If a slot is not enough, then you should Casinos with several slots at the same time try out. How is that online casinos Multi Slot Feature Offer, we reveal you in this guide.

Casinos with Multi Slot Feature - Play several slots at the same time

Multi Slot Feature Bei Videos Lots

The multi slot feature is you Unfortunately not in all reputable online casinos to disposal. Only a few providers provide the function ready to play multiple slots at the same time. Below we show you that Best online casino with multi slot feature.

Note: Here's our ultimate Online Casino bonus comparison.

Video Slots - Top Casino for simultaneous play of multiple slots

im Video Lots Casinos Stand the innovative multi slot feature for up to 4 slot machines available. You can choose from the gigantic selection of slot machines and Play on 4 slots at the same time.

The split screen remains quite clear, so you can easily play several slots at the laptop at the same time.

Unfortunately, the overview is lost on the mobile phone or smartphone so that only 2 slots are playable at the same time. This is quite understandable, because even on the laptop or computer with a large screen, the overview when playing several slots is noticeable at the same time - sometimes even at Fruits slots.

On small screens is that Play on several slots not possible for reasons of performance. New online slot machines require a lot of computational capacity and therefore it is not surprising that mobile less slots are playable at the same time.

Strategies and tips for casinos with multiple slots

Play in new online casinos With several slots requires one Good strategy and above all a handsome credit. Even if you start with the smallest use, you have to be aware that when playing at several slots your Credit rather used up is.

Make sure the following tips and strategies to play in a casino with several slots.

Tip 1 - Stable bankroll for games at several slots

How much credit does you start playing at a slot? This question would have to clarify first before you play in a casino with several slots.

If you decide for the usual minimum use between 10 cents and 25 cents, we recommend a minimum balance of 20 euros. This allows you to make any thirst for thirst at the beginning without losing the complete balance directly.

This tip does not only apply to playing on several slots. But just here such considerations are essential. So you want to play at 4 slots at video slots at the same time, you should definitely have a minimum balance of 80 euros in the account.

Usually a slot throws a few profits, but because you have 3 more slots still activated, you have to expect some slots to worry about a loss.

Therefore, one is one Stable bankroll of at least 20 euros per slot The absolute minimum. In casinos with several slots at the same time you always have a look at your bankroll, because Otherwise, the losses and thus the frustration.

If you have more credit than the recommended minimum, you must definitely put a loss of loss and mandatory. Without strict bankroll management, you will be guaranteed to suffer losses!

Tip 2 - Small use in casinos with multi slot

Selects ways for your starting insert per spin. An important Casino Tip for beginners: Always start with the minimum insert, which is usually between 10 cents and 25 cents. Of course with higher missions also larger profits possible.

But as soon as possible, your complete balance can be lost if you play several slots with a high use at the same time.

Advanced players can quite increase the use per spin, especially if there is a larger bankroll. Nevertheless, consider the requirement to reconcile at least 20 euros per slot - If increased at 40 cents per spin, the balance should be at least 40 euros.

And of course, this is true per slot machine, because you want to play several slots at the same time.

Professionals who Increase inserts according to longer loss phases progressively, should take this tip to heart too. Because especially with ever-increasing minimum inserts per spin, the credit should be correspondingly high - especially when playing in casinos with several slots!

Therefore, it is advisable to Times for the progressive increase in missions to choose as long as possible.

Tip 3 - Selection of slots decisively

Of course, the selection of slot machines decides on the success or failure when playing several slots. To stay "liquid", you should Only play slots with a high RTP value, which also have a free play or bonus round.

As soon as you triggre the free spins, you should usually take a good gain that you again a larger bankroll Gorge.

Under no circumstances should you progressive Jackpot Slots Play with a low payout rate. The disadvantage here is that you feed the jackpot through every assignment and the RTP value is correspondingly lower than other slots.

Thus, you miss smaller profits that could use your credit well - remember, you play at several slots at the same time!

As already mentioned, you should Select slots that have a free play or bonus round. These special free games ensure greater profits and Especially when playing on several slots, such slots throw important profits.

You do not want to leave the slot immediately after a profit of 3 euros, but would like to clearly clear at the Free Spins. Classic slots with few paylines are therefore not recommendedto play in casinos with several slots at the same time.

Tip 4 - Wait and delay bonus or free play round

Playing in casinos with several slots at the same time has its Stimately as soon as you reach the free play round or the free spins activated. You want to be sure Free spells in each of the up to 4 slots.

It is therefore advisable to Do not start free gamesAs soon as you have reached these in one of the slots.

Of course, this is only recommended if you In the meantime, a healthy bankroll constructed have. At the same time you play at a slot less, so that Less overall credit required is so that you also trigger the free spells in the other slots. Considered at the slot in which you have reached the free play round than completed.

Now it is important with a bit of luck in the other slots to reach the bonus or free play round. In the best case, she creates that before your credit is used up. The following scenario should be striven if we follow our fictional example from above:

  • Start with 4 slots simultaneously with 20 euros credit
  • Minimum use of 20 cents per spin
  • Activation of 4 free play rounds achieved
  • Credit can be at 0 or with luck you have still money left
  • Now you start all free play rounds and takes the (hopefully) profit with

In most cases you will win between 10 and 20 euros in the Free Spins. With a little luck, however, you should also achieve a big profit from the 4 free play rounds.

That should be yours Credit from 80 euros to increase something. With our test rounds in the video slots Casino, we often increased our bankroll to more than 80 euros.

Tip 5 - Play several slots at the same time on the laptop

In casinos with several slots at the same time you should Just play on the laptop. As mentioned above, only a maximum of 2 slots are playable on a mobile device like a smartphone.

Also Many slots at the same time very computationalWhy you should definitely play on the computer.

In addition, the overview of playing in casinos with several slots suffers. Especially On the phone you hardly recognize the set use and can hardly understand the game events.

At the laptop with a larger screen, the whole thing is much more fun and at the same time keeping the overview.

We play for our part in online casinos with several slots at the same time Only on larger screens. Ideally, you exclude yours Laptop per HDMICable on the TV And plays several slots at a very large screen at the same time.

Here you will have the unique atmosphere positive and the problem with the clarity is not here!

For whom pays casinos with several slots?

Surely playing in casinos with several slots Not suitable for all players. Especially beginners should not try that because you can hardly focus on a slot.

The Gold and the soundscape can be very chaotic And sometimes it's hard to understand what happens at the respective slots.

Also Weaks your credit balances very fast for longer loss phasesSo that beginner could be disappointed and often get out too early. Every slot often wants "lined" before he throws profits.

Of course you should be explained as above, the How to know the different slots in and memorizebefore your 4 slots should play at the same time.

Advanced and professional players can play the ride and easily play in a casino with multiple slots at the same time. Such players are partially bored when playing at only one slot and want to increase the action by playing up to 4 slots at the same time.

In particular, high scooters and casino streamer love the multi slot function and allow the rollers to glow the rollers on several slots with high inserts - a giant fun for the viewers!

Advantages of casinos with multi slot feature

Playing in casinos with several slots has for experienced casino players some great benefits to offer. These are explained in the following:

  • Actioning gaming experience
  • Chance for several free-play rounds
  • Chances of winning are distributed over several slots
  • Big gains in small missions possible
  • Perfect for fast bonus turnover

Disadvantages of casinos with multi slot feature

You should necessarily lead to the disadvantages of playing in casinos with several slots. In particular, beginners is the multi slot feature only conditionally recommended. Here are all the disadvantages of multi slot feature casinos:

  • Partially long loading times
  • Mobile only 2 slots playable at the same time
  • Higher hardware requirements
  • Credit can be lost faster
  • Higher risk with increased missions

Questions and answers about casinos with several slots at the same time

Our research after only a few online casinos offer a multi slot feature. The best provider is in our opinion Videoslots. Here you can play up to 4 slots at the same time!

Conclusion to Multi Slots Feature - Casinos play with multiple slots

Yes, what is that fun! We are delighted by casinos with several slots at the same time - The action, the thrill and finally several free play rounds simultaneously!

In a multi slot feature casino you experience playing in a casino in a completely new way. The only downside: in our Online Casino comparison We could only find a few good providers that support this feature.