From 1 July 2021, the new gambling contract should come into force. Australian casino players must therefore prepare for some changes. In this article, we explain everything about the upcoming gaming tax of 5.3% and show the Best online casinos without taxes.

Casinos without tax

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  • Live casino available

  • No limit for deposits

  • No tax by RTP change

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  • No deposit limit & no Max Bet

  • Innovative casino without taxes

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Why is the online gaming tax?

So it's time - the legislation has decided. From July 2021 the new state gambling contract applies. And go Numerous changes Here, to which the Australian casino players have to get used to first. An important change concerns the so-called gaming tax.

For Online Slots And poker must therefore play a player from July Sales tax of 5.3% pay. The tax will be not deducted from the use or profithow we are used to be used by sports betting. Unfortunately, this approach does not work so easily in online casinos.

Instead, the slot machines manufacturers are well Turn the RTP values of the games and reduce the payout ratio. If the player can not pay the tax itself and the casino wants to take over the costs, another way must be made.

This is of course very a pity and the player has to pay for the additional costs. For example, it becomes Slot with high RTP From 96% in the future only a payout ratio of just over 90% have! There is probably not surprising that players are becoming more and more looking for online casinos without gambling tax.

Top casinos without tax

So we come directly to the casino without tax. All providers presented here are among the Casinos without Australian licensebecause no application was submitted and the product is still unchanged. So there is no new rules here.

By July 2021, players from Australia can completely legally and safely gamble. But as soon as the new State Treaty enters into force, these providers are officially considered illegal. The pages are then locked by geblocking and only reachable via VPN from Australia be.


One of the best online casinos without taxes is currently the excellent lightcasino. The right New online casino renounces the Australian license and therefore becomes Do not pay taxes to the state. Thus, there are none of the new rules and therefore no restrictions while playing.

If you want to read more about the provider, we recommend you our Lightcasino experiences. The newcomer has earned the very good rating rightly, because of game selection to the bonus offers almost everything is right here! Subsequently one Short listing of the advantages:

  • High roller bonus up to 500 €
  • Numerous other high bonuses & cashbacks
  • Very good game selection
  • Serious MGA license
  • Excellent live casino
  • Top Support
  • High Roller VIP-Programm


Another newcomer under the casinos without taxes is Amunra. The young online casino has already been popular with many players and ours Amunra experiences confirm this. Like the other casinos in the list, Amunra has dispensed with the application for the Australian license.

Instead, the newcomer operates with a reputable EU license from Malta. And of course, there is none of the new annoying rules. Here you can still completely Classic with autoplay gambling And also a very good live casino is available. Convince yourself:

  • Serious provider with MGA license
  • Big bonus package
  • Very big game selection
  • Very good live casino
  • Toll-free payments
  • Fair odds
  • Exciting loyalty program

Casino Heroes

The last provider in our list of online casinos without 5.3% tax listens to the name Casino Heroes. And the heroes have us in ours Casino Heroes experiences Definitely surprised! Because the exciting concept in the form of a video game is certainly not known to everyone.

The Gamification Casino Namely offers an innovative adventure and is therefore absolutely unique! You fight here against an end opponent and collects rewards in the form of free spins or diamonds that you can sweep in the shop. Perfect for many players!

  • Fantastic adventure like a video game
  • Exciting treasure hunt
  • Great game selection
  • Exklusiver Blitzmodus.
  • Fast payouts
  • 24/7 Top Support

More new rules in online casinos

The gaming tax is far from the only one (negative) change. All casinos Namely, with the new Australian licenses Many other measures implementto be legally compliant for the new regulation. Below we show the important new rules.

5 seconds waiting time

One of the most severe changes is the Artificial delay between spins at slots. After each spin there is a 5-second waiting time - annoying is hardly feeling! What this regulation should do with the protection of the players to do not oppose us.

Much more will Significantly intervened in the functioning of slot machines - And as I said, without promoting the responsible games. It is therefore no wonder that many players on Casinos without 5 seconds rule put.

Autoplay away

In addition to the waiting time, unfortunately, the autoplay function was deleted without replacement. Now you have to seriously Press the spin button every 5 seconds - just laughable! Again, we do not understand the benefit. They wanted to annoy millions of players (mission meets!).

If you prefer leaning back relaxed and watch the rollers when turning, recommend it Casinos my autoplay. With these providers, the autoplay is very classically available and you do not have to move every 5 seconds for a click.

Max Bet

Another change concerns the maximum use of the slots. This was limited to 1 euroWhat makes high scooters above all. If players are used to playing with higher amounts, this rule is of course anything but pleasing.

Although only the fewest players gamble with higher amounts, but in conjunction with the other indensities could be more and more Casinos without 1 Euro limit be popular. If you have enough money, you should also decide yourself how much he wants to risk in the casino.

Deposit limit

Speaking of independent decisions - this also applies to the monthly deposit limit of 1,000 euros. Sure, the argument for player protection lights up here. But again it is measured with two degree. Because for an unemployed are 1,000 euros a lot of money! And these can be worn monthly.

For a rich businessman this is Limit hardly relevant. Therefore, the question arises what this regulation should bring. Not much of our opinion, because players have always been on Casinos without limit Interested. The deposit limit ensures that more and more players just migrate.

No live casino

It was not for a long time! Because unfortunately it became the Busy Casino abolished. Do not ask why, because there is no logical answer. The new regulations should be officially guaranteed player protection - why slots are allowed, but the live casino is not, of course, is not to be understood.

After all, the online casinos without controlling the live casino in the portfolio. There are even some providers who Live Casino Australian Bonus have on offer. So the Live Casino has not completely disappeared, but at Casinos with Australian license you have to roulette, blackjack and co. dispense!


Last but not least, you have to know that it is one Central gambling commission in Australia will give. This regulatory authority will lead a central lock file and thus have insight into all your game activities - for all Australian online casinos!

If you do not feel like the state oversees your own activities online gambling should Casinos without lock file Consider. These providers renounce the new license and continues to operate completely without intervention by the state.

FAQs to online casinos without taxes

The theme around casinos without gambling tax is quite new and the Legal situation not easy to check out. Therefore, we have created a short FAQ for you - we clarify the most important questions about the casino tax!

From 1 July 2021, the new gambling contract enters into force and a 5.3% sales tax will be due on all missions in online casinos. The tax revenues flow to the Australian state and the monopoly of the local gaming halls is also put online on the legs.

Conclusion for online gaming tax 2021

Well, what's up to us? The new Gambling contract And the associated changes make players hard to create. And as soon as from July 2021 the gaming tax is applied, you have to go on Significantly worse RTP values to adjust.

We are convinced that the regulated market has to accept significant losses. In contrast, it will More and more online casinos without taxes give - similar to the betting providers the case. After all, you decides even what is more important to you.