With the upcoming regulation of online casinos in Australia grows the fear of players. The state will have a central commission, which will lead a registration register. We see that very critical, which is why we are here Casinos without lock file Imagine and explain all backgrounds.

Casinos without lock file

  • Young casino without lock file

  • No acquisition in the reporting register

  • Starkes Live Casino

  • No acquisition in the register

  • Serious company

  • No 5 seconds rule & autoplay

  • New casino without lock file

  • No acquisition by the state

  • Live casino for Australian players

Why is there a lock file for online casinos?

In 2020, "finally" movement came to the painful topic of uniform Regulation of online gambling in Australia. It seemed that the politicians finally have proven themselves with a solution.

A number of measures have been developed that online casinos had to consider to be able to apply for the coming Australian license. This includes one Central authoritywho ensures that the casinos stick to the new rules.

As a result, most providers from ours Online casino list switch. Because the measures can be quite called drastically. Before we to the other new rules Let's get the best providers without lock file.

Best casinos without registration

In the following we introduce you directly 3 casinos without lock file or registration register. Each of this provider is one Casino without Australian licensebecause these casinos have decided against the coming Australian license and operate with Licenses from abroad.


The currently best casino without registration register or lock file is Wazamba. The colorful online casino Does not provide any data to the new gambling authority in Australia.

Fortunately, there are none of the other new rules here. During our Wazamba experiences we could collect many positive impressions from the Curacao provider and praise us high seriousness.

If you are looking for a secure casino without lock file, your Wazamba should definitely give a chance. Because the numerous benefits Can absolutely see!

  • High welcome bonus
  • Very good game selection
  • No 5 seconds rule
  • No Max Bet per spin
  • Top Live Casino
  • Many payment methods
  • Toll-free payments
  • 24/7 Support
  • Bombastic loyalty program


Another top casino without a registration name is called Amunra. The young casino has a license of Malta Gaming Authority and is considered one of the best newcomers.

We have a Amunra Casino experiences Collected and recommend the provider as a very good casino without lock file. The newcomer has not only advertised for the Australian license and therefore does not transmit any data to the new authority in Australia.

Of course, Amunra must therefore Do not pay attention to the new rules. Accordingly, there is a (excellent) live casino, no limits and restrictions while playing as well as the popular autoplay function.

  • Serious provider with MGA license
  • Big bonus package
  • Very big game selection
  • Very good live casino
  • Toll-free payments
  • Fair odds
  • Exciting loyalty program


Some New online casinos have advertised directly for the new Australian license. Not so the Lightcasino, because the Newcomer completely dispenses with the new rules.

During our Light casino experiences So we could gamble in the live casino and there were no restrictions like the 5 seconds waiting time.

Therefore, the Light Casino does not transmit any data to the new federal authority. You are with it Completely freed from the interventions of the new legislation. Here are the further advantages:

  • High roller bonus up to 500 €
  • Numerous other high bonuses & cashbacks
  • Very good game selection
  • Serious MGA license
  • Excellent live casino
  • Top Support
  • High Roller VIP-Programm

Other new rules in online casinos

The Central Gambling Authority and Report Register is not the only one New rule for online casinos in Australia. The "creativity" of the forces in the background were no limits. It has also been recently known that a 5.3% gambling tax is charged. We therefore advise one to one Casino without tax.

We have in our big one Online Casino comparison Already presented the new rules. Most of the measures are simply absurd and spoil the game fun complete!

5 seconds waiting time

The most annoying change is the 5-second waiting time Online Slots. Who has you feel like waiting for every turn for 5 seconds? Especially since there is no autoplay anymore. Of course, players are increasingly looking for Casinos without 5 seconds rule.

This new casino rule has nothing to do with the well-meant player protection. Here is such massively intervened in the gaming experience that the full fun is lost!

1€ Maximaleinsatz pro Spin

Another violent procedure refers to the insert limit at the slotten. Casinos with a detector prevent higher missions When playing and limit the maximum use to 1 Euro.

Therefore, it is clear that some players after a Online casino without 1 € limit Apply, since here is massively intervened in the decision-making violence.

This also includes the Monthly deposit limit of 1,000 euros. These two new rules are certainly faster for most players. High roller wish then but then Casino without limit.

No live casino

Another absurd new rule concerns the live casino - there is No more live casino! Of course, this also affects only the providers who decide for the Australian license.

Fortunately, there are still good provider with a live casino. There are even a few providers who have one Live Casino Australian Bonus to offer.

Here you will find the current Best live casinos For Australian players.

Questions and answers about the Casino Detector Register

Always reach us Questions about Online Casino Detector Register. We have answered these shortly, so you are informed immediately about the changes.

Due to the upcoming regulation of online gambling, a central gambling authority was launched. This should ensure that online casinos with Australian license hold to the new rules. All the activities of the players are recorded and a lock file is created - for example, if the default deposit limit of 1,000 euros has been reached.

Closing word: Casinos without lock file are supported!

Well, what should we say? We are still shocked about it, why the new rules were agreed at all. The Measures are very dramatically and promote the player protection only slightly.

Much more Australian casino players have to have one Immenschen greater monitoring Fear through the registration register. There is no wonder many players looking for casinos without lock file or too Bitcoin Casinos switch.