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    Cryptocurrencies in a frenzy

    Measurement of values ​​in real-time

    Due to their properties, cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile. Violent fluctuations and rapid high and low flights are not uncommon for the individual currency forms. For this reason, high priorities are set on real-time data as part of the various value calculations. The new type of tracker from CryptoGamblingNews implements this parameter in its evaluation and can evaluate the market situation of the various currencies with temporal relevance. The platform's tracker took a close look at the current market value - September 11, 2020 - of the 22 largest and most relevant cryptocurrencies in the gaming sector and, after evaluating the individual currencies, came to a market-specific total volume of around 157.55 million US dollars. The corresponding market capitalization quantifies WINk as currently the most valuable cryptocurrency for the gaming market. As part of the value measurements WINk, the data from the tracker assigns a market value of more than $ 36,000. The currencies FunFair and CasinoCoin romp about on ranks two and three.
    The CryptoGamblingNews platform is an international point of contact for topics related to cryptocurrencies in the gaming sector. In addition to journalistic content such as news, analyzes and guides, the website deals in detail with the individual cryptocurrencies that are present in the industry. Even though gambling activities are not possible on the platform, casino reviews and special bonuses give players directional content to help them find their way around the scene.

    Online casinos: cryptocurrency as the payment method of the future?

    Cryptocurrencies have been on the rise since their appearance and have seen a true triumphal procession to this day. The virtual payment systems have brought about a financial change in many areas of the economy and society. In the gaming industry, WINk, CasinoCoin, and Co. are creating new types of structures in the field of digital payments. Top 10 Cryptocurrencies In October 2021 – Forbes Advisor Even though the digital currencies were still reluctantly accepted by the players, earlier studies by CryptoGamblingNews show a rapidly growing acceptance. Lately, it has become easier and easier to find a good Bitcoin casino or casinos with Ethereum as a payment method. According to the platform's published figures, blockchain casinos have a weekly customer margin of 30,000. These developments are likely to move cryptocurrencies even more into the focus of the online segment of the gaming industry in the future. Likely, online casinos that do not yet offer payment options via cryptocurrencies will take an interesting look at the ongoing change.
    Cryptocurrencies have been part of the digital landscape for some time. The virtual means of payment are based on cryptographic tools such as blockchains and other digital signatures. The basic idea behind the creation of the cryptic currency forms is based on the fact that they should function independently, securely and in a decentralized manner as a payment system. The virtual currency gained a lot of media and public attention through the Bitcoin, which was first publicly traded in 2009. Today, over 4,500 different cryptic currency types are in circulation and offer various branches and branches of industry alternative payment methods.

    Cryptocurrencies: Countless Benefits

    The growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies in gambling and the associated relevance of digital currency forms is based on the fact that decentralized payment systems have a lot of advantages to offer gamblers. These advantages open up all areas of the gaming branch. These include, for example, online casino games and sports betting. The wide range of applications allows digital money to offer many advantages that cash or traditional bank transfers cannot. Anonymity is considered a major figurehead for cryptocurrencies. Transactions via WINk, FunFair, or Bitcoin guarantee the highest level of privacy, as the payment processes do not allow any sensitive data to leak out. In addition, the complex coding of the individual currencies ensures that details of the transactions are deeply anchored in the lines of code. In addition to anonymity, the high transaction speed ensures great popularity. In contrast to the common payment methods, the virtual currency forms enable payment processes at the speed of light. This eliminates annoying waiting times, for example, and deposits and withdrawals are available immediately. The low fees are also an argument in favor of using cryptocurrencies. More and more countries are going to regulate sports betting and levy higher taxes. One example is Brazil with the planned betting reform. The issue of profitability also plays an important role here. Due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, new market values ​​arise in short periods, which, depending on the situation, can favor gamblers. Profits that went into the wallet a few days or months ago may have a higher value based on the latest status. In this way, in the ideal case, profit can be made again.