The blacklist in Belgium: almost 200,000 gamblers are on itBlog The blacklist in Belgium: almost 200,000 gamblers are on it

    The blacklist in Belgium: almost 200,000 gamblers are on it

    While we are still waiting for the new Gambling Act in our country, it is already possible to play in the online casino in Belgium. That does not mean that there is a completely free game with our southern neighbors. On the contrary. Almost 200,000 people are on the blacklist of the Belgian Gaming Commission. All these people are therefore not allowed to enter a casino or arcade under any circumstances. The same register is also kept for online casinos, where this group of players is therefore not welcome. At the end of 2017, a total of 188,141 residents were registered on the infamous blacklist. We tell you more about this.

    Voluntary or forced

    The vast majority of these people – about 84 percent, or a total of 158,413 people – are on the list at the hands of the judge. The most common reason for this is that these players have become addicted and have fallen into debt. A large number of other people, 29,319 players, asked to be included on the list themselves because they fear that they will not be able to resist the temptation. Finally, four hundred other Belgians have been added to the list at the request of a family member or partner.

    Because of the profession

    Then there is a group of people of about 10,000 people who are automatically added to the list because of their occupation. In this case, this includes police officers, bailiffs, judges, and notaries. Under no circumstances should they get into debt, otherwise others would be able to exercise power over them. This group is not included in the total number of 188,000. Top 5 Richest Gamblers in 2021

    Different policy than in the Netherlands

    The black list is part of the Belgian rules for games of chance,  which are somewhat different than in the Netherlands. Online games of chance have been allowed for a while, but there are no fewer than nine different permits at our southern neighbors. For example, Belgian providers of online games of chance must have a land-based casino. So it's not all made easier in Belgium. But at least they have regulation for remote games of chance. We can't say that about our country yet.