The state regulation of online casinos in Australia continues progress. In mid 2022, there should be an official Australian license. But many players have the planned changes not at all. Therefore, we show you which Online casinos without Australian license Safe and serious are!

Casinos without Australian license

  • Serious, newer casino

  • Very many bonus offers

  • Innovative loyalty program

  • Excellent live casino

  • Many high roller bonuses

  • High Roller VIP-Programm

  • Mix from casino & video game

  • Great game selection

  • Fast payouts

  • No 5 seconds rule

  • Serious MGA license

  • No deposit limit & no Max Bet

  • No 5 seconds rule

  • Live Casino & Jackpot Slots

  • No deposit limit & no Max Bet

  • Excellent game selection

  • Excellent payout quotas

  • Supercharged for higher profits

Why do not these casinos apply to a Australian license?

From mid-December 2022, these guidelines apply For casinos, which applies to a Australian license. Of these, some providers are in our Online casino list affected.

But the Most providers will renounce the new Australian license and your offer continues to run under an alternative license. This means not that you are helplessly delivered to an online casino without Australian licensing. Again, there are strict regulations!

Speaking of strict rules - that's the reason why not all online casinos have applied for a Australian license or will be. The numerous drastic measures Ensure great displeasure with the players.

Let's take a look at the Concrete changes for online casinos with Australian license an:

  • 1,000 euros deposit limit per month for all casinos
  • Central authority, which collect all data about the player (here Casinos without lock file Find)
  • 1 Euro maximum use per spin
  • Each spin lasts at least 5 seconds
  • No autoplay function more
  • Waiting time when switching to other areas like poker
  • No more live casino
  • Temporarily no table games more
  • Temporary no Jackpot Slots more
  • Anonymous paysafecard no longer available
  • Advertising ban between 6 and 21 o'clock
  • Gambling tax of 5.3% (here Casinos without taxes Find)

The specifications are frightening, right? In particular, collecting data may For reasons of player protection useful be. Nevertheless, you must remember that the State accurate information about your game behavior logged.

For example, the applies Monthly deposit limit for all casinos! So you can invest a maximum of 1,000 euros per month in gambling. This is not a problem for most players, but High scooters have a serious problem here.

So Anonymous online casinos always in demand, because with these you come As far as possible without lengthy verification out. If you do not feel like online casinos with Australian license, then look at the following Types of casinos without Australian license at. Or yard direct a look at the Casinos without 5 seconds rule.

Benefits of online casinos without Australian license

Now you know the reasons why online casinos without Australian license becomes more comfortable. Seröse Online Australian Casinos are also represented here!

Before we come to the concrete licenses, we show you the benefits of casinos without a license in Australia. These points were for a course of course, but due to the upcoming regulation no longer given in many casinos:

  • Serious thanks to EU license
  • Free and better game selection
  • Live casino
  • Action pure thanks to car pin & flash mode
  • High use limit
  • Jackpot slots for huge profits
  • More payment methods
  • Better bonus offers
  • Gamification-Elemente

Regulation of online casinos without Australian license

Now it is clear, the online casinos presented above are otherwise regulated. You certainly know some alternative licenses and have for years for such vendors. Unless you live in Schleswig-Holstein, because the SH license only affected players from this state.

Malta Gaming Authority

The Malta Gaming Authority is the well-known EU license. The small Mediterranean island has been the Mecca of the online gambling for years. The High standards for player protection have contributed significantly to the success of the Maltese regulatory authority.

In addition, a license from the MGA financially not easy to handle and the provider must Note numerous regulatory guidelines. For example, Company and customer funds on separate bank accounts being held.

In case of bankruptcy then your funds are protected And the provider is also obliged to pay off your credit. That makes MGA casinos to the Best alternatives for online casinos with Australian license.

UK Gambling Commission

Another serious regulatory authority is the UK Gambling Commission. The United Kingdom authority authority for online gambling is as well as renowned like the MGA.

However, many providers are rather than the MGA license, especially in the course of Brexit. It is still not clear to what extent the location of online casinos in the United Kingdom is changing after Brexit.

The safer way is for many New online casinos Therefore, the license from Malta. Nevertheless, the UK Gambling Commission is praised praised. The Standards are the MGA license in nothing after!

Gibraltar Gambling Commission

Another reliable license comes from the small state of Gibraltar. The Gibraltar Gambling Commission As is the same as the European colleagues for one Transparent and fair regulation of online casinos.

While this is Find license from Gibraltar rarerNevertheless, it is good feature for the seriousness. There are namely European standards in terms of money laundering and privacy To use.

Due to the Belonging to Great Britain However, the question of Brexit introduces itself. Once Great Britain finally leaves the EU legal area, could Some adjustments relating to the regulation of online casinos respectively.

Curacao eGaming

The small Caribbean State of Curacao is even Several licenses for online casinos out. And that's exactly the problem, because Some of the licenses are highly questionable.

But there is there reputable suppliers from the authority Curacao eGaming be regulated. Therefore, you should definitely differentiate with a license from Curacao, because not all providers are automatically dubious.

However, it should also be noted that thereby No EU directives must be observed. So most Curacao casinos are not Just customer friendly to the topic of player protection.

The settings for self-exclusion or deposit limits are often not available in your account. You have to customer service and ask formally.

Are online casinos without Australian license?

Yes and no! Looking at the Australian legislation, then online gambling is officially not permitted. But the providers of online casinos are committed to the freedom to provide services within the European Union.

Due to the fact that EU law is right above the Australian law Online casinos in Australia legal! Thus, online casinos without Australian license are legally and therefore legitimate.

So you do you not criminable if you can relax in casinos without a license. The year 2022 and the official start of the Australian license could still be moved here. Because it is not excluded that even one Country lock discussed for such providers becomes.

Disadvantages of casinos without license in Australia

If you should have concerns with a casino without a license in Australia, then Let's understand your concerns Although, yet such providers have several advantages.

Nevertheless, we want to you Disadvantages of online casinos without license demonstrate. Decides himself which factors are more important to you:

  • Not registered with the new registration office
  • No support from the state with possible legal dispute with a casino
  • No player protection according to Australian law

Review of casinos without Australian license

Our Online Casino Test is very detailed and is divided into different areas. For the sake of simplicity, however, we only do one here Selection of criteria for online casinos without Australian license in front.

License and seriousness

Let's start directly with the license, because this defines whether a provider is serious. We have already informed you about everything important to the license. Online casinos with MGA license are still in demand And if you do not feel like an online casino with Australian license, accesses a MGA Casino.

Generally, you should always pay attention Whether the issued license is still valid at all. Simply click on the logo of the regulatory authority in the pedestal of the casino. As a rule, you will then forwarded directly to the concrete license of the provider.


In the selection Payment methods you can also check well Whether an online casino without Australian license is serious. If many well-known payment providers cooperate with the casino, that's a good sign.

Generally, can be Trustly Casinos and Apple Pay Casinos as serious classes, as both payment providers Only work with secure online casinos.


The Best casino bonus Of course, is subjective, because depending on the offer there are advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it can be Package no such judgment cases. Of course, there are such bonus offers in online casinos without Australian license.

a New Casino bonus For many players, the reason is par excellence to log in to another casino. But the types of bonuses are numerous and casinos without license Some interesting concepts.

Online casinos without license in Australia have another advantage on the subject of bonus. For Live Casino Australian Bonus is also available!

Yard a look at our Other advice on bonus:

Choice of play

The game selection in a casino without license is worth a look. Granted - the Selection in casinos with license in Australia will probably be better.

At least If you expect the game manufacturer Mercury in the portfolio. Already have providers again Best Mercury Games On offer! The renowned developer of slot machines such as Ramses Book, Fancy Fruits Or all the top celebrates a comeback.

However, unfortunately only in some providers who strive for the Australian license. One of this provider is the serious Platincasino. Since December 2022, you will find Mercury again as a provider and can These games with real money gamble!

But also in online casinos without Australian license you are Colorful mix of games to disposal. Just look into our appropriate guide for interest. Here are also available Casino Slots ohne Limit!

Customer service

The last aspect for serious online casinos without Australian license is customer support. You should find that not even a live chat available Is, you should leave your fingers from such a provider!

Many casinos without license in Australia have an excellent customer service and are you often available around the clock. Although it may happen that you are not always caught a Australian-speaking chat.

But the Availability of the Support is an important seriousness feature. Because dubious providers often do not build live chat on the website and the answers by e-mail let days or weeks waiting.

Conclusion: That's why online casinos are profitable without Australian license

who Casinos without limit Looking for the provider's presented providers. These casinos without deposit limits will continue in the future in the favor of the players.

These Online Australian Casinos my AutoPin Do you know before the time of the Australian license And the seriousness is no different than 2022. We understand the wishes of the players fully. And Of course, we continue to play in online casinos with fast spins.

While this is Strive for a uniform regulation of gambling understandableHowever, if such restrictions apply to players, we can not support that.

Therefore, we will continue to gamble in both types of providers. And in our opinion, online casinos will prevail without Australian license. Because with such providers is absolutely serious - How to know from the past!