The new regulation of online casinos in Australia does not like many players. Especially the 5 seconds rule is annoying and spoils the fun. Therefore, we introduce you here good online casinos without 5 seconds rule!

Casinos without 5 seconds rule

  • New casino without 5 seconds rule

  • Live casino for Australia

  • No limit for deposits

  • Innovative casino without 5 seconds rule

  • No Max Bet & no deposit limit

  • Live casino for Australian license

  • Serious casino without 5 seconds rule

  • No deposit limit & live casino

  • No Max Bet for slots

  • No 5 seconds rule

  • Live Casino & Jackpot Slots

  • No deposit limit

  • No 5 seconds waiting time

  • Live casino for Australian players

  • No maximum use

Why is the 5 seconds rule in casinos?

In July 2022 the New state gambling contract in Australia come into effect. Since October 2022, online casinos for the new uniform Australian license for gambling Apply.

All casinos that started this application process must make some changes. That means profound adjustments also for you as a player And the 5 seconds rule in online casinos is just one aspect.

The goal is - so officially announced - the To protect players from too high expenses. According to the plans for the state gambling contract, online casinos promote addictive behavior and must therefore be regulated become.

We introduce you to further adjustments, which you may have noticed yourself. The above Casinos without Australian license So will not apply and therefore do not have to make any adjustments.

Online casino without 1 Euro limit

In addition to the 5 second rule, in which every spin has to take the new regulations after at least 5 seconds, there is still a litigation. Maximally you may in such casinos Just put 1 Euro per spin.

The Max Bet rule certainly does not apply to all players, but only Zockers, the generally play with higher inserts. And just for such players offer online casinos without 1 Euro limit.

The presented providers in this article have therefore No 1 Euro rule and are among the Casinos ohne Max Bet. Of course, there are limits, but these are depending on the game and become specified by the game manufacturer.

Casinos my autoplay

Every online casino without 5 seconds rule also has the Well-known autoplay function at the start. You can relax relaxed with the offered providers and watch the rollers.

The classic car pin button can be found as usual next to the spin button. Basically Casinos my autoplay just as you have been used to the changes.

Online casino without limit for deposits

Another feature of casinos without 5 seconds game are the non-existent deposit limits. There are No maximum deposit stop after 1,000 euros a monthWhat certainly most players are not concerned.

But in casinos with new Australian license both high and low scooters have to be a little conscious. The New regulatory authority will have a central databasewho will collect all your activities at the various providers.

This could turn out to be problematic in the long term, for example, players Credit can no longer operate or have a negative Schufa entry. Therefore, we recommend Casino without registration.

The state will have access to this database at any time and it should "Only" to ensure that you can not be outlined when you can afford you. Everyone may have their own opinion.

But fortunately there is Casinos without limit for deposits. Although they have not yet been reputable that they are at this point Bitcoin Casinos called. Here you can with unregulated because decentralized crypto currencies can be turned on and off.

Best casinos without 5 seconds rule

In our Online casino list Have we already tested some providers. Some of them are among the online casinos without 5 seconds rule. We have the Best casinos without waiting and playing live Expressed and present this shortly.


Let's start directly with a newcomer. As it is New online casinos Belongs, Amunra is helping dust in the world of online casinos.

We recommend our Amunra Casino experiences to read from this casino without 5 seconds rule. Here you can expect Safe provider with EU license from Malta.

The first deposit rewards the casino without a waiting time directly with one 100% up to 300 euros bonus. There is also one Cashback Bonus - Every week!

Of course, there is also a live casino that holds the best action evolution gaming. It's waiting Numerous roulette and blackjack tables on you. And the selection of online Australian slots is great!

Casino Heroes

Another casino without 5 seconds rule is Casino Heroes. The Gamification Casino Has a truly unique selling point. Because here you have to Adventure as in a video game master.

In our Casino Heroes experiences You can read more about the innovative approach. What important is important in connection with casinos without 5 seconds rule are of course the obvious questions.

Yes, here you can also Use the autoplay function, Play Jackpot Slots and if you have enough on the edge, also deposit more than 1,000 euros a month.

There is also one Excellent live casino with a lot of live tables From evolution. Of course, the popular Game Shows are also represented. All in all one of the best providers in our Online Casino comparison!

Light Casino

Another good representative of casinos without 5 seconds rule is the pretty young Light Casino. Likewise equipped with a MGA license, the provider has in our Light casino experiences convinced.

The Selection is excellent And you find all types of slots. Here you can still Buy free spells Or dream of the largest win with Jackpot slots.

The Online Casino Australian Bonus From 100% up to 500 euros is very interesting due to the maximum bonus height. Also wait Numerous other bonus actions on you. From cashback to a weekly Reload Casino Australian Bonus Everything is there!

And also that Live Casino offers with over 70 live tables An excellent selection. All game shows like Deal Or No Deal are available here around the clock.

Are casinos legally legal without 5 seconds?

Yes and yet again. Sounds complicated, but it is not really. The Existing monopoly for the regulation of gambling in Australia Applies to yourself.

But the European Commission has this monopoly in a judgment, for example, here in the Manager magazine can be read, tilted and as Infringement of EU law Classified.

Accordingly, according to Australian law Online Australian Casinos illegal. But According to EU law, the Australian gambling monopol is not legal. Therefore, according to the official verdict, foreign companies may offer online casinos in Australia.

And that is through the Freedom of services within the European Union possible. Thus, online casinos with a valid foreign license Accept Australian players - Legal according to EU law.

and Until at least July 2022, casinos will continue to be legally legal without 5 seconds. What will happen in mid-2021, no one can predict with certainty. Because there have not been advertised by far all casinos for the license.

Recently, it was also known that it has one Gaming tax in the amount of 5.3% will give. This should be passed on to the player via detours (change of RTP values). One anding, as we find and therefore we recommend you Casinos without taxes.

Advantages and disadvantages for a casino without 5 seconds

So we should be protected from a possible gambling addiction. What sounds commendable at first glance Make many players for a rejecting attitude.

Wait 5 seconds at each turn in the online casino and then press the spin button again ... That sounds like a bad joke! But unfortunately that's the reality and you are not in 1963 as the first electromechanical Fruits slot was developed.

Barely surprising So outweigh the benefits From casinos without 5 seconds rule and without autoplay and other nonsense. But let's look at the comparison Just to:

  • Casinos without 5 seconds rule are regulated and licensed
  • European standards thanks to EU licenses as of the MGA
  • AutoPlay is available as usual
  • Flash mode in some casinos for fast action
  • No entry in the planned gambling authority
  • Thus no surveillance by the state
  • Live casino available with game shows
  • Gamification elements with dots and levels
  • No monthly deposit limit
  • No maximum use per spin
  • Paysafecard as a payment method without account
  • Live bets in sports betting casinos continues possible

And what about the disadvantages of casinos without 5 seconds rule and with classic autoplay? Or otherwise in demand: What exactly do you have to do without if you do not slide in the new "Australian" casinos with massive restrictions?

  • Officially, casinos may no longer offer their services without 5 seconds (probably from July 2022)
  • No any legal counsel of the new regulatory authority in disputes with foreign casinos
  • No automatic deposit lock from 1,000 euros per month

As always, you have to decide as a player yourself. Either you accept the massive limitations And slopes to 100% legal. Or you let you spoil the fun and renounces Practical everything that makes online casinos.

But you should know that before July 2022 every casino without 5 seconds not illegal remains! As already explained, the freedom to provide services in the EU ensures. And Anonymous online casinos Will there be after July 2022 - serious and safe!

Questions and answers about online casino 5 seconds

Many players are by the new measures and rules rightly confused. Therefore, we have answered the most important questions about online casino 5 seconds or casinos without waiting for a short time.

The new rule states that you have to wait 5 seconds in the online casino until a spin is over. However, the new 5 second rule is used only in online casinos, which apply for the Australian license from July 2022. Due to the upcoming state regulation of online gambling in Australia, the applying casinos must consider these specifications.

Conclusion: A casino without waiting time and without limit is ...

An online casino as we are used to! We do not feel like waiting for each spin 5 (!) Seconds and then restore a spin manually. No autoplay - no casino action!

We feel robbed of the adrenaline while playing in online casinos and can only play all players Recommend to access casinos without waiting time.

You can go here as well as in the casinos, which apply for the Australian license. Therefore, we see no disadvantages for casinos without 5 seconds rule.

On the contrary - your Data is only processed by the casino itself. At casinos with Australian license one becomes one Government authority to check each of your activities can. Who does not like that, but is fortunate enough alternative options.