Since the end of 2020, movement has come to the regulation of the Australian online casino market. Due to the new rules, many providers had to delete the popular autoplay function. We reveal all the background and show the Best casinos with autoplay.

Casinos my autoplay

  • New casino with autoplay

  • Live casino for Australian players

  • No limit for deposits

  • Autospin feature available

  • Live casino available

  • No maximum use for slots

  • Newcomer My Autoplay feature

  • Live Casino & Jackpot Slots available

  • No deposit limit & waiting for spins

New regulation removes the autoplay

The upcoming regulation of online casinos in Australia has for Massive changes Care. Since October 2020, online casinos can apply for the new Australian license. However, the providers have to perform enormous changes to their product.

Before we come to the further restrictions, we would like to introduce you 3 casinos with autoplay. These providers are among the Casinos without Australian licensebecause they have waived the application. Therefore, these casinos may continue to provide their services to Australian players - until at least mid 2021.

The introduced online casinos with autoplay operate with a foreign license. We have aware of it Serious online casinos restricted, which have a valid EU license from Malta. You can certainly play here and the providers are considered very renowned.

Best Casinos my Autoplay

We have already tested several providers and these in our big ones Online casino list listed. There are some casinos with autospin, but also many providers who have advertised for the new license. The following 3 casinos with autoplay are absolutely recommended - here you can Classic play with autoplay!

Light Casino

There are now some New online casinoswho did not apply to the Australian license. Thus, these are casinos with autoplay, since No restrictions regarding the new rules apply. The autospin function is therefore available in Light Casino as usual.

We have the provider in ours Light casino experiences More viewed. There is no waiting time at slots here, nor did the live casino had to be removed. There is also also No application from 1 Euro And no deposit limit of 1,000 euros per month.

The Light Casino holds the Lizenz Aus Malta and therefore applies as a secure provider. In our Online Casino Test The newcomer achieved a very good rating. No wonder with all the positive characteristics! Below we show you a little one Selection of advantages in this casino with autoplay:

  • High roller bonus up to 500 €
  • Numerous other high bonuses & cashbacks
  • Very good game selection
  • Serious MGA license
  • Excellent live casino
  • Top Support
  • High Roller VIP-Programm

Casino Heroes

Another casino with autoplay listens to the name Casino Heroes. The provider is relatively unknown, though it is considered one of the best Gamification Casinos applies. The innovative approachwho reminds more of a video game than an online casino is just refreshing!

At our Casino Heroes experiences Have we played the adventure in detail and can confirm that there are no new rules here. Thus, there is No service limit of 1 Euro at Slots And the deposit limit of 1,000 euros is not valid here.

The providers with Australian license have that Busy Casino abolished - In the heroes of Casino Heroes, players from Australia can continue to be legally gambling! Whether your slots or the live casino preferred: Casino Heroes is one First-class online casino!

  • Fantastic adventure like a video game
  • Exciting treasure hunt
  • Great game selection
  • Exklusiver Blitzmodus.
  • Fast payouts
  • 24/7 Top Support


The last representative of the casinos with AutoSpin is called Amunra. The young provider is one of the Casinos without limit and therefore there is neither restrictions in the deposits nor in the missions. Here you can continue to glow completely legally the rolls with the autoplay function!

During our Amunra Casino experiences We were also able to test the outstanding live casino and were enthusiastic about the choice of choice in general. Further advantages like the Toll-free payments Round the overall package succeeded.

Since there are no new rules with car pin function in this casino, you can also Buy free spells And the popular jackpot slots gamble. It is also positive to mention that your activities at Amunra not sent to the new regulatory authority in Australia become.

  • Serious provider with MGA license
  • Big bonus package
  • Very big game selection
  • Very good live casino
  • Toll-free payments
  • Fair odds
  • Exciting loyalty program

Further restrictions for casinos with Australian license

In addition to the autospin function, there were already a few more changes as already mentioned. The casinos without autoplay, which have applied for the new license, had to profound changes to the product make. However, most players encounter these adjustments (right away).

The new rules are very extensive, which is why we Treat topics in individual articles. If you want more information about the new rules, we recommend the following guide:

Questions & Answers to Casinos with AutoPlay

If you Online Casino Money If you do not want to activate each spin individually, you need a casino with autoplay function. However, there are Many ambiguities relating to the new rules And the autospin function. Therefore, we have a short FAQ with the most important questions about casinos with autoplay and the Gambling contract created.

Since the end of 2020, the application procedure for the new Australian license is opened. All casinos that apply for this must make profound changes to your product. One of the new rules affects the autoplay function that has been deleted without replacement. Thus, players in casinos without autoplay must manually activate each spin.

Conclusion to online casinos with autoplay

We want us in our Online Casino comparison clearly position: the new rules in connection with the uniform gambling contract are unsuitable! Because the unnecessary interventions such as the removal of the autoplay function hardly ensure better player protection.

On the contrary: the Gaming experience is completely alienated And the actual intention of player protection is only partially realized. Much more players hiking in less regulated areas like Bitcoin Casinos when the player protection is not very important.