already made a big part of the bonus turnover and already had some profits. But then you do not play for a few days and forget that the time limit was only 7 days. Then you will All online casinos Cancel profits!

Maximum use

A very important aspect for a good high scooter casino bonus is the maximum insert per spin. You should by no means exceed this amountBecause otherwise you will lose the bonus and all gains made.

Most high roller bonuses offered by us write a maximum of 5 euros per spin. However, if you are looking for offers in which the Maximum insert higher is, we recommend the following bonuses. However, it is about Rather smaller bonus amounts:

  • 888 Slots - 100% to 140 € - Maximum use: 10 €
  • ComeOn - 400% to 40 € - Maximum use: 8 €
  • Mobilautomaten - 200% up to 20 € - maximum use: 8 €

Maximum win

a often underestimated criticism For a good high roller bonus. To reassure: most high roller bonuses have no profit fluithitation. But every now and then there is Duriously online casinos that set a maximum profit.

If you do not pay attention and how an offer is blindly activated, then you could unpleasant surprise expect. Because you should land a huge profit and successfully implement the high roller bonus, will you Difference between profit and predetermined maximum profit deducted!

After all, the Maximum profit Not for Jackpot games. If you clear a jackpot and give it a maximum win with the bonus, do not worry. Because the respective slot machines manufacturer or provider guarantees for the payout From Jackpot win!

Payment methods

For a high scooter casino bonus you also have a look at the offered Casino payment methods throw. As a rule are also High roller bonuses not with Skrill or Neteller compatible.

So if you want to carry out a deposit with one of the two ewallets, then you have to Check if the payment methods for the bonus are entitled.

Otherwise you can choose any payment method. However, if you have the Online casino payout If you want to get a suitable method already for the deposit.

Because the Payment must be done with the same method as for the deposit. We recommend you for good payment modalities definitely Trustly Casinos.

additional conditions

So much more must not be considered in a high roller bonus. However, we would like to draw attention to that sometimes a more special Casino bonus code necessary is.

You usually give it directly at the deposit a. Then the high roller bonus is credited directly to the deposit. In doing cases, however, the Customer service ed become.

In this case you should by no means starting playing before the bonus is credited. On the other hand, there could be problems and you do not receive the desired high scooter casino bonus!

More interesting bonus types for high scooters

A classic bonus is not the only way to gamble high in the casino. There is on the one hand Further special bonuses for the 1st deposits. On the other hand, there are also interesting offers for existing customers. Below we show you Interesting bonus offers for high scooters.

200% Bonus

At a 200% Bonus Casino Is it a classic welcome bonus for new customers. Only with the difference that you do not receive 50% or 100% on the deposit amount.

With a 200% high roller bonus, your Deposit even doubled! For example, if you deposit 100 euros, you will receive 200 euros directly and can start with a credit of 300 euros!

400% Bonus

And also one 400% Bonus Casino Supplies your deposit - And even 4 times! So if you deposit 100 euros at a corresponding offer, you will receive 400 euros.

Your casino adventure will start you with a bankroll of 500 euros - and you have Only 100 euros! Sure - not every high scooter will be happy about such a quote, because the Sales conditions are sometimes smoke!

Non Sticky Bonus

A very interesting bonus for high scooters! Because with a Non Sticky Casino Australian Bonus You play first with the paid money. If you end up a satisfactory profit, you can pay off at any time!

Sounds too good to be true? Naves! Because the Non Sticky Bonus is simply serving as a kind of joker. This bonus is credited first as soon as you paid offices completely playful have.

Then the actual bonus sales starts and you can do one Bonus as ace in the sleeve see. Either you wins directly with your real money - or you can hope for a profit with the Joker bonus on a profit with payout!

Cashback Bonus

a Cashback Casino Australian Bonus is also interesting for high scooters. Once you play with your paid-in money and you have to not worry about the conditions of a bonus.

However, if you are playing the entire balance, you can get a cashback bonus. This serves as A kind of money back offer, in which you will sometimes reimburse your losses.

As a rule, there is between 5% and 20% of the lost money back. The special feature is that you have the preserved bonus Implement only once must, before a payout of the remaining goods can be possible.

Reload Bonus

a Reload Casino Australian Bonus is aimed at players who are already at least one deposit in the casino made to have. Not many casinos have such a bonus on offer.

Because the Conditions usually correspond to those of the regular welcome bonus for new customers. These bonuses are known so as constructed so that the conditions are moderate to convince new players from the casino.

And there are Special reload bonuses for high scooterswhere the maximum bonus amount can be very high. Online casinos often have special divisions that such Bonus offers based on your activity prepare for you.

Bonus Package

For high scooters is often not only a bonus attractive. How about a whole Casino Australian Bonus Package? There are there Firmly defined bonus offers for the first deposits In a casino. Thus, High Roller immediately know what offers you can safely get in this particular casino.

So can be one Develop good strategy, because if you have completely lost the first 2 bonuses, you can take more risk with the 3rd or 4th bonus and possibly compensate for the previous losses.

With high scooters, bonus offers are not always attractive. Because often you receive Offers based on your previous profits or losses. So if you have paid a good profit with the 1st bonus, is one New Casino bonus Rather unrealistic.

With a specified bonus package, that can However, Casino does not defend that you receive another bonus. And that, although you have already paid a handsome sum!

Gamification Bonus / VIP

In Gamification Casinos There are also worthwhile high scooter bonuses. Depending on the type of playful elements for regular customers, there are Different offers.

Let's get rising faster in the level in which your high bets placed. Sometimes you get higher-quality bonuses in a fortune wheel or higher-quality Free Spins.

lots Alternative Online Australian Casinos Also offer special VIP programs for high scooters. Through your inserts, your points collect and can do so rise in the VIP rank.

As a reward then wait Special bonus for high scooters or a high number of free games. But there are also numerous subject-bonuses or Travel gifts such as and invitations to events.

Live Casino Australian Bonus

For friends of live games, there are also some offers for high scooters. One Live Casino Australian Bonus Of course, you only find with providers who have a live casino at the start.

Due to the Upcoming regulation by the state gambling contract Do not offer all casinos a live area. Therefore Bonuses for the Best live casinos always rare.

Closing word: High Roller Casino Australian Bonus is good for ...

Actually all players! Unless the minimum deposit is so high that is really Only high scooters can be cared for such a supply. And there are some of them!

We showed you which High Roller Casino Australian Bonus is good and what criteria you pay attention to. But not only high scooter bonuses are attractive - as well numerous actions for loyal players noteworthy!