The Comeon Casino stands for innovation, because the provider has one Exciting social slot concept developed. A professional casino streamer invites you to play with him for real money. How does that work, we reveal in this guide!

What is Comeon Wespin?

The Next Level of Casino Streaming

In the Comeon Casino there is a new feature called Wespin, with which the provider The Next Level of Online Casino Streaming promises. This is a social function in which one Casino Streamer with you slots slots.

Wespin Spectators of Casino Streams invited to play. You buys you in the buy-in menu and can play with the streamer at certain times. As soon as the streamer lands a big profit, you can benefit from it.

During the gambling you can at the same time communicate with the streamer and the other players via live chat. Thus, a strong sense of community comes up by all players pressing their thumbs and fingers with the streamer.

How do I win with Wespin at Comeon?

So the Wespin lobby looks at Comeon

you First, pay a buy-in at the desired height And qualify for the Wespin game session. The Minimum use for most lobbies is 20 euroswhile the maximum deployment is 150 euros. By the way, the buy-in can be Cancel anytime before the start of the stream.

By the way, you can see In the lobby of the offered streams all details. Of course, the date as well as the time the action starts and how long it will take. In addition, the language, the number of players with buy-in and the Total amount of all buy-ins. And last but not least the planned game.

In the lobby you can then Discuss strategies and tactics when starting the stream. The Buy-in all players will then be transferred to the Wespin credit And the action starts.

So the stream looks at Wespin

As soon as the stream is officially finished, the current total amount shared by all players. In fact according to your buy-ins. For this we give you directly fictitious example.

  1. You bought you for 200 euros.
  2. The total amount of all buy-ins is 4,000 euros, which means that you are involved with 4%.
  3. The streamer selects a use of 40 euros per spin.
  4. Thus, your personal commitment is 2 euros.

During the game, you can always take a look at a displaywho do you current share of the total amount indicates. In addition, the total gains or losses of the game session are displayed.

Further details on the conditions You can read in the next section.

Conditions for participation in Wespin

There are Some simple rules at Wespin Note from Comeon. As already explained, you will receive your share of buy-ins as soon as the session has ended. This is given for each lobby. It can also be that the Streamer earlier stops, if many players wishes.

The Height of the use depends on the total balance and the type. Professional Streamer knows the games well and calculate operational strategies based on the existing credit. Unfortunately, you can not intervene here.

As soon as the game session is over, you will authorized directly to the COMEON account. For profits to one Online casino payout Of course, you have to have a verified account. There's of course no turnover!

In addition, you should Decorate in live chat behavior. You are registered in your Comeon account and your Username is visible to all. Therefore, violations of the Terms of Use such as using Schimpfordords could even become one Closure of your COMEON accounts to lead!

Advantages and disadvantages of Wespin

Now she understands the concept of Wespin and knows that these Unique feature only in the Comeon Casino gives! Let's throw on the advantages and disadvantages shortly.


  • Higher missions possible thanks to buy-in other players
  • Higher missions enable much higher profits
  • Exciting community factor
  • Players no longer look at the streamer
  • Extra prices during the stream


  • Current streams only in English
  • No influence on selected games
  • No influence on application height

Can I become a streamer for COMEON myself?

Casino Streamer wanted!

In short - yes! In our extensive article about Online Casino Streamer Let's go for detail what you need to stream yourself.

Comeon calls with the Wespin even to promote you as a streamer. During the research on this article we also found that currently not many streams occur.

Therefore, the great chance is to become a casino streamer at COMEON. According to the Wespin website you only need something experiences and an already existing presence. Simply reach your application with all necessary information. And who knows, maybe we'll see you soon at Comeon in the stream!

How good is the Comeon Casino?

The ComeOn Group has for a long time for innovative ideas. The company behind the Comeon Casino has started a few years ago first on gamification.

For both sports betting and the casino there is one Point system and a built-in shop. What is not really new today, the COMEON Group is due to the Comeon Group.

In our Comeon experiences Let's go more detailed on the Bonusshop. It was only told at this point that Wespin is not the first innovation of this company.

Overall we have Good impressions collected at Comeon. The reputable provider convinces in most categories of our Online Casino Test.

Strengths of Comeon

  • Serious and renowned provider
  • Two strong bonuses to choose from
  • Over 1,000 games
  • Very good betting incl. Sportwetten Bonus
  • Many payment methods
  • Innovative point system
  • Points shop with many prizes

Weaknesses of Comeon

  • Sales for Bonus casino slightly
  • Fees for some payment methods

Conclusion: So innovative gambling must look like!

We would have such an innovative ideas for New online casinos Take! The serious provider of Comeon has a real wonder weapon in the hand with which the Scene of Casino Streams revolutionized becomes.

But also the Further development of online casinos is praising here. We preach at Casino Center for a long time - we need innovative ideas in the scene!

Gamification Casinos Were a good start, but the social aspect of Wespin continues a level. The Concept of social slots brings the community closer together And bring online casinos from the Schmuddeleck.

We hope that Add more suppliers to such ingenious concepts And have the courage to surprise us players with new ideas!