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    Find the best casinos with casino finder

    Casino finder offers the perfect opportunity for this. Search and find the casino in your area quickly and easily. We strive to provide the most relevant information about the casinos and arcades in the Netherlands.

    Top Online Casinos

    Until the new law on remote games of chance comes into effect in 2021, there will be no online casinos with a Dutch license. However, you can (entirely at your own risk) play online at foreign online casino providers. For that, I advise you to first read the casino reviews so that you know whether it is a reliable provider and to take advantage of the bonuses.

    Land-based casinos

    The Netherlands has 276 arcades with approximately 20,000 slot machines. In a land-based casino, you play different games. The casinos all have their own atmosphere and character. Playing in a physical casino is quite an experience. Much more than playing in an online casino, you enjoy an ambiance. The social element of a land-based casino is greater than in an online casino. If you like games of chance and want to play in a safe casino, read on.
    Dutch gambling market in figures
    Number of casinos 14
    Number of arcades 276
    Number of catering establishments with gambling facilities 8.603
    Number of slot machines 34,031
    These figures are based on the 2017 annual report of the Gaming Authority

    Map of casinos near you

    The most famous casinos are the Holland Casino casinos. You can find these throughout the Netherlands. Because online casino is becoming more and more popular, we see land casinos in the Netherlands grow differently. More and more attention is being paid to the casino visit as around experience. This is how the offline casino distinguishes itself from the online casino. Bitcoin Casino Finder - Blog

    Holland Casino

    Holland Casino is one of the most famous land casinos. Holland Casino has 14 branches. These casinos are spread throughout the Netherlands. The state-owned Holland Casino offers a varied range of games and catering. Players are welcome at this casino every day of the week. At Holland Casino, you as a player enjoy a fair game and reasonably high payout percentages. Players from the age of 18 can go to Holland Casino. Holland Casino is a state-owned company. A portion of the net profit, therefore, goes to the government. In 1975 the government officially gave the casino license to the National Foundation for the Exploitation of Casino Games, Holland Casino. Holland Casino is still the only gambling provider with a casino license.

    SuperGame Casinos

    SuperGame Casinos has several locations in Limburg. The casinos are open every day from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 AM to 2:00 AM all year round. They are also open on Sundays from 1:00 PM to 2:00 AM. That means plenty of fun, where you can choose from eight locations. In all centers, one thing is central: a friendly atmosphere that they like to keep as pleasant as possible. So enjoy a free snack and drink and a friendly welcome. At the same time, this means that no alcohol is served in the centers. This way we keep the ambiance as pleasant as possible.

    Krijco Casinos

    Krijco Casino has eight branches spread over different provinces. They are all located in an ideal location, for example in terms of accessibility. So it is no problem to come by car or public transport. There are ample parking options around and near the casinos. You can even park your car for free near various casinos. In several cases, they even reimburse the parking costs. In addition, the casinos are located right in the center. This makes it possible to combine a visit to the casino with a shopping day or a night out.

    Fair Play Casinos

    Fair Play Casino is a land casino or amusement center with a versatile range of games. Players are welcome here from the age of 18. All machines in this casino comply with the legal requirements. In addition, they are controlled by the government by these requirements. You can see that this is the case from the stickers on the various devices. Fair Play Casino is pre-eminently a casino where you can count on a safe playing environment. the casino has a private security organization and Video Control Room (Video Surveillance Nederland.) Research has shown that having this security has a preventive effect. So not only for the peace of mind of players but also really for safety itself.

    Flash Casino

    Flash Casinos are all about the visitors. The 14 casinos of Flash Casinos all excel in the atmosphere, coziness, and hospitality. You can already tell by the free entrance, snacks, and drinks. You can taste a relaxed atmosphere in each of the branches. The hosts and hostesses are always ready to guide you through the casinos. They are happy to provide you with an explanation about the arcades, games and help you on your way with the modern slot machines. Flash Casinos is therefore the ultimate place to spend a pleasant afternoon or evening. You will quickly feel at home in one of our branches. After all, an exciting game is a wonderful way to relax.

    The difference between Offline and Online Casino play

    Many people have visited the above-mentioned casinos. In the Netherlands, it is very common that the casino is visited as a pleasant evening out. Just like a visit to the cinema, a visit to the casino is a fun form of entertainment. The evening is catered for and enjoy the atmosphere in the casino. A snack, drink, and the evening is complete. So we are literally talking about a complete evening. How to Find Your Favorite Slots at Casinos – Know Your Slots

    Online casino: more chances of winning, more convenience

    The online casino, on the other hand, is often visited for a shorter period. That does not alter the fact that the playing sessions can be intense and just as exciting as on the physical playing floor. In the Online Casino, you often have a much larger choice of slot machines and slot machines. These also often have a better payout percentage, which ensures better winnings. There are also often nice promotions and promotions to be found in the online casino, much more so than in the land-based casino.

    Live casino: the best of both worlds

    If you still miss the atmosphere of the Casino, try the Live Casino. In the Live Casino, you play with real live croupiers, with whom you can chat. This makes the experience extra fun. Via the various webcams, you can see the live croupier and how your bet is guided by him or her. This brings with it the extra tension of the casino. You can take a look at the live casino for free at most online casinos. You will first have to create an account without obligation and then log in and choose one of the different live casino games such as live roulette or live blackjack.